Quarantinewhile… Sex Pistols Star Johnny Rotten Recovering From Squirrel Flea Bite

Quarantinewhile… For anyone considering taking a squirrel into your home, we present the cautionary tale of legendary punk rocker Johnny Rotten. #Colbert #Meanwhile #Quarantinewhile

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  1. Brian Jones

    My three favourite parts of this are Stephen’s occasional interactions with Evie and her chuckling, John at the Piano, and the fact that the worst President ever is no longer named. Thanks Mr C.

    1. Frank Castle

      @Patricia Williams Patricia, just seeing your post now, I was looking up Lydon interviews and this popped up. You were spot on. None of these brainwashed halfwits have had the fortitude to admit they were wrong and apologize to you. I appreciate your candor. Keep speaking and seeking the truth.

    2. Frank Castle

      @Brian Jones Ha ha ha ha!. Do you now see how wrong you were and how brainwashed you are? Probably not. Just like a smug prick to just say shut up and dismiss the truth and avoid engaging in conversation. How was Trump the worst president ever? Also, your numbers are wrong, guy. 81 million votes for Biden and 74 million for Trump, that’s 155 mil votes. But, wait a minute, there were only supposed to be 133 mil registered voters… Yes, that’s because there was widespread voter fraud, not a conspiracy theory, read about it. I know it doesn’t fit the narrative you’ve been force fed by major media and social media, but it’s true. You don’t even seek out the facts and they’re not even difficult to find, instead you just repeat the same talking points you’ve heard from the side you’ve chosen… sad. Might be time for you to grow up and start researching issues for yourself instead of following suit and relying on political stooges like Colbert. You’re not even from the U.S., so I don’t expect you actually know what the state of the country is and how much better off this country was under the Trump Administration.

    3. Frank Castle

      @Peoples Republic of Ninj What do you think now knowing Patricia was right? What am I saying, you don’t think for yourself, you have to be told what to think.

    4. Lucius1958

      @Patricia Williams Doubleplusgood duckspeak!

    5. Gunner Schouten

      So, first in to say that I bow down to our new monkey human hybrids.

  2. Ray Ceeya

    It’s so adorable when he tells a risque joke and you see him glance over at his wife to make sure it’s OK.

  3. Tom Mayson

    Can Evie please just stay, even when covid has come and gone. There’s something about Colbert entertaining his wife instead of a crowd that I really like.

    1. Robert Sears

      Me too

    2. phriedokra61

      Hes just being natural..

    3. inveele

      Same! This at-home colbert show feels more genuine

    4. charles stuart

      @William H Music 2020 I think you protesteth too much.

    5. charles stuart

      @Charles if you change it to Steve and Evie — sounds kind of familiar.

  4. The Curious Rabbit

    I vote Jon Baptiste as the new Mr. Rogers. If ever there was a man who I felt could step into those tennis shoes, it’s him.

    1. Street Peter

      I love the idea! Hate the thought of the people that don’t know Johns demeanor that would say it’s pandering to the black community

    2. Daniel Polanco

      Stephen Colbert 👀 please make this happen 🙇🏻‍♂️

    3. Dr. Carl Ide

      I love this idea!

    4. Tiff J

      He has such a calming and comforting energy.

    5. Alexa Penn

      Wow — that is so perfect :}

  5. Electric Horizons

    I love that Stephen is slipping ever-closer to madness with each passing show.

    1. Freda Fox

      I love that Stephen is slipping ever-closer to madness with each passing show.

    2. Sheri Soltes

      Hey Stephen, we’ll leave the light on for you.

  6. Luke Pace

    Jon Batiste is an American treasure, absolutely one of the most inspirational musicians alive. Colbert’s pretty good too! 😉

  7. SGG

    Jon Batiste is what happens when a bucket of pure joy is intentionally thrown into a pit of jazz.

    1. Izayo Mazehualli

      Which song did he sample in this show?

    2. Gaming with Blaise

      Whatchu talking about. Jazz is pure joy, Mr. Batiste is just an embodiment of it 😀

    3. Lady GrAy

      That’s just perfect!

