And the award for best writing in a porno movie goes to…

This is from a movie called Trailer Trash Nurses 4. I dunno who wrote the dialogue for this scene, but it's freakin' brilliant.

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  1. Cheyenne Kinney говорит

    My friend has talked about this for years and he finally found it again, I’ve never been so excited to see shitty porn in my life

  2. peach soda говорит

    i don’t think these women have ever been to medical school

    1. Gabriel Orville говорит

      Oh, come on! It’s a noble profession, not everybody can attend ivy league school.

    2. Cinderhoney Phoenix говорит

      It’s a Fallout NV ref guys

    3. DblOSmith говорит

      Sexist. lol 😉

    4. Bell Amy говорит

      I don’t even think they went to school at all

    5. Nick Slouka говорит

      I don’t think they have been to middle school

  3. Nessmess говорит

    “legal doesn’t take the pain away, nurse.”
    “Well then take an aspirin or something”

    What comedy genius is writing this??

  4. Fraser King говорит

    “I listen to goth.”

    That line hit *different*

    1. ok boomer говорит

      “I watch porn”

      That one hit even closer to home

  5. Nate The Great говорит

    Nurse Muffin: *Uses the word conscientious*

    Also Nurse Muffin: Youth in Asia?

  6. roggeralves94 говорит

    “Just because they’re conscious doesn’t mean they’re conscientious”

    The person who wrote this is wasting their talent in porn! 😂

    1. Kreijstal говорит

      I find your insinuation that porn should have low-quality writing gross. If anything, porn should have better writting, such as this one.

    2. Rick vB говорит

      Yeah CW needs writers too

    3. Crimson Mask говорит

      There’s probably more money in it than any other option… :/

    4. Max Power говорит


  7. Rumble Bumble говорит

    “Only if you have some of that sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, so I can die medicine” is probably the most under rated line in this whole intro besides the euthanasia bit

  8. Simone Russ говорит

    I was born by the snatch, I’m gonna die by the snatch

    1. Ahmad Dani говорит

      @SonicCrocodile tgfy

  9. Harold Balczac говорит

    I like how the nurse was trying to hold her laugh at the end.

  10. The Interesting Nobody говорит

    “Live by the snatch, die by the snatch.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

  11. Choy Bisnar говорит

    “I listen to goth.”


  12. ReklawLah говорит

    Better writing than Game of Thrones, Season 8.

  13. Papa gane говорит

    the dialogue is better than some oscar winning movies

    1. АРЕГ ГЕВОРГЯН говорит



    – Children?
    – They throw rocks at me.

    Boy, what a miserable man, that’s tragic indeed.

    1. ΜΑΡΙΑ ΛΑΖΟΥ говорит

      @Abid Gm maikat

    2. ΜΑΡΙΑ ΛΑΖΟΥ говорит


    3. Dainis Pelcis говорит



    4. Dainis Pelcis говорит


  15. Misypo говорит

    youth in asia lmao

    1. Dónal O'Flynn говорит

      Peter He may have used it, but it’s too obvious a joke to be attributed to one person. I came up with it myself years ago and I’m sure it’s occurred to many other people too, including the writer of this hilarious dialogue.

    2. Ken Kusanagi говорит

      @Insert unoriginal name here No…just horny

    3. Insert unoriginal name here говорит

      Hood Archie Are you okay

    4. Hood Archie говорит

      youth Asian craving fo blonde white girls

    5. Peter говорит

      +Misypo This is an Ali G joke

  16. Rainbow Dash говорит

    That man is the Ryan Reynolds of pornography.

    1. TwentyPercentDash говорит

      The dialogue is way too perfect. It takes my breath away.

  17. Makis Skiadas говорит

    I’m pretty sure he is using the D.E.N.N.I.S. system on her…

    1. Xavier constant RANDRIANANTOANDRO говорит

      @jeastman14 we can to make our hand our has a phone it has a video translat

    2. jeastman14 говорит

      The first few times I seen this I thought it was Glen Howerton

    3. Kai Sleezer говорит

      POG best reply

  18. Imanol Pulido говорит

    “They through rocks at me”
    Comedy gold

  19. Duncan Donuts говорит

    “I was born by the snatch and I wanna die by the snatch. So come here, sit on my face and take my breath away!”. LOL!

  20. Menino Hulk говорит

    I thought this was gonna be so bad it’s good.

    It’ just so good.

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