«Normal People» Stars Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal Read Thirst Tweets

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, stars of the hit Hulu series "Normal People", dive headfirst into the Twittersphere’s obsession with their on-screen romance, and learn that for a lot of people out there, Connell and Marianne are the ultimate OTP.




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  1. Jennifer Nicholls

    Paul’s reactions are so pure, he just blushes at every tweet.

    1. Danielle Rosa

      Just proving he’s the perfect Connell

    2. Ozosawi

      @Anna bandana right! Niall Horan has that too

    3. Bhakti Agarwal

      Connell also blushes at literally everything😂😂

    4. Alexandra Arvanitaki

      He is so cuteeeeeeer

    5. perro

      So much alike his character

  2. Elsa 123

    Paul getting really embarrassed and blushing is the wholesome content I’m here for.

    1. Yoatzin Alvarez

      he’s adorable

    2. Abril Selene Mancedo

      @Lizzette Hernandez many people said that they went to school with him and that he was the opposite of a bully.

    3. Andrea Black

      Ursula Ann yeah it’s possible. Just a lot of people spread rumors about people out of sheer jealousy. That’s why I wouldn’t believe everything that’s said about someone bc chances are a lot of the time it’s false

    4. Andrea Black

      Lizzette Hernandez can’t believe everything someone says though

    5. S J


  3. Liv

    her irish accent is just so amazing i can’t believe she’s english

    1. 7 x

      Yeah i agree with you until i know that her mother is Irish so it make sense that she has an Irish accent.

    2. Irish13itch

      Her parent and half her family is Irish. It ain’t surprising that she finds the accent easy
      She’s around it 24/7

    3. Sarah Jane

      @poohbearwhittyher mother is Northern Irish, yeah

    4. Naj the savior

      @BNJT But this was produced UK bound, Hollywood don’t have nothing to do with this or any Celtic films. Except for brave heart, which was terrible. Lml

    5. Louis Caprani

      @recoil53 no ones confused the two nations here.

  4. Brittany

    is anyone else dying bc Paul is wearing Connell’s chain necklace?

    1. Marwa Salsabila Anshory

      im 😭

    2. Nava Jaime

      Oh my gosh yes! I loved that necklace. It’s kind of hot

    3. Kelly Le

      Krazy Kakes I think that’s the point. She was in a better place and finally happy and it was no longer tied to Connell but to her just liking her life.

    4. Alicyn Senior

      The chain on that neck is the sexiest part of this show. 100%

    5. itiswhatitis

      She wanted to be with him she would do anything for him, he asks her to go to NY she says no, so stupid

  5. Liam Moore

    Don’t think I can ever forget about Normal People, like ever.

    1. Neha Jacob

      Same 🙃

    2. Anushka

      Its such a beautiful serie.. Like its just perfect combination of everything.. Its just amazing and you can’t get over it♥️

    3. TheDragonAndTheWolf

      It was shite, I don’t get the hype, bad book and bad show

    4. Camila Chavez

      pls the book. it broke me

    5. OatsG TV


  6. Ana Lucia Ybarra

    The fact that Daisy is wearing white and Paul is wearing black is so pleasing to me.

    1. Ozosawi

      @Lizard🦎 i thought that too!

    2. Lizard🦎

      Yin and yang?

    3. Fergal Griffin

      They should get together and have a cover version of Michael Jacksons song ‘Black or white’!Especially since Paul has proven he has music talent as well

    4. Shania Ill

      It’s even better that her background is dark and his is white

  7. Joy Luck

    The most touching moment for me in this drama series is when Marianne and Connell were closely hugging each other regardless of other people’ judgement at Rob’ funeral. It seems that the unexpected death of their classmate makes them cherish each other more and their relationship has definitely deepened from this point. So beautifully depicted 🙂

    1. critical_analysis

      I felt the initial episodes were very moving and depicted vulnerability and insecurities. But, after that it went downhill and seemed like 50 shades of grey in a twisted manner. Also, when both of them are supposed to love one another genuinely but not able to stick together but hook up casually with others and then have some physical relationship in between time and again reveals that they were not exactly decent or normal people (Niall or Helen were never truly cared for). Also, therapy should have been given to Marienne too.

