Bridgerton Stars Regé-Jean Page, Phoebe Dynevor & Jonathan Bailey Talk Nudity & Sex | MTV Movies

Bridgerton stars Regé-Jean Page, Phoebe Dynevor and Jonathan Bailey on all the nudity and sex scenes we can expect in the series. Jonathan Bailey, Nicola Coughlan and Claudia Jessie join their co-stars to dish the dirt on the fights, the costumes, the dancing and play a hilarious game of MTV Period Drama Charades.

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  1. Candied Pumpkin

    The worst part of this show was how quick it was over

    1. Always Inspire

      I know 😭😭

    2. Zee

      @Destiny Lentz same like whaa

    3. LJ

      omfg yess i started yesterday and finished today and i was jus like..aww mann THATS ITT?!!

    4. shana Forbes


    5. Destiny Lentz

      I finished all the episodes in one day 👁👄👁

  2. Krishna Johnson

    The fact that there are black people who are royalty in this series made it soooooo much better. I absolutely love it

    1. Adrienne

      Yeah, I was like why do period pieces have to be all white people, that historically accurate argument is bs because we all be knowing the plot lines and costumes are always historically inaccurate so it’s not like that’s ever been a priority

    2. Lily _sunshine


    3. Zainab Siddiqui

      @hellovanite omfg all the comments on the trailer are terrible lmao, people suck

    4. Saskia Hoffmann

      Love it

    5. talie


  3. Star

    Regé as Simon was the best thing that happened to this year

    1. Sonia Kanagwa

      He was the complete package. I loved every scene. He is so sexy.

    2. deekshitha belah

      Yesss 🥵🥵

    3. Nella J

      Yep lol

    4. Afro Ogs


    5. Afrogalp210

      Totally 💯 agree with your statement

  4. Scene Ignited

    Im gonna say it, Regé is the epitome of beauty. There.

    1. Jasmine T

      @Senny_sen He is gorgeous, I don’t see Rege’s walking around!

    2. Gaynor Mossop

      That and much more ❤️

    3. Sherry Petrie

      Yes he is beautiful

    4. Audrey K

      @Senny_sen That’s just wrong

    5. At this moment

      @Senny_sen where? LoL hes Good looking why fight it!!

  5. Bea

    Phoebe and Regé chemistry is AMAZING, omg can’t wait to see them as Daphne and Simon

    1. Diane Bromm

      Hated for it to end…loved them all and ALL of it!

    2. Diana Villegas

      They were great on the serie ❤️❤️❤️

  6. lalola78

    Simon’s voice was so deep, rege’s was suprisingly high pitched

    1. THEE Epidural

      @Jessica yeah if they are that is really none of their business💀

    2. Jessica

      @THEE Epidural yeah … I’m pretty sure they’re talking about his sexual orientation? But I don’t think that’s any of my business so I’ll just 🤐

    3. THEE Epidural

      @Jessica okay i’m confused too😭😭

    4. Jessica

      @THEE Epidural A good actor is what *I* said. I don’t know what everyone else might be talking about.

    5. Rachel A.

      @THEE Epidural why not? We’re fans and we wanna know if we stand a chance 😏

  7. GwenCooks

    2020: worst year ever!

    Bridgerton: Hold my Simon and Daphne.

    1. Princess & Precious

      Comment of the year 😂😂😂❤️

  8. Letícia Oliveira Pires

    regé laughing cured my depression

    1. Emily F

      feels 🥲

    2. Walleska Mariana


    3. Beatriz Lisboa


    4. Letícia Oliveira Pires

      @Isabela Costa poneiiii

    5. Isabela Costa

      Letícia é vc???

  9. Kerber🌻

    I’m here after I binge-watched the whole season all night. 😅

    1. Aditi Turkar

      Me tooo

    2. gayle bennett

      Me tooo!!!

