Adult Film Star And A 32-Year-Old Virgin Discuss Sex

"I didn't expect you to have so many fun experiences I could really relate to."

Jane Jupiter /
Jenna Marucci / @jennamarucci


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  1. Lucie Pospichal

    I love that the blond lady is so confident about never having sex. it’s important for women in their 20s who think there’s something wrong with them for being virgins.

    1. Kayla helm

      @Colestercamps as someone who was into a relationship for over a year before they had sex u just arent a good guy

    2. Rae A

      Because non-virgins make virgins feel like they are losers.

    3. Rahul Sak

      @TabbyKat +918158084709 Watshup

    4. Rahul Sak


    5. Natalie Workman

      Colestercamps you and any man like that is gross and incredibly simple-minded then and probably can’t win over a woman with self respect.

  2. Lofi brat

    Her: I lost my virginity at 14.

    Me: *14. Currently cleaning my room so I can get a hamster HAHA*

    1. Nikki Sumesh

      @Toxic Queen :(((

    2. Andrea Labonair

      Did u get a hammie o.O

    3. YT2004

      @Toxic Queen i feel so bad for you x😢

    4. Darin Savoury

      That’s a good one lol

    5. Sarah De Martin

      I lost mine a month after I turned 14. I was ready for the most part but he did things that I told him I didn’t want at the time. Two years later I’ve done a lot of things that are shocking but I feel ready so it’s not a big deal for me

  3. Teddy Grande

    The virgin lady is the most pleasant woman i’ve ever seen

    1. VM

      She’s pretty if she lost some weight she’d look great.

    2. Ruby Munoz

      That she is , i wonder if she’s deflowered by now

    3. youknowwhatflav

      @CGI Future some people just aren’t social enough.

    4. Mia RA


    5. Sheron Khandekar

      @BWD haha..

  4. Kawaii Potato

    Perfect excuse: «I haven’t lost my virginity because I never loose. «

    1. CL0WN

      @Jospehine still makes sense 🥴

    2. Nikki Sumesh

      I’ve heard that lol

    3. kashvi

      that sounds like something jungkookie will say😭✋🏻

    4. Rahul Sak

      @Kylie 96 +918158084709

    5. Rahul Sak

      +918158084709 Watshup

  5. woozean

    Alternate title: experienced bi and virgin bi talk about sex while flirting

    1. Latte Lynni

      Accurate as hell 🤣

    2. gracie b


    3. TemeG


    4. KloudBoy

      I think your profile pic makes this comment even better

    5. Tyler F


  6. MuppetMollyStarGleek

    I was 20 when I lost my virginity. I was the first girl (or even person) she ever kissed. Married her four years later. My best friend and the love of my life.


      Aww so sweet I’m happy for you

    2. easilyamused713

      @D She just looked it 😅 Thanks!

    3. D

      @easilyamused713 lol she wasn’t a 12 year old boy when you married her? 😂 anyways I wish you guys the best

    4. Acornhole 22

      @BBG SPINE gay boy

  7. Beatrice P

    As a 22 years old virgin myself I feel really comfortable watching this. I don’t even know if I should be proud or not.
    I haven’t done it because

    1. I didn’t have a long term relationship yet, a relationship where I know for sure the dude will not ditch me after.
    2. I’m kind of scared of what I’m gonna feel in that very moment. Like, what am I suppose to say? To do? To FEEL??
    3. I’m so self conscious. I know I don’t have the perfect body. I actually hate my body if you ask me. I’m fine with my comfy clothes on, but as soon as I kind of show some skin my anxiety kicks in. I’m just thinking that maybe that person that I’m about to do it with will say something rude about my body.

    This is the first time I admitted that I’m a virgin. I feel like, if I will tell someone they’ll laugh and start saying awful things about me being a virgin at 22. Some people are just so cruel when it comes to virgins and I know that because I’ve seen it happen to others.

    I’m feeling kind of relieved that I finally said it.

    EDIT: thank you everyone! i’m glad you’re all so nice and that some of you shared your stories. to the other ones? please stop being rude, horrible towards me and others and don’t be such little keyboard warriors. thank you.

    1. kh07gl

      In my culture most girls wait until marriage (me included and I’m 23) and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think people should never be pressured

    2. Brynn House

      It’s not as great as everyone makes it seem like, just enjoy your life 🙂

    3. Magdalena Krasteva

      I am still 17, but I feel the same.

    4. Shaurya Shaurya

      How long did u take to write that.

    5. TapToEnterYour Name

      @MrsEducatedLives♡ the best comment i have read so far

  8. wabi-sabi

    The fact that people were going around telling her that «no guy will wait» is so messed up and flat out wrong. MOST guys won’t wait. But there are a select few who aren’t dating you FOR sex. If he truly cares about you and loves you he realizes that your body is your own and he should not expect you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with. If he truly cares about you and loves you for YOU, he’ll respect your desire to have sex or to wait but will still want YOU. He’ll respect you period. For a man who truly wants you, it won’t be about the sex. It’ll be about YOU. If he doesn’t want to be with you unless you have sex with him, then YOU were never really his desire. No woman or man should feel pressured to have sex EVER. That should be YOUR choice and you should never be guilt tripped for what you choose to do with YOUR body. If someone can’t understand that, then why the heck would you want to be with someone like that anyway??

