«Bridgerton» Stars Loved Those Sex Scenes as Much as You Did | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Phoebe Dynevor & Rege-Jean Page admit they're proud of their characters' love scenes and discuss building chemistry on their Netflix series!

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"Bridgerton" Stars Loved Those Sex Scenes as Much as You Did | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

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  1. Bella Soares

    These two have a strong chemistry that is almost comparable to Claire and Jamie in Outlander, which is a very hard level to get to.

    1. Akshaya Nair

      Totally agree!! 💯

    2. K Dawn

      @Miss Priss even when not in Love and antagonistic there should still be something believable between them, even negative emotion. I personally didn’t find the acting very convincing, just pretty vanilla but each to their own 🙂

    3. Miss Priss

      @K Dawn To be fair, they weren’t supposed to be in love half the time. They spent quite a bit of time being antagonistic and disingenuous with each other. That’s where I saw that. However, once it was on, it was on. 🙂

    4. Miss Priss

      @vitoria veronese This is an old school couple, but Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher had that kind of connection.

    5. ZoilaSolis

      Agreed 🥰😍

  2. Peter W

    I think they are the most passionate, romantic, real looking intimate scenes I have ever seen

    1. Jessejamez707

      2girls1cup was way better imo

    2. Agent007 007

      Outlander: Hold my beer.

    3. a bradley

      they certainly are!

    4. Sierra R

      @Sagnik Dey was just going to comment this

    5. Diana Riverjackson


  3. vervcinn

    I thought Bridgerton was going to be boring but it wasn’t that’s bad not going to lie😁 we need a season 2 asap

    1. UWU fantasy

      Truee, it made me rewatch the first ep since it was boring till d very last part i was surprisingly hooked already! 😤

    2. Bakingpan

      Why did you think that? I wonder if this is how most people perceive period dramas. If so, I hope Bridgerton changes that so they make more.

  4. MrGrandeflipper

    Ok, i’m just gonna say it. Those scenes were HOT.

    1. katemosssimp

      @Jennifer as we should😚💅💅

    2. Jennifer

      @katemosssimp Thank u, Just supporting our mother😌

    3. katemosssimp

      @Jennifer love your username😌😌

    4. Jennifer

      Yess they really were


      Sure, it’s all about these sexscenes, and the only reason these black guys are put in the serie is because of this, because lot of leftist people are sexually obsessed with black men

  5. LadyLioness

    The acting for this series was phenomenal. Everyone did well. Watched it in 1 day.

  6. E H

    Those intimate scenes gave us a «wonderful» view of the continuing evolution of their relationship. Most such shows don’t reveal that part or show quick snippets, but i can see the necessity of these scenes in bringing her coming of age transformation to full fruition, all the way to the birth of their son. They also reveal the depth of Simon and Daphne’s love and desire for one another.

    1. Entertainment and Lifestyle World

      You said it well. The two of them are so beautiful

    2. cyan

      ‘how do you feel?’

    3. Makaziwe C

      Spoiler alert!!!! 😭…oh well might as well finish the series tonight 😁

    4. Charity Elaine

      Yes, it was painful watching them fight. The distance broke my heart… so glad they made amends.
      I really like how they took the time to emphasize those emotions. It was almost like I was in the midst of the disagreements.

  7. acay

    So after ALL those raunchy, sexy scenes the actors are trying to tell me «oh, it was really no big deal». Really!? How can you look at each other normal, normal after that!!?? No wonder I’m not an actor 😨

    1. Vasiliki Tzalachani

      I have been thinking that too and I’m supposed to be a filmmaker in the making! 😂😂😂😂 And I don’t get it!!!

    2. elikamae _13

      @Marie Bl ohhh so the intimate scenes were not real??

    3. Ms.Miyagiix

      @Marie Bl Fr, it was just the ways they were moving, you could tell it wasn’t quite authentic but i mean it is acting & they executed very well👏🏽👏🏽

    4. Marie Bl

      What you don’t see, is that these scenes are not sexual while filming. There are like 30 people watching behind the camera. Private parts are taped and it’s literally just acting.

    5. Claire Haire

      When I used to model there were some intimate poses we had to do & I didn’t take it personal bc , it was just a job. There’s like 2 ppl repositioning your hands , 4 different giant lights in your face & with acting you’re just reading lines it’s not them. I still love their chemistry though 🙂

  8. Kelly Beckner

    You both should be so very proud of those Love scenes. They were beautiful and spot on…. The sexual tension was brilliant the entire way thru. I felt it thru my entire body. You both need to recognized and rewarded…in my opinion. I cannot get enough of you both. Thank you for making me remember how it felt to «burn» again. I remember it as almost a glorious pain… an ache if you will. I once Loved a man so much I ached for him in everyway… I forgot what that was like until I saw you both. Bravo kids… bravo. I cannot get enough. I’m ready for more!!

  9. Lexx

    it’s really refreshing to see actors/actresses talk about love scenes like this in a more proud way and admit they enjoyed the scenes and liked them…maybe I’m watching the wrong interviews, but so many people who do these types of scenes seem to hate them and only talk about what they didn’t like and complain about how hard it was, how awkward, how unpleasant… so this was really nice

  10. Linda Bouman

    Great chemistry between Daphne and Simon!! Love the show!! The costumes were amazing and the actors are all phenomenal!

