‘Dark Shadows’ Stars: Vampires are ‘Sexy and Erotic’

"Extra" host Renee Bargh met up with the stars of Tim Burton's vampire film adaptation, "Dark Shadows," for the film's Hollywood premiere at Grauman's Chinese theatre on Monday.

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  1. Virginia S

    He is so sexy love his voice love his eyes his laugh everything about him I love love you Johnny always

  2. Railyn Lopez

    Johnny Depp looked especially exquisite in this premier, my god… just breathtaking. And even today, at 59 years old, he’s STILL gorgeous. God broke the mold when he made him. 🥵😍

  3. Tracy Nickels

    They are beautiful and elegant people! <3

  4. Lulu Dumpling

    Close-up on Johnny’s lips 😂

    Alice Cooper is a hoot x

  5. Libby Priest


  6. Jeane Alejo

    Love you Johnny 💞💗

  7. Ginger Bee

    Damnit, there is just not enuf of Beautiful Johnny to go around for all of us ladies..😟😖 HE is 1 of a Kind!!!

  8. Trindog

    Interviewer are the kids gunna see this film
    Depp yes there exited
    Me wait what

  9. Kim Hafstrom

    He is sexy in dark shadows, and every other movie he played in.

  10. rainbown20091

    I love Johnny Depp..the hottest man alive ever…but I have to say it.».wash your hair baby!!! I love you anyway!

    1. PureSparkles22

      His hair is perfect

  11. Megan Rose

    Why’d they zoom in on his mouth at @0:39 LMAO

    1. PureSparkles22

      God bless that camera man

    2. Autistic Alien

      So we would have something to watch over and over again

    3. S V

      they knew what we wanted))

    4. G Miranda

      LOL camera guy was thirsty

  12. Proexanne


  13. Drage_jdeppsupporter20

    Love dark shadows watched it again last night .johnny is a legend