The good sex guide — Shooting Stars — BBC comedy

More surreal comedy from Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer and Ulrika-ka-ka. Hilarious bedroom schene you won't soon forget from BBC Worldwide.

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  1. Rich How

    i’m glad they’re still doing this show — because it’s the funniest thing on tv by miles…it just gets better.

  2. Robert Manthe

    Love it when Bob slaps his shoulder for no reason.

  3. Alan Read

    vic and bob rule! i want shooting stars on dvd and a new series.

  4. schizzifizzi

    lol..yea, actually this is the best part of the whole sketch..

  5. citizenkong

    those Brits are so funny!

  6. superpunkmuffin

    «House» has got a lot of subtle humour in it… Oh hang on, he’s British too 😉

  7. Writing.Marketing

    Loved it :-)))))))))))))

  8. mmmodafoca

    i dont know who gave you the thumbs down(probably some brits themselves) but i agree with you..

  9. Boz-pot

    Pity Bob’s got to wear pants. It was a wish fulfilled otherwise, though I could have done without Ulrika and Vic being present.

  10. Jack Haughey

    And while we can only give them David Walliams and Matt Lucas, they gave us the exceptional comedy duo of Darna and Greg

  11. mike evs

    i miss shoting stars so much

  12. Adam McCarthy

    Let’s be honest. Bob wrote this for wish fulfillment!

  13. TouzokuKami

    Bah, I hate being American.

    This was hilarious.

  14. Gunnar R.

    These guys are tv`s funniest!! #kjohnfowler


      Gunnar R. ivcjc😂😂

  15. Christopher Woods

    Another slice of perfect dadaist humour… I wish Shooting Stars had never ended.

    Ah well, I have the book of the game to keep me company (the CD which comes with it for the game is pure class).

  16. PenguinWithADHD

    its funny as hell and i almost pissed my pants

  17. Nixer Doyle

    Hilarious and horrifying.

  18. Nusrat5791

    @VengaboysRbackINtown hey, i am an american, and i happen to consider british comedy as pure genius — your sense of irony, feel for self deprecation is unparalleled. thank you.
    ps- there are many, many other educated americans who love british comedy.

  19. Bryan Bruner

    And I shall put you in the category of «People who chime in on subjects they have no business in.» Enjoy your crappy weather.

  20. hotdaddyhuggy

    Lol he probably only found it cos he was searching for a ‘sex guide’!