‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Stars Admit What It’s Really Like Filming Those Racy Sex Scenes

More from Entertainment Tonight:
The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer released this morning gave fans of the best-selling E.L. James book series a glimpse into what they can expect from the film adaptation.

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  1. Althea Mostert

    for those of you that haven’t read the book before seing the movie and think that Dakota is not a good choice and thinks the books will be beter …well lets just say the books descripe dakota perfectly I have read all 3 books and trust me when I say she is the perfect choice ..p.s not every actor and actresses that has romantic sences has to feel the same way about each other in real life ..acting is business a job not a hook up place for people

    1. Ms Melo Hamid

      Althea Mostert I am totally second this..👍

    2. Hey you

      exactly read the trilogy too


    I can’t get enough of. Jamie Dornan & Dakota. Johnson and of. Course. Fifty Shades Triology! On. ET. Interview . the two of them looked uncomfortable 🥵 talking. About the movie characters and deep down they like the characters they played and off the cameras 🎥 they truly love each other. The media keep stirring the pot tossing between Jamie &. Dakota either likeing or not likeing👎👍 each other. Like. I said before actions speak louder than words. It’s like not Wanting to letting the cat 🐈 out of the bag 💼! What’s to be will be.

  3. Cashmere Robinson

    For those of you saying that Dakota looks old, she’s in her mid twenties. She and Jamie are actually really good friends but I’m sure they aren’t use to all the attention and therefore are very shy. Jamie fit this role perfectly so stop bitching about who should have and shouldn’t have done it. Would you get your asses up on camera and have sex with someone you don’t know and then feel all happy when you’ve been obscure as an actor? No I’m sure you wouldn’t. They both did great. If you disagree then don’t watch the Damn films.

  4. netDSgirl

    i don’t know why people are shocked the actress playing Ana isn’t stunningly beautiful…it clearly stated in the book she wasn’t a knockout, that she’s a plain ol’ Jane.  if the character or actress had been created as a typical bombshell, people would still complain, saying how predictable hollywood is for only casting gorgeous people. it’s refreshing to see an actress cast who isn’t a typical stunner.

    1. phnex Samson

      She is beautiful..

    2. Cham Kmaf

      And 5 years later I bet all those people who said»Ana isn’t stunningly beautiful» wish they were her. Imagine being Dakota Johnson? She’s so gorgeous

    3. netDSgirl

      Wow definitely didn’t think my comment would get over 800 likes lol awesome. and thanks for the replies 🙂 Also, I definitely think Anastasia is beautiful! I just meant in terms of «Hollywood» beauty (or the typical blond/blue eyed/tanned beauty that so many people ‘go by’) that she’s different from that. But of course, beauty comes in all different forms 🙂

    4. Big Black Ballsack

      Really? I find her on the more prettier side of the look spectrum.

    5. Bronwyn Dunn

      She was fantastic in all 3 movies and she is beautiful inside and out!

  5. Lauren Greathouse

    For someone who doesn’t like suits, he looks damn good in them😛

    1. 1980Smilehullet

      I agree, i love him in suits. I felt that he lost a bit of the elegant style in Darker and Freed because he wore more casual.

    2. Jaime Dornan Lady

      Lauren Greathouse I was thinking the same thing! He looks good any way you see him, but my personal favs are definitely either in a nice suit or in nothing at all! Hmm…Yummy… 😋

  6. Gina Mescia

    I think they did a great job with the characters. I think she brought something to Ana that was just perfect for the screen, he surprised me, to no end. They DEF had chemestry, How, anyone can say they didn’t was beyond me. Though I have to say, if you didn’t read the books, you won’t grasp it as much, since this movie was the first I have ever seen be this true to a book. I loved it.

  7. Victoria Lugaro

    I’ve read all 3 books!! and I could NOT put the book down!! So excited for this movie to come out I definitely give it a thumbs up!

  8. Ellen Brown

    Many people are just clueless fools and will never get it. If married people have not had scenes like that in the privacy of their own bedrooms, I feel sorry for them. This was an amazing psychodrama. I hope I live to see #2 and #3.

  9. Victoria Mwansa Seward

    I love this trilogy— the romantic scenes; how their relationship progresses and changes. In darker, you will notice that she directs their relationship. I think this is a love story more so than a movie a about sex and s&m.
    Grear directing and acting.

