Sex Crime Roundup: Priests, Patriots, Politicians & Pop Stars | The Daily Show

R. Kelly may face 70 years in prison for sexual assault, Pope Francis promises to bring the wrath of God upon sexually abusive priests, Trump’s labor secretary comes under fire for protecting a sexual predator, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft faces charges of prostitution and solicitation.

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  1. Tayo Omoniyi

    Finally our society needs to confront the issue of sexual abuse instead of protecting pedophiles who are willing to pay their way out of justice.

    1. helena sousa

      @J’sun Suliaman

      Some people are found dead just by mention these names . Be careful . These people are pure evil.

    2. J'sun Suliaman

      This is my thing if they’re going to destroy this man’s reputation they we need to destroy Elvis’s Who also slept with young girls and a couple of other rock stars we need to get them white folks to not just black men

    3. Brandon Frazier

      …or those who can coerce their clergymen and other religious leaders to lie for them consistently over years while they illegally, immorally and disgustigly assault these young children.

      The same young children who are sent to these churches by their parents…. :/

    4. TruePowerIsMine

      Google search Jeffery Epstein, and Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, they both hangout with Epstein. Google it.

    5. Patricia Garcia

      What did you not know that the loser creep in the white house has admitted to sexual assaults.

  2. thatgeekdad

    You want to know how people stand by Trump even through all the lies, disgust, and embarrassing this country, the interviews with the people of Boston with regard to Kraft tell it all. People will stand by what ever they feel regardless if it is right.

  3. Charles Coble

    “If you want to know what power looks like, watch a man safely, even smugly, do interviews for decades, without ever worrying whether he will be asked the questions he doesn’t want to answer.” — Monica Lewinsky

    1. Osmosis Jones

      You do know often prostitutes on street or in message pollers ask you if you would like some Sex 😉
      Instead of teaching our about concent maybe we teach them to say no

  4. Momogamer

    So many predators, so little justice

    1. Alicia Kitten

      @caca R.Kelly is white ??

    2. Burnell Browne

      trump america?

    3. caca

      They’re White Men!!!

    4. Tammy Reyna

      Hey JIMMY i’m JIMIN it makes me so upset.

    5. Bilal

      Hey JIMMY i’m JIMIN If you have money.

  5. Cisco

    «it happened a long time ago.» So no consequences for the sex crimes against minors? I wonder why Trump is so lenient about this.

    1. Tutan

      Yet he goes after people who did things long time ago which aren’t crimes

    2. lanethelame

      His complete lack of morality perhaps?

    3. Rowan Miller

      Trump was accused in connection to the case three years ago, but the victim received death threats and withdrew her case.

    4. Carlotta Vigna

      Knives…probably because he’s been lusting after his daughter her whole life.

    5. uscbruin213

      Isn’t there a statue of limitations on these things?

  6. Kalli

    I’m a die hard Pats fan, but I know that those girls being used like this is just wrong.

    1. Corney Geez

      Sucks but it happens and usually the billionaires dont pay money for it. And he is. Meaning he probably doesn’t know where they come from. Its 16 miles away from his home

  7. MrBlondieZero

    As a Pats fan, I don’t give a sh** who owns the patriots. Robert Kraft, I’m sure, does very little to affect the team’s performance, besides hiring Bill. I don’t understand these Pats fans’ blind allegiance to Kraft. It’s pathetic and reprehensible given the circumstances.

    1. Jelly Bean

      @skills1ent I’m from the south, the New England people have never been rude to me, Boston great city, the best in the USA in my opinion. Tons of Irish heritage. I understand you had some bad experience with people, I have felt the same way several times, I’m not a mind reader.

    2. Macestrom

      Clearly a sports fan without the experience of crappy owners (ala the Cleveland Browns)

    3. Ian Luquis Rivera

      MrBlondieZero i agree with you point to point!

    4. Courage Karnga

      Well, look at Trump supporters and tell me it’s not the same.

  8. Karl Renner

    Trevor is killing it! Love this dude’s sense of humor.

    1. Jay King

      Karl Renner is this sarcasm lol

  9. Ricky

    Im not a sports fan
    But to be fair, I do wonder how many of those fans knew it was an sex traffic ring or if they just thought it was a consenting prostitute. Because while prostitution is illegal ( and Im not trying to start a debate of if it should be) I do believe a lot of people out there do not see consensual prostitution as a horrible thing.

    I do know sports fans are crazy loyal fans
    But im not quick to judge
    until I know what they know

    1. Osmosis Jones

      You do know often prostitutes on street or in message pollers ask you If you would like some sex

  10. Gearzmesh

    People just need to leave the cult of wealth. Billionaires should not automatically have our trust, admiration, or be allowed to make all of the rules. There seems to be a high percentage of delusional predators in their ranks.

    1. Hazukichan X

      @Gearzmesh — Hear, hear! When we look at people who are excessively rich, the thing a great many of them seem to have in common is, «Would slit grandma’s throat for a nickel» levels of moral bankruptcy.
      Screw over lifelong best friend? Sure! Fire dozens or hundreds of loyal workers? Why not! Move the whole operation overseas, to child labor sweatshops? If it saves us a penny or two! Ruin the environment? Psssh, who cares about that!

