Tank — You’re My Star [Official Video]

Tank's new album 'Sex, Love, & Pain II' is in stores January 22nd

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'Sex, Love & Pain II' In Stores January 22nd!

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  1. DreamMachine

    This song has always been amazing to me! So catchy, it’s at only nearly 3.3 Million views, but deserves wayyyy more! I remember when this came out back in 2014, a great way for me to jam it out as I ‘Came of Age’.

  2. Linda Veraldi

    A song with no cussing, belittling, no hate, drugs or sex! This man deserves an Emmy!!

    1. Lance Morrow

      True…but crazy that a lyric that calls a woman his ‘possession’ and that he would ‘rather die than let her go.’ Men don’t ‘possess’ women. Makes someone sound like a control freak. If I had a daughter who’s boyfriend said my daughter was his «prize possession,» I’d get a restraining order. Other than that, its a good song! Great dancers!

  3. illgil26

    People really need to give this man his due! He’s EXTREMELY talented.

    1. C Allen

      Facts I just want him do a song with Jamie! Not a group just alot of R&B features together. I guarantee it would be noticed!

    2. CieCieBaby Powell

      Oh yes! I was always into Tank since the 90s. He had great training!!!

    3. Bertha Celestine

      Sorry I meant Tank.. correction

    4. Bertha Celestine

      I totally agree l love me some Tang didn’t know he was so smooth…

    5. Stef Blanco


  4. MrLionheart704

    This song needs an award. Way to bring back MJ too. #HeartBreakHotel

  5. Chris Shelf

    This song is dope on every level…danceable beat…tight vocals…and lyrics…Tank definitely outdid himself on this one!

  6. dvddxn 122

    If this song is two years old, it sure hasn’t got the recognition it deserves……….. Well done to the artist, Tank

  7. Federico Ariel Sánchez

    He’s a great artist, wish he had more promotion..

    1. Team Breezy

      Federico Ariel Sánchez Facts! I need to be apart of a great Promotion team!

    2. King Lou


  8. Valerie Leverett

    This song is so underrated, it should have over a 100 million views.

  9. mclevit

    Speechless!! This is music, there ain’t nothing better than when R&B is served like it is, well done TANK..

  10. Enheritance

    I love this song , i’m mad it didn’t get much recognition !

    1. Groovy Bel Be Groovy Like A Smoothie

      Me too

    2. music lover1984

      @Dontez Bryant I think of a wedding, family reunion or a BBQ .

    3. music lover1984

      @Dontez Bryant it sure was with the jacksons sample and Kelly Rowland slaying the background vocals!!!.

    4. specialkyt

      I still rock to this! Just got thru watching the video.

    5. Dontez Bryant

      The beat is on point you’re my starrrrrrrrr


    This is such a feel good song , his vocals and kelly vocals are great together. The female dancers killed it.

  12. L.G.

    Hot tune, definitely «HEART BREAK HOTEL — MJ» & «FINE CHINA — CHRIS BROWN» feel, love the groove!!! I’ll never tire of any of them…

  13. Tj Jones

    This is the EPITOME of what our music should be….Unfortunately it doesn’t fit the mold of what they think we should be doing so it gets lost…Real music lovers owe it to ourselves to support and continue to share real professionals in what they do….Stay Real Brother and Keep doing real Music…

    1. specialkyt

      Exactly! This is what you call a natural born singer. This is the closest to old school music you’re gonna hear.

  14. Lenken Issac

    This is real music and should have 60+ millions views. Its sad to see all the rubbish that other artists release and get like millions of views. Tank is a vocal beast. A real artist who produces real r&b music. Sad to see R&B music get to this level of but i’m glad there are still artists like Tank still around. 

  15. Randi BooksAndMascara

    Literally one of his best songs. I never get tired of listening to Tank’s music.

  16. Audra Wright

    This song is so smooth it’s like gliding across the floor in new pair of church shoes

    1. specialkyt

      Not church 👠😂😂😂

    2. Lima Zulu

      How about this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbQmm_BNFxk

    3. Tanisha Rattigan


    4. Marquis Tillman

      I can’t even lie thats funny as hell…..but true🤣🤣🤣

    5. Rodland7

      And then falling down the church stairs 😀

  17. Kenson Gillis

    Easily top 10 best song’s of Tank discography🙌🏾✨

  18. Derrick Robbins

    people complain r&b is dead but a jam like this comes out and they ignore it.

    1. Elizabeth Chacon

      Who ever said that is nuts , this is a beautiful jam I love it

    2. Jimmie Rodgers

    3. Untaya Terrell

      Not sure why But I love you and this song 💓💓💓💓💓

    4. Rhea McDowell

      @TIM SUPREME just another example of them making choices for us. That’s about to change.

    5. NOT a YT Guru !

      Talk that REAL!!!!
      They’re waiting for real R&B from 17yr olds 🙄

  19. Tanja Morton

    They be jamming in this video,I love it.
    Tank is super fine and the dancers killed it…..

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