    1. jacquline Samad

      @Jezebel Rush ASMR I think a lot has to do with most young guys being addicted to porn nowadays and women selling themselves short into doing what pleases their man to keep them around instead and not the other way around usually. We are more than what society has to say about us and constantly being lied and manipulated into believing about ourselves and other people to like us and value us as individuals.

    2. Odd talk with Aubree


    3. wabi-sabi

      @ducavzla you really think respect is shown by having sex…? Like, come on.

    4. Dylan Dayholos

      The problem with saying things like that is that when nobody does stick around you’ll think that nobody wants YOU for YOU

    5. wabi-sabi

      @Dylan Dayholos which is true lol if they don’t stick around because you have boundaries in regards to your own body, that’s a sure sign they don’t love you for you. It should be expected. Especially when you’re surrounding yourself with the wrong people. Remember I said most. Most means most. It means it’s more likely you’ll find a guy that just wants self fulfillment and sees the quality of a relationship with the intelligence of a crayon, and less likely you’ll find a quality guy that cares about your boundaries and cares about you more than the physical aspect. Aka one that knows what a healthy relationship should look like and one that cares about that quality. So when nobody sticks around, it should be expected and you should take a close look at the kind of people you surround yourself with. There’s usually a common denominator

  9. Julieta Rios

    I just turned 25 and I’m still a virgin. I need an emotional connection to be intimate with another person and I never found someone that I feel confident enough to do it. I feel kinda relieved that I’m not the only one.

    1. Rahul Sak


    2. heheheh

      @Stephon Gajadhar no thx

    3. Clayton Alphonso

      21 and still a virgin and I can relate to the stuff you mentioned.

    4. Lee Regina Yurman

      That’s so nice that this video made you feel like you’re not alone. By the way love your profile picture ! You’re really beautiful!

    5. Dia Naumenko

      Same I’m 25 but never met a person I can share my body with, I used to beat myself up about it, felt really embarrassed for being a virgin, but now I can see perks about it

  10. Elisa Quintero

    I was told by a girl once that “you NEED to have sex with a guy, otherwise he won’t date you, guys like sex so that’s what you have to do” and the embarrassment i felt for her was so extreme, like, why would anyone think that?

  11. Delaila Lavender

    I like how the one named Jane is not the virgin

    1. Nikki Sumesh

      @King 4_$$hole you know ‘Jane the virgin’?

    2. King 4_$$hole

      I don’t get it.

    3. Nikki Sumesh

      Pls 💀💀💀😭😭

    4. Mike 324


    5. idk what to put here.

      @liah_iah NO, NOT THE SERIES 😂😂

  12. Jazy Jas

    The virgin woman is amazing. She has such a great aura and postive energy! Seriously, nothing to be insecure about!

  13. tiddies

    «been a virgin my whole life, ahaha.»


    1. Jude Thaddeus

      @5sec Animations what do you think???? Are you intellectually impaired or something?????

    2. Jude Thaddeus

      @kelp you’d have to be an idiot to understand it
      I am so glad that you also asked this question

    3. Jude Thaddeus

      @Layla Powell good! Why is a 15 year old CHILD even thinking of having sex???

    4. Jude Thaddeus

      @5sec Animations if you have to ask that question, YOU ARE TOP YOUNG TO BE ON YOUTUBE AND WATCHING THIS VIDEO. Stay in a child’s place

    5. anonymeows

      I have been a virgin my whole life as well. Some folks out there are really waiting for marriage before even thinking about sex. It’s normal for most people to practice abstinence until marriage.

  14. Rose Bailey

    jane looks like an older Halsey

    1. Youssef Magdy


    2. Rahul Sak

      +918158084709 iam sexy boy

    3. RyaNN


    4. round cube

      @ZaQ fat shaming is not a joke Jim,
      Thousands of families suffer every year

    5. Rachel

      And chubbier

  15. Big Dave

    Anyone that’s still a virgin at 32 should be proud. Nothing to be ashamed off or pore self doubt upon yourself. They are both lovely women having an intelligent conversation. They naturally seemed like to co-host of a talk show or radio/podcast. If I had a daughter (grown son, yay) I would definitely share this with her. Two good points of view.

    1. Snail Art

      @Alexander Roach green lantern is my fave shut up lol

    2. dillard gurl

      Alexander Roach what?! What is wrong with you?

  16. Camila sena aguiar

    She is confident about being virgin, ok, but she have a very common fear: being judged about her body, this is so sad because, no one in the world should be embarrassed about their own body.

  17. Jadine Merritt

    being a virgin as a non religious person, I just love this vid. you are both BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING and I just love you both. I don’t comment unless I truly feel it. You are both amazing, I thank you for the great vid

    1. Rizwan ullah Khan

      Jadine Buckman xxx

  18. Fenellas Corner

    more like this please! 🤩

  19. Jill Vasquez

    Very interesting and thank you, i am a 42 year virgin. While the reasons for my virginity are personal and complicated i’ve never been ashamed to admit it or felt the need to wear it as a badge either.

  20. Елеонора Ѓорѓиевска

    Cudos to the virgin for ditching the guy because he didn’t have a condom. That’s called self-respect and self-care

    1. Rahul Sak

      +918158084709 Watshup

    2. LittleA_

      Every women don’t have a std instantly only if your in the hood

    3. James Scully

      @TheGregatron3000 pull out game strong

    4. Lauren C

      Yes ma’am

    5. Evan Hutcheson

      He also did it

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