      These are not people to look up to, respect or even tolerate. These are people to loudly boo every time you see them, people whose food or drink to spit in… and if you’re in the habit of thinking «But hey, some day, that’ll be me» then make sure to add «Just as soon as I can stomach betraying everyone I ever cared about and destroying everything that ever mattered to others, at the drop of a hat.» You don’t want to be what they are.

    2. Brett Reason

      Capitalism rewards sociopathic behavior. You could not have said it better. Takes cruelty to make it to the top & youre shocked they are all assholes??

    3. RockBandRS

      @Luiz Alex Phoenix If he didn’t tack Bernie at the end there, people would call him biased. Somehow, that’s enough to seem unbiased. Despite the other 3 groups having a Venn diagram that’s so overlapping it’s basically a circle.

    4. Broken King

      @Haywood Giablomi some priests are millionaires and billionaires. They tend to cause the most trouble

  11. Rebecca Treeseed

    I am 64. Sexual abuse has been a free perk of power for my lifetime, my mom’s lifetime, and my grandmother’s lifetime. Millennia, no doubt. It is becoming an expensive perk. About time.

    1. Jennifer McGoldrick

      Ricochet Babalon yeah, so he finally stopped responding in anger and with insults after speaking down to us pointing out the problem with his comparison.

    2. DRSNova

      @Jennifer McGoldrick I cannot amend my first posting to include heterosexuality because, as I explained already, it contained that.

      Also, you called my statement discriminatory and hateful. So I certainly felt attacked first.

    3. DRSNova

      ​@Ricochet Babalon Well, I can replace it, but that would be weird. Because it only makes sense in that order. «You might as well ask why men desire women, X, Y and Z, and not men» implies that being gay is the most common orientation — which it obviously isn’t. But the most common thing should come after «and not X». That’s just….logical.

      For example: «Why would anyone eat locusts» — «You might as well ask why would some people go vegan, vegetarian,
      only eat raw — instead of enjoying a steak». Doesn’t work well with «instead of going vegan».

      And that is really all there is to it.

      And yes, for the sake of discussing sexuality, I will only look at heterosexuality and homosexuality in terms of sex. Not love, or children, or long sunday walks on the beach. I mean, come on….

      I have no idea whether this is an intercultural communication problem or not, and if I touched upon some specifically American issues of LGBT suppression there, but to me, getting this kind of backlash over word order was completely ridiculous, and I’m sorry for lashing out, esp. at @Jennifer McGoldrick, but I immediately felt like under an unjustified all-out attack.

      I mean, feel free to believe me or not, but literally 90% of my circle of friends are queer, involved with BDSM, swingers, etc., including my bff, some are activists, and I’m very much on the left side of things. At the very least please believe me that of course I have zero intention of saying anything bad about homosexuals, as was implied.

      And that’s now really the last things I’m going to say about it.

    4. DRSNova

      ​@Jennifer McGoldrick «If you don’t agree with me, you are deliberately hateful». Sure, good luck with that. It’s overzealous people like you, exploding over nothing, bashing an *LGBT ally* for being homophobic about, at best, a misunderstanding, that are one of the reasons for the rise in backlash against organizations and institutions on the left. You know how often I see more «traditional» people coming to us with good intentions, just to be driven away again because they didn’t know by heart the «secret handshakes», and someone like you laying into them for it?

      Here’s a crazy Idea — if you get offended by something again, how about asking about the INTENT of these words, before accusing someone of being hateful? This could have been easily and calmly resolved.

      But you won’t. Because judging based on the worst case and immediately labelling people with «us» and «them» is so much easier. Any explanation is useless, because as we can see, you will just read them in a way that will support your initial judgement.

      Making talking to you any further a complete waste of time.

      Oh, I will bring up this conversation among my friends at board game night, which is pretty diverse. Maybe I’m the crazy one here. But my guess is that we will just laugh about you.

    5. Jennifer McGoldrick

      DRSNova You DID NOT include heterosexuality in your first post!! Are you effing kidding me??? I can read and you’re holding on to this argument is now showing you did mean to be hateful. If “not women” was your inclusion of heterosexual comparison, you are missing the point. And maybe stop speaking down to everyone with the way you lay out your poorly worded argument that as you hold your britches to appears more and more hetero-normative.

  12. TheHekateCafe

    This segment sent me pacing to one end of my small abode to the other cussing up a storm that I needed to get out before I ranted. I love Trevor and all the remarkable crew that helps make the show. I often seek out, the comfort of laughter from this particular crew.
    The Mofo who owns the Patriots is SEX TRAFFICKING!!!!! And the NFL came out with a statement stating weather or not he should face charges. What The Actual Fug? I don’t understand how such a large part of the male population doesn’t see rape, and oh so much worse, as something vile. Especially a man in power, how is this guy still a part of anything other than getting shower-room-gang-banged in all orifices, and a few new ones, in prison for the rest of his unnatural existence? It’s a time honored tradition apparently. I know there are good men out there, at least, I’ve heard there are. I don’t hate men, but I do hate the millennial years presumption that rape isn’t that bad of a crime.
    Thank you for calling the SOBs club out.
    Here endeth the rant.
    Peace. Out

  13. HarryPotterForever11

    I’m from Boston, I’m a pats fan, and I’m disgusted by Robert Kraft and his actions. Please know that not all pats fans support him and his actions, and for God’s sake don’t use this as «another reason to hate the Patriots». It’s Kraft’s awful decision, not the team’s.