  11. Nouran Ibrahim

    They’re both very talented actors and the love scenes in this series are from the most beautiful i’ve ever seen in my whole life on a screen ❤️ specially their first night was very emotional & beyond describing ❤️

    1. Sushi Ray

      Yeah…amazing…they made it work…requires an extremely good rapport and level of comfort to deliver…

    2. Charity Elaine

      YES, especially within the context of marriage… the pent up longing.
      I really love how this series was directed because the viewers felt the tension & saw the collateral of the lack of communication. I was like «JUST TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL! TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL». The miscommunication was only separating them & it was driving me crazyyyy.

    3. Jessica

      You explained it so well!! I felt the same way.

    4. Charity Elaine

      @heaven sent wow, yes. I definitely agree! Very seldom do we see representations of the “before” and “during” of marriage. It honestly is comforting to see that there are problems & fights, but ultimately, communication, dedication, hard work, and unconditional love can make it work.

    5. Charity Elaine

      @heaven sent I agree! The fact that they were both friends before anything got serious was actually nice to see. There’s nothing wrong with attraction & romance “at first sight”, but I really appreciate that foundation that they had. It added so much substance to what then became a beautiful romantic relationship, and ultimately, marriage.
      Them being able to get to know each other on an honest and foundational level before becoming romantic is definitely something to aspire to. It’s the foundation for me lol. 💓

  12. Raya Rajabi

    Rege repeats «the chemistry was already there» in every single interview w the same level of satisfaction

    1. Anne Myriam

      @Kayla Campbell-Brown are you serious? 😩

    2. bruh

      @Kayla Campbell-Brown he has a gf how is he gay?

    3. Nomady 402

      @Kayla Campbell-Brown is he really?

    4. Kayla Campbell-Brown

      @Ann Co he’s gay hun

    5. Aul Awl

      @Damon Milline so agree

  13. Rebecca Stone

    I watched Season 1 THREE times already. Hurry up with Season 2 …

    1. Atasha P.


    2. Jhanvi Bhat

      Rege is not gonna be there tho😔

    3. Anne Macqueen

      Watched it 4 times 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

    4. elh44

      Me too!!!! The season 1 was perfect!!!!

    5. Coco butter

      Watched it 2 times, watching it the 3rd time

  14. Leisha McAlpin

    Best on screen couple that I have seen in a long time. I actually like them better than Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey!

    1. Karen Nina

      algee after part 1 had great chemistry too

    2. Sarah Behar

      @Mega Ayu Sugiono oh hell yes, I LOVE Claire and Jamie 😍😍😍

    3. Lisa Sunshine

      Not really difficult to be netter than twilight

    4. Sushi Ray

      @Charity Elaine


      I loved the innocence in Daphne when she starkly laments about being kept in the dark about what comes with the union of marriage.. ..

      ..and very touched by the way Simon conveys to Daphne to explore herself to get an understanding of that she would embark upon with marriage…

      ..he expressed it with the decorum of a trusted, caring friend and partner….very decent..

      Gosh…what a nice guy…!!!

      I’d like to invite u Charity to my piece on Wattpad..titled Heart’s Desire under penname djv5surrey..I hve cast these brilliant actors from the Thai drama industry as my main characters…I’ve tried to work at a cerebral interaction btwn them..its pretty long 21 parts..I wrote it as a drama series…

    5. Priscilla Pie

      Dare I say … better couple than the notebook??? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams???

  15. JaxVenture

    I admit that I watched this series 5 times already just to watch the character chemistry that was so palpable in an endearing and meaningful way.


      uno, this kind of chemistry u just find in korean , japanese , asian movies, slow, patient, painful, love , happiness. nowadays us movies they just bang bang bang and done

    2. vidah Paz

      That fingers scene at Somerset House makes me burn everytime! Simple but oh so deep!!!

  16. Savvy Savvs

    I NEED SEASON 2!! I can’t keep watching the first season forever😫😭

    1. Chinelo’s talks The journey

      @Alicia Campbell me 3 times and still get enough of it

    2. Metallicgld12

      You too? ; )

    3. Keisha Blocker

      I’ve already seen it twice now.

    4. Shania Turner

      I believe they’re scheduling to film season 2 in the spring!

    5. Alicia Campbell

      Me too soon watch it 5 times now

  17. rumbapassion

    I can’t stop watching this show, I love the time, the costumes, particularly what Simon wears with his high colar jackets, the chemistry between Simon and Dafne. All the characters create considerable value to the show. It’s so refreshing to watch and I have watched it 3 times already. Actually I binged watched it the twice.

  18. Grace Linear

    Lol I binged season 1 now I’m regretting going too fast through the series.

    1. erin



      Same, but I’m actually scared that daphne and simon will me a bit more background characters in the next season bc of the themes from the books😶

    3. Alexa Syler

      Season 2 isn’t going to be focused on daphne and Simon. It’s focused on Anthony and him finding a wife so it’ll be very different!

    4. Dhwani Gandhi

      Same, now I’m researching it 😂

    5. Nna yam

      @Elle B. 🖤 I rewatched it 10more times 😂😂

  19. pinky2389

    I expect many awards for Bridgerton

    1. Good Food and Tours Jamaica

      That’s what I was saying too

    2. nightwatch

      Well, don’t forget there are many really great shows now with amazing cast, writing, music etc.

    3. yafatou secka

      AmirHKhan23 omg I’ve watched that scene 10 times

    4. AmirHKhan23

      the scene of daphne speaking in the rain does

  20. tayla winn

    i’m so upset bc i watched the whole series in a day

    1. Flark it

      I finished it in two days and I’m more upset than you 😭

    2. Christine Mae Joyno

      Me tooo

    3. Kimberly King

      Me too. And that’s because I initially didn’t want to watch it. 🤣

    4. aammoorriiee

      same just finished season two super late but i lovedddd it sooo muchhh

    5. toourlife

      same 😬

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