The Life and Sex Scandal of Chinese Star and Streetwear Icon Edison Chen (Part 2/3)


In February 2008, Edison Chen (aka EDC), a Canadian-born Hong Kong pop star/streetwear entrepreneur, was involved in a sex photo scandal — a series of his intimate photos with various female celebrities got distributed over the internet after a computer technician leaked them online.

While netizens were busily distributing the photos through email and forum, the scandal also led to the very first moral debate over celebrity privacy in China's pre-social media era.

Before this, Chen was a cult figure to many Chinese youth who were born in 1980s and early 1990s — as he was possibly the only counter-hero icon in the Chinese entertainment industry for introducing hip hop music and street culture to the country's mainstream.

After the photo scandal, Chen stepped away from Hong Kong entertainment industry due to overwhelming public pressure, and started focusing on his streetwear brand and more recently, art collections.

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  1. Ja ne

    It’s very true when he mentioned about the Chinese entertainment industry. It’s so rigid and they don’t allow the artist to express their creativity.

    1. Kelvin Xu


  2. justifiedchaoz

    This is such an honest and deep story. It just shows you how many stories there are out there and what people want to achieve and to what extent they’ll go to get it. I don’t see him as arrogant, just driven to prove himself. Quite inspiring.

  3. K Lee

    I’m from Hong Kong and its been 8 years since this happen, and due to Hong Kong’s culture (when something happens it will be exaggerated, but after a while we forget about it) most people forgot about it, and we judge people quickly (most likely due to how quickly things move in HK society). So a lot of people still think that Edison is a piece of trash who sits around doing nothing, and smoking weed, partying everyday, living on his father’s money. It is really nice to see these vice videos of Edison, and actually taking the time and effort to show how much Edison has changed throughout the 8 years, and not just asking generic questions that most Hong Kong media would ask.

    1. DayDayTravel

      hong kong is getting worst now

  4. Matt17283

    Maybe not for the international audience, but I actually find this documentary quite insightful and relevant for me… Good job and thanks Vice!!!

  5. Xenon0080

    People probably don’t understand how big his sex sandal was back to 2008. Since this is VICE International, you probably should get the hint that the society and culture environment is VERY different form western world. Sex Scandals in Hong Kong and Mainland China could really destroy someone’s life. Not everyone can make a living from a sex tape like Kim K. Until I watched this documentary, the only thing I know about Chen was his sex scandal. I really appreciate this documentary let me see the other side of him.

    1. Andy Ng

      Anyone knows the song in 14:07?

    2. Andy Ng

      @yinitialize ya his movies are very good

    3. yinitialize

      If time can goes back, i hope the scandal wouldn’t happen and he could have brought us a lot more movies and song, probably could be one of the biggest stars in hong kong easily.

    4. Andy Ng

      @TELEVISIBLE not true, he was definitely a famous and successful actor back then


      +A0403T he was never a sucessful singer or movie actor to being with. His father was an accountant for some alleged triad member , the only reason he is in the show business is through his father connection to one entrainment tycoon who was believed a triad member himself. He himself said he was done with the show business in the first place after the scandal broke out.
      without the scandal his movie and singing «career» will not last anyway since he was not a good actor nor a singer.

  6. Ria Kim

    I got goosebumps… It’s like watching the life of Tablo (Epik High).. I sincerely with they could do a collab stage someday be it in China, HK or Korea… Man, they both had scandals that almost ruined their careers in the entertainment industry but they were able to cope up and sing/rap again on stage… I really respect these kind of people…

    1. Don Li YuanJun

      Imagine when Edison saw tablo’s wife that resembles Cecilia Cheung

  7. blackchang1981

    The more I watch this guy the more respect I have for him. He seems like a straight up kind of guy.Much respect and best wishes. Salute.

    1. blahblah

      One of the realest celebrity

  8. l3if

    It’s wildly unreal how the internet see’s human beings with self confidence and ambition for success and then tries their best to rip them apart. It’s easy to criticize when you’re on the wrong side of the tracks, not traveling the world, living life, meeting amazing people, etc… I pray for your insecurities

  9. Ash Wales

    What I’ve learned from this, is people mistake motivation for arrogance. And I really believe in this kid and what he’s doing, wouldn’t know who he was without vice.

    1. Ash Wales

      @毛主席的里世界 I’d love to tell you what an idiot you are, but I’m afraid your english is so bad that I don’t even know what you just said.

  10. BlackBox

    Please continue these type of stories I appreciate it and understand the culture differences listen to the little people who actually enjoy this !

  11. Tea Leaf

    Despite him not being globally famous/significant, this was still a good documentary. Don’t understand the dislikes.

  12. latinsizer

    This dude is a Legend! He single handedly change how people sees pop idols in his country while getting to smash with a bunch of them. Respect

  13. setha mean

    I like this guys attitude. Proving these haters and doubters wrong.

  14. Nixon Perez

    Im fascinated by the story, trying to give positive feedback so they don’t stop putting the content they want to put out

  15. Hoodlife

    Great story of being and individual in a conformist world. Way not to get boxed in. Continued success after the music. Wish I would have seen this about 20 years ago

  16. Sunny Lau

    Still a living legend

    1. Andy Ng

      Me too

  17. N Leo

    He’s a true inspiration of why you should never let the negative overcome your future, keep it up Edison!

    1. N Leo

      Still making Canada proud!

  18. john doe

    This guy went against his producers and managers and made it how he wanted and looks like to actually perfumed actual songs unlike most hiphop/rap they have no meaning

  19. Sanenjungla Kichu

    He’s still the coolest❤️ the effort he’s giving….more love to him than ever💕

    1. BlueAgain

      Lol crazy dumbass

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