  8. S J

    This just makes me sad because all these tweets are basically saying that it’s the «moments of kindness» that really turn people on today…why? Because sex is everywhere, but genuine connection and compassion between two people is rare.

    1. Percy

      Great comment

    2. Swaraj Kanr

      Yes, honestly I started this show hoping to see some sex scenes but I ended up liking them talking softly & caring for each other more.
      But they are extremely attractive people.

  9. quietastronaut

    Listen. I understand the concept of acting just fine but it still baffles me to see how different Daisy is from Marianne.

    1. Ozosawi

      @strawberry exactly! She always gets terrible guys

    2. Andjela Tatarovic

      yea! she’s not brooding! it’s amazing!

    3. lorraine slaney

      @Sophie C a director has a certain vision in his head of who and how a actor plays a part..he picks the actors for there ability and he tells them what to do..so her real persona was never gonna come thru…lennie done the same with brie larson …but i know what you mean..cheers

    4. TheFIREmonster713

      This just proves how hell of an actress she is.

    5. Katie Latta

      She’s so fun and funny!

  10. Arun Singh

    If Dakota Johnson and Anne Hathway has a baby it would be Daisy. ❤️

    1. Grace Nsenga

      Troian belissario

    2. κchαιαmετ ☆


    3. Rue

      Exactly what I was thinking

    4. Selin Arslan

      Also a bit Keira Knightley

    5. kimberly plagata

      Oh my ghad YES!!

  11. Jaylaaa a

    is it only me or does daisy edgar-jones look like anne hathaway

    1. Fernanda Rodrigues

      a lot. and in normal people is even more

    2. Dani M

      I thought Dakota Johnson

    3. Any Question kiddo!!????

      She’s a mixed of Anne and Dakota Johnson. Anne for the eyes, Dakota for her hair style and her face shape

    4. Rahul Patil

      Rachel Brosnahan

    5. Madhumitha Manisekaran

      Anne Hathaway and Charlie damileo??

  12. s mcb

    I’m watching this interview after a solid 10 hour binge session on iplayer.. I can’t remember the last time I was so invested in two characters and their story. Beautifully portrayed by both actors, the chemistry is undeniable. I now need to rehydrate with a litre of water because of the snotty crying I’ve done.!

    1. Fifi Noir de Fer

      @skyejacques yep saw it, I liked it too

    2. skyejacques

      Have you seen Call Me By Your Name? Difficult to get over as well xx

    3. Fifi Noir de Fer

      @Anna Barr Omg I did the exact same thing, I was like I found two masterpieces here

    4. Anna Barr

      So happy I found this after finishing season 2 of fleabag, because I seriously thought I couldn’t find anything more satisfying

    5. Lon

      Lol me too

  13. D

    Whoever casted their roles is a genius

  14. Sakhi Saxena

    3:14 Paul sliding down his seat saying «I’m vanishing» is just SO CUTE

  15. Francesca Balestra

    my poor bisexual heart can’t handle

    1. Ozosawi

      o m g i was just about to comment that!!!!

  16. Helaina Jayne

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Paul mescal when he’s uncomfortable: I’m vanishing

    1. Jenny Skrenes


  17. THIS is The Bad Place

    I feel like most people talk about Paul Mescal and how attractive and talented he is but Daisy Edgar Jones is just as attractive and talented and also has the best most loveliest personality ❤️

    1. Bronze

      @a paul mescal

    2. Bronze

      that guy was a school bully

  18. Abishai Campbell

    I can’t stop smiling when I look at Connell. And I’m a straight man.. I think.

    1. ari

      The «I think» killed me 🤣

  19. Madeline Renteria

    I just love the friendship that these two have especially that they can look back at scenes and laugh. Love them in the show and love them here in this video!

  20. Marcos Wenneton

    «Always focus on yourself rather than fictional characters» I JUST CAN’T THEY ARE SO GOOD TOGETHER

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