  10. Sharifah Hanizah Syed Hussein

    Dakota has beautiful features…she would stand out in a crowd….I have seen all three films and I think she is made for this role. I see her strength in the film and she carried her role well… better than a season actress

  11. Taleah Dionne

    idk what y’all talking about but the guy playing Christian is fine as hell. 

    1. Coen Princeton

      @Ryan Jayden no problem =)

    2. Ryan Jayden

      @Coen Princeton thanks, signed up and it seems like they got a lot of movies there 😀 I really appreciate it!

    3. Jamal Conor

      @Coen Princeton yup, I have been watching on flixzone for years myself 🙂

    4. Coen Princeton

      @Ryan Jayden Lately I have been using Flixzone. Just search on google for it =)

    5. Ryan Jayden

      I know I am quite randomly asking but does anyone know of a good place to watch newly released movies online ?

  12. M.J. C.

    He is gorgeous and was PERFECT for this role and I think Dakota was his perfect match. They just fit together so well. Their chemistry is off the charts.

  13. Sasha Quinn

    I really like the cast, while reading the book I pictured Christian a little different But with Anastasia I personally think it’s spot on, Can’t wait!

  14. Annette Elliott

    I have watched this movie 6 times and will watch it again. …..

    1. Feyi Plus

      @Simple Cimi nope. Pun not intended. I have indeed seen it like 50 times.

    2. Simple Cimi

      ^pun intended?

    3. Feyi Plus

      Annette Elliott I have watched it like 50 times already.

  15. Peru Thokchom

    In my point of view the cast couldn’t be more perfect then this love the cast

  16. mary saade

    I watched it 5 times already and that ea One!
    only bought it a few months ago
    Could not imagine an actor or an actress other than them doing this movie!Always been a big fan of Don Johnson

  17. Khadija LEMKHOUDEM

    I was introduced to the books by reading a comment saying that the begining is quite like the Twilights and as I love twilight I went for it and now I am in live with the books !!!! Maybe it was the reason why I pictured Robert Pattinson and kristen stewart playing the roles .. But I still think that they would ve been a great fit ! kristen is so weird, Anna is weird as well .. Still not aure about that part and how much Iam convinced but I know for sure that Robert would have made a greeaaat christain ! For so many reasons besides the interviews and comments would ve been much more interesting .. E L JAMES actually wanted Robert for the role but the producers or the director didn’t accept ! Still think that Jamie is fine but only on camera ! And that what matters the most ! The trailer looks promising not gonna judge until I watch the full lenght ! Can t wait for the 13/02 !!!

  18. Tammy Dobbs

    I am excited to see it. I loved the books and so did many of my friends.
    Seeing the movie with my husband is my valentines gift 🙂

    1. Terry Williams

      Me and my husband seen all 3movies,then he bought all of the movies for me on Valentine’s day ❤️,I love them 💚🇨🇮❤️🇺🇸💯🤗

  19. Monica Leon

    I actually loved the movie honestly. It went by so quick though, :((( I’ve read all three books and its AMAZING.

    1. Ann Marie Rose

      So many people panned the movies but I liked them.  She is very attractive and he is gorgeous of course,  I like how he became dependent on her later on.  He was excellent in The Fall on Netflix which he made after these movies.

  20. *TheAmethystSystem *

    Now my thoughts on the trailers I’ve seen.. I honestly said the day I found out about the movie that I did not want to see it because there was no way it could live up to the books. Movies seldom do. Then when I found out who they had cast I was leaning even more towards not wasting my money at the theaters on this one.. But after watching the trailers I was enraptured. I disagree with everyone who says they don’t have chemistry. I found this to be one of the hottest big screen previews I have ever watched and I think they captured the essence from the book very well. I am more worried about what they’re going to leave out from the book to the movie. One of my pet peeves is when they leave out a great scene from the book in order to save time on screen. But worse is the thought of line changing! *Blanches* I can not think of something worse when adapting a book to a movie than when they change lines. I am sitting there watching the movie and quoting the book as they go (usually in my head but sometimes out loud quietly) and then all of a sudden they have completely ruined a great conversation by taking something out or switching it around and rewording it.. then I wanna stand up stomp my feet and jump up and down like a two year old screaming «No, NO, NO! That is what what they say!» Lol. So I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen. And at the risk of attracting haters comments I will make this comparison.. I read the twilight novels.. I was super excited for breaking dawn part one… when it came out and I sat there in theaters and they had changed nearly every line and even totally F’d up some BIG scenes from the book I was PISSED. And I would hate to see that happen with this movie. Because I am probably more excited about it than any movie I have ever not so patiently waited the release date of.