Friends – Joey’s porno movie

Friends Season 2 Episode 4 "The One with Phoebe's Husband"

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  1. James Landon говорит

    Chandler: “Sorry, you had a paleontologist on your face.”

    1. sweet mixer говорит


    2. Equine Edits говорит


    3. N O S T R A D A M U S говорит

      There’s a Phoebe on my sandwich

    4. TheQuantumCreeper говорит

      One of my all time favourite lines

    5. Akhilajay Kumar говорит

      James Landon now it’s gone 😂😂😂

  2. Shayla Donoghue говорит

    At the start I honestly thought that Ross was kissing Monica!! 😂😂

    1. BleachRush говорит

      well they watched porn together…

    2. Beysha knowles говорит

      I was shookt actually 😅😂

    3. Swami vivekanand говорит

      Me too bro

    4. Kamila Cout говорит


    5. Anna Aapa говорит

      Same omg I was so freak out

  3. Reva 2601 говорит

    Monica and chandler are the best

    1. Izzybell 22 говорит

      ASHLY SHAJI it only opinion on couples so yah

    2. sweet mixer говорит


    3. sweet mixer говорит


    4. ASHLY SHAJI говорит

      dizzylizzy 2601 no Rachel and Ross is the best in friend’s

    5. Kyle Dang говорит

      They were meant for each other even if they did not figure it out yet back then.

  4. KingExcrementus говорит

    It’s so awkward that Monica and Ross are in the same room while a porno is playing.

    1. Layan F говорит

      It’s not awkward !!

    2. Homie Agha говорит

      Reason Why the show is *F.R.I.E.N.D.S*

    3. Supreme Kai говорит

      I mean yeah when you’re teenagers but once you’re above 25 people idt it matters

    4. Ahmed DIB говорит

      Merican values

    5. Meera Malhotra говорит

      @Gridge Wanted heteronormie spotted

  5. Rey Chandler говорит

    Ross was so different before dating Rachel

    1. dvchel говорит

      +aayushi sinha Not really. Their relationship became totally dysfunctional & unhealthy. This is the general conclusion on the fact that this was the only serious flaw in the show. When the writers made Ross’ character *reject* Rachel first, when she said: _”I am still in love with you,”_ and then later falling back in love again all of a sudden when she was dancing naked in her apartment was cringeworthy. This goes back to season four too, when the decision was made for him to get over Rachel enough to marry a British woman he had barely known for six weeks but was about to spent the rest of his life with her. You get my point?

      In season four you had the opportunity for Rachel & Ross to learn to love each other for the right reason and get over their issues. However, with that whole marriage in London it made the whole arc of their relationship weird. Yes, it was funny. However, forcing the two in a platonic friendship in season five was the *worst* decision the writers could have made for the continuation of the show. Why? The excitement over Monica & Chandler was over and Phoebe & Joey were kept too far at a distance to be in a relationship, even though the full potential was there.

      Nevertheless, it further explains why the ratings went downhill in season six and seven further. All the momentum the writers had been building on between Rachel & Ross in the first three seasons of the show was gone. The writers were messing up their relationship too much for comedic purposes. This is what came to disappoint and the reason why millions of people were tuning out. This was all preventable if the decision had been made by the writers in Rachel & Ross helping each other grow, going with ideas and into directions they definitely went with as a couple since season five.

    2. Highly Rounded говорит

      @lara a.k. lmao, do you really think they were even in relationships in the 1st place? 😂

    3. dvchel говорит

      +aayushi sinha That is funny, considering how Ross’ character went through three divorces and the writers making the poor subsequent decision to deconstruct him and Rachel for comedic purposes that was messing up the process and their relationship.

      The writers *never* really tried or succeeded in them helping each other grow, going with ideas and into directions they definitely went with as a couple. Even when the writers were *forcing* the two in this platonic friendship between season five and seven, their relationship became just more weird and uncool. This is the major flaw in the arc of their relationship and the only one occurring in the show itself. Disappointing because it was so *obvious* since the beginning of season three when you could already see that Ross went through this massive character change.

    4. 111aayu sinha говорит

      @dvchel I don’t think so I was sooo much better after their final beach breakup Bonnie incident
      There was no tension they were so comfortable with each other just platonic cute relationship they were besties after season 4 what else could u expect
      I think roschel were best and even better specifically after season 4 ..