    1. ElfHighMage

      @Teri Henri There are restrictions in RI. Women can sell themselves, but it must me indoors and alone. Brothels, street strolling, and pimps are not allowed. it’s a rare known fact because who really pays attention to anything happening in RI?

    2. Teri Henri

      @ElfHighMage was not aware prostitution was legal in RI

    3. ElfHighMage

      Damn. Why couldn’t that idiot fly out to Nevada (or Rhode Island), visit the brothels (escorts in RI), AND GET IT LEGALLY?!?!? DOH!!!!!

    4. Tom Anderson

      Idk I also live here and a big fan of the teams but in the past few months I’ve learned some things about Kraft I don’t like. I don’t think I can even support the patriots anymore sadly as long as he is owner. 😑

    5. samira Ansari

      Honestly, if your worst concern here is the reputation of the Patriots, then you‘re probably not as disgusted as you should be.

  14. Chika's Not Mad, Just Disappointed

    Trump: «Haha! Look at all these famous people getting arrested!»

    Mueller: *Clears throat* Umm.»

    1. Courage Karnga

      I think his report is supposed to be released this week.

    2. Aangsstaff

      Eros Delorenzi prove that those things happen in the black community

    3. Zura

      @Matthew Noble Jordan please do tell me why Trump lied about the meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, goes out of his way to have closed door meetings with Putin and lifted sanctions on a Russian oligarch a few weeks ago. I’ll wait.


      @timothy price sr you a baby boomer? Too dumb to pull out…


      @Luis S. and trump fans will be crying lock her up…..and trump calls Hillary and they say, can you believe these dumb mutherfuckers bought it???? Aye, that’s you….dummy.

  15. Licy N-R

    Yes, Trevor. Everyone needs to be held accountable no matter who you the hell you are!!! Nicely put together Trevor and Team!!!

    1. Osmosis Jones

      What about Christina Garcia or Asia Argento. Or that old lady who ask me to help with something then wisperd sexual tricks she could do 😲😛😲

  16. Hermione Granger

    At my university last year, when the Patriots lost to the Eagles, every patriot fan, literally EVERY patriot fan was starting fights when they saw Eagles fan with their jerseys were smiling with joy. The Eagles fans would just be talking about how happy they were about the result and Patriot fans would be pissed off, like what the hell is your problem. It’s just a game, calm down, we have bigger problems to worry about. The Patriots are just so damn annoying, and even though Tom Brady seems like a nice guy, if he’s willing to side with Robert Kraft on this prostitution issue and be a Trump supporter at the same time, then screw him and his whole team.

    1. Mario D. Zmaj

      so basically like football fans all over europe…never understood the violence

    2. barthalen

      @Carter Sosa Excusing sex crimes to.. own the libs?

  17. Cait E.

    The labor secretary one is just sickening… 🤢🤢🤢🤢
    What the actual hell is wrong with people?!

    1. Cole Chillen

      Evil lurks.

    2. jonathan collier


    3. F Flanman

      Trump is friends with the monster Epstein. Disgusting people

    4. Traumglanz

      @Marcus Anderson I think he meant the voters who ignore such things.

    5. barthalen

      @OBVIOUSLY IMRIGHT Shut up about your dumb faith and focus on the sex crimes.

  18. Brooke Simmer

    I am kinda stunned that we aren’t calling slavery when we see it. Call it what it is y’all

  19. Nerd Analog

    I’m so glad all these things are coming out and there will be more, though I doubt many will be punished by law. During the 70s and 80s in France and the US, there was a strong movement to decriminalize paedophiles. Those people were asking to «free children’s sexual pleasure» with adults. Today in France, those people, some who have publicly admitted on having sexual relations with children, are not only glorified, but are still free.
    So yes, go after the Catholic Church, let’s go after ALL the churches, mosques, synagogues and other temples. But let’s also go after the newspapers who promoted those ideas, politicians who have admitted to paedophilia, to philosophers whose notions it was that children of any age could have sexual pleasure with adults (Sartre, de Beauvoir), psychiatrists who stated that little girls raped by their father wanted it and wanted to show off to their mother…
    Let’s really take a look at what society was saying in the 70s and 80s and realize that we have put a magnifying glass on the Catholic Church, but many many other disgusting people were not only apologists of paedophilia, and some, also actively and publicly engaging in these disgusting acts, and those people and ideas still have not been denounced; they are still used as references in our culture today! Take off the magnifying glass, and let us really look at the consequences of the ideals of the past.

  20. Sena

    I’m telling you guys those billionaires can do anything and not even pay taxes

    1. Mario D. Zmaj

      its good to be a king

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