    4. [Two] Dee Ex

      @T BZ 10 likes vs 1300 likes. just from a numbers view. i think atleast 1300 people understood it (metahor), and didnt think its was not a methaphor, let alone not see it as an attempt at, no wait lower, a poor attempt at, no wait a very poor attempt at a methaphor. wierd thing is i suspect you understood it too.
      And i wonder, but dont know if it is best described as a metaphor or there is other more precise language for it. but miht well be methaphor.

      Metaphor definition: A word or phrase for one thing that is used to refer to another thing in order to show or suggest that they are similar; An object, activity, or idea that is used as a symbol of something else

      What is a metaphor? Simply put, a metaphor is a figure of speech containing an implied comparison. With metaphors, words or phrases that are ordinarily applied to one thing are applied to something you wouldn’t necessarily pair it with.

    5. SGG

      @Robust Sauce it’s OK to be gay buddy. You don’t need to do all those things. Just move to place that’s more acceptant of your prefences.

  8. Kitty CaKe

    I love how much his mood has obviously improved over the past week or so haha

  9. S. M. Henderson

    I love this show without the laughter in the background! It feels much more genuine that way. Making your wife laugh instead of an audience is far superior comedically. You’ve carried me through this hellish year, Colbert! You rule.

  10. Carl_Anderson

    Jon Batiste is a friggin talented man.

    1. Carl_Anderson

      @Daniel Angel Yes he was. I feel Diana Krall’s version is spot on.

    2. Daniel Angel

      I think he was playing ‘Autumn Leaves’. Wonderful song.

    3. S Wood

      Yes, And so upbeat and positive.

    4. Jin Nen

      @Babz Covington + they’re two people with very different tempo, all quick wit vs smoooth jazz.

    5. greg lialios

      Jon Batiste is what happens when a bucket of pure joy is intentionally thrown into a pit of jazz.

  11. Fred Oliveira

    I love that Stephen is slipping ever-closer to madness with each passing show.

  12. TheMeatballMen

    Oh the friendship between Jon and Stephen and how it warms my heart

  13. Lex Slate

    «Okay, I don’t always read these ahead of time.» — S. Colbert, in a contender for the best line in history.

  14. odalayme

    To be bitten on a private part, i believe that johnny and the squirrels have quickly moved right past the befriending stage and have clearly reached the consummation stage in their relationships. Im sure there has to be a ring or two floating around the squirrel patch.

  15. kie

    I’d love a conversation with Jon Batiste, he seems like such a calming, inspiring person.

  16. Baldur’sPicketFence

    Isn’t is so refreshing to hear jokes that aren’t about that guy…it’s great.

    1. D.

      you can tell how happy Stephen is!

    2. charles stuart

      Free at Last Free at last Thank God Almighty — Free at last!

    3. Andrew Kim

      Jon Batiste is an American treasure, absolutely one of the most inspirational musicians alive. Colbert’s pretty good too! 😉

    4. Faith Rada

      Aaahh. What Guy??? ⚰🦆

    5. Ms. Q

      is that why I felt so happy watching this?!?

  17. DMD

    Omg this man plays so beautifully. I can’t be the only person to rewind his playing

  18. Bailey Solo

    This was one of the best Quarantinewhiles I’ve seen in a very long time. Had me rolling from the beginning. Great job writers!!!

  19. Lothar Soran

    Jon and Steven: genuine friendship, respect and great energy. Two talented people who treat each other like people. It’s really good to see, especially in these times where some fools make out that race means you can treat someone poorly, or differently. Jon’s an iconic musician, and Steven’s an iconic comedian, a true powerhouse pairing.

  20. Chetan Ahuja

    J Bats just casually rolls out a personal version of Autumn Leaves. What a treasure he is.

    1. Thats what I Said

      Thanks, i knew that i knew it, but couldn’t think what it was. Now i don’t have to cudgel my memory.

    2. Tanya Wade

      Wasn’t it beautiful🥰?

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