    5. 111aayu sinha говорит

      @dvchel I don’t think so ross ‘s third divorce was a genuine mistake though they were drunk it could happen to anybody
      1 st divorce was unfortunate incident and definately not his fault

      And platonic relationship is the best kind of relationship u could have with anyone
      and and definately doesn’t ruin the repo with anyone in fact it’s makes it more stronger
      I don’t understand what is wrong with platonic relationship it’s the best specially
      in case of Ross rachel they both needed that definately

      Because from season 1 to 2 ross thought he had a chance with rachel and then
      when u attracted to anyone it’s obvious u are gonna put your best foot forward to make that person to like u

      or in short to attract that person

      same was the ross of season 1 and 2

      Ross was not being himself in season 1 and 2
      because he wanna to attract rachel

      but when they finally had a 2nd break precisely during last episode of season 3 in Montauk beach

      They have given up on the idea to be with each other anymore
      specially ross

      That the time after season 4 when ross was being himself
      the real ross came after season 4

      because after season 4 ross was not attracted to rachel anymore
      yup sure their was friendship but not attraction
      so ross had given up on rachel and then he had no intention of attracting rachel

      rachel was just his friend after that

      so after season 4
      rachel got to know the real ross with his flaws and problems

      and that’s where your relationship works when u accept the person the way he is

  6. Saliha Hussain говорит

    1:48 I love that little dance that chandler and Monica did together!

  7. Mouna Machamma говорит

    This was probably the first time I ever kinda shipped Chandler and Monica together

    1. Anaya говорит

      @Du Sanchez the beach episode was so cute they were obviously meant to be

    2. Du Sanchez говорит

      I shipped them for the first time in the beach episode.

    3. Annie 2018 говорит

      The first time I shiped them was in the episode where Ben was born☺

  8. Akanksha Shanbhag говорит

    There I am.. There I am… There I am.. There I am😂😂

    1. Rishabh говорит

      @Trying Normal it’s kinda weird bro..

    2. Trying Normal говорит

      Akanksha Shanbhag ..
      Is it just me or you’re also bothered by Ross and Monica watching porn together?

  9. Frank Patti говорит

    “You know that’s bad for the paper tray.”

    1. izzy kingston говорит

      Frank Patti lmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂

  10. Anie Berito говорит

    its nice that all of them hooked up to each other and the friendship never change

    1. Layan F говорит

      They didn’t hooked up!,

    2. Vanessa Berberi говорит

      In real life that doesnt happen. Speaking from experience.

    3. Sir. iiDarkie говорит

      Luis V Cabrera that’s not when I’m talking about. It’s when she first met him when he moved in the apartment across from her.

    4. Luis V Cabrera говорит

      darke poo Monica and Joey never kissed. When they were in London, Monica wanted to hook up with him, but nothing ever happened.

    5. Javier говорит

      @zobair aslam Joey and Pheobe kissed several times therefore they all hooked up

  11. Zezok H говорит

    1:47 the mondler dance

  12. Meera Malhotra говорит

    2:04 Chandler ALWAYS laughs at Mon’s jokes 😘

  13. 2ELI0 говорит

    1.43 Hell I wanna see Joey haha Monica

    1. Rana Kaaki говорит

      2ELI0 haha yes Monica was so cool before she dated Chandler. I still love them all in every season 💜

  14. Shreejan Amatya говорит


    1. Phạm Minh Tú говорит

      I finally figured it out :))

    2. Sunshine Jividen говорит

      @Shreejan Amatya …..lmfao !! 🙂

  15. girlzeyeview говорит

    Ok I totally loved Julie. She was sweet and easy going and quick witted. Much better for Ross than Rachel.

  16. Christina H говорит

    0:18 Chandler isn’t a dropper!

  17. Blanca Velazquez говорит

    1:41 “Hell I wanna see Joey”

  18. Gergő Csere говорит

    11 paper trays disliked the video

    1. Rory Whelan говорит

      汪浩 A tray where you put paper

    2. 汪浩 говорит

      Gergő Csere what does this mean actually? Paper tray?

  19. britneyfatale говорит

    “Looks to me like he’s the one getting the job done” I can’y believe I NOW just got this😂

    1. daer devvyl говорит

      Kyra Steffen This was a year ago, so it took me a while to figure out what I was getting at here, so no wonder you and ILCHSM didn’t understand my comment. I almost didn’t understand it! I was reacting to britney saying she just “got this.” I was saying no, the guy in the movie is the one getting it. Get it? But I have to admit that wasn’t very clear.

    2. Angelica Eliza говорит

      @daer devvyl I don’t know whether to say R/Whoosh or r/atetheonion

      But seeing from your last post, you won’t get that either, so I’ll dumb it down for you.

      ThAts ThE jOkE

  20. Namrata Sawant говорит

    Chandler n monica dancing so sweet♥♥

    1. sweet mixer говорит

      Namrata Sawant

    2. Mari Hillestad говорит

      Namrata Sawant They are so cute and belong together. Why dint they start date in season 2 and break up and back together in season 4 or 5.

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