    3. Leelee

      I’ve watched the show like 5 times already and is watching it again😂

    4. Lavetta Gray

      @donbelle endgame me too 🙁

    5. Moti A.

      I literally didn’t sleep 😄

  10. Denielle Mcfarlane

    This is the best series I’ve watched all year… honestly. All of the main characters were attractive and vibrant. The storyline was very unique and exciting. The creativity in the show had me on edge 😍🥵. I LOVED the diversity in this series and the interracial relationships. This was a very modern series based on the 1800’s, which is exactly what we needed in 2020. The vibrance in the show was basically of the this world… so many colors and beautiful pieces. And lastly I want to shine light on the MUSIC 😩🤩 oh my goodness….the orchestra playing covers of newer songs making them blend into the show. The soundtrack was beautiful. Very well done ♥️🍾

  11. Rebekkah F

    This show single handedly redeemed 2020.

  12. Victoria Ross

    Officially obsessed with this amazing show… & LOVE that they actually communicate their feelings… even if we do have to wait until the final episode 😂.


      🤣🍿 ready for Season 2 🍿🤣❤👏

  13. Gail Fernandez

    Omg…the chemistry between the Duke and Dutchess was exhilarating. 🔥🔥

    1. Nanette Nwandison

      like i really want them to date in real life

    2. Blue Fandom_18:19_4W_9SJ

      Addicted to them! ^^

    3. Tina Parou

      i totally loved them!!

    4. Gail Fernandez

      @The Nyamba SHOP l know….l loved every minute. 🙂

    5. The Nyamba SHOP

      They are too good!!! I MEAN😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  14. Karen Guye

    This series was well written, produced and executed.

  15. Alicia Anderton

    Claudia is such a queen I literally can’t get over how pretty she is

  16. Rebecca Elliott

    As a woman I wanna say thank you to bridgerton creators for those sec scenes. Finally a bit of female gaze

    1. Luz Elena

      @Tosin Ojo I mean I agree, but the thing with NP is that they try to portray sex as raw and «real» as possible, without falling into the typical perfect sex scenes where music starts when the characters begin to have intercourse and making it look flawless, I guess it was the closer to reality for me

    2. Tosin Ojo

      @Luz Elena its not that great…this one felt like i shoudnt be watching because it was that intimate

    3. 22SeaJay

      @Angel Mora True! 😆 For me, at least one of the people has to have redeeming qualities to do anything for me — maybe it’s my kink 😂

    4. Angel Mora

      @22SeaJay Hot and horrible people are still hot people xD

    5. Angel Mora

      Yessssss finally.

  17. Ena Apuda

    here’s me obsessed with this series. i just *I CANNOOOTTT* been watching it for straight three days now. and not close to stopping. this series is by far my favorite this year. can’t wait to share this for years to come. i love everything about it, the cast, the production, the musicss. arghhh don’t even get me started. 😍 kudos to every one ♥

    1. Valeria Mahlangu

      Same here🤩

  18. Lora Lightwood

    I really hope daphne and simon will still have major roles in season two, because… well I dont think I have to explain it 😍

  19. Sara

    I binged watched in one day…. Rege is sooo dreamy. Loved how the story and season progressed quickly and the finale didn’t leave us on a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for season 2, I kinda hope the story stays on Daphne and Simon

    1. shana Forbes

      Me too

    2. sandra roland

      @Rima Kent and the fans who made this really happen are the book fans. We also outweigh the «just getting to know Brigdeton through Netflix fans». And it’s each siblings story that is being heavily asked for….

    3. Rima Kent

      @sandra roland I agree but most people especially the general Netflix audience focus mainly on looks — and given Simon especially popularity level, I won’t be surprised if they tweak the show a bit to allow the daphne and Simon storyline to still play out

      Netflix is big in playing with fan favour

    4. sandra roland

      Also,if you read the books you’ll discover why the book fanclub love Kate, Anthony’s wife a lot. One the top three most loved heroines of the book series. And why Anthony’s book, book 2 is even more liked than Daphnes’

    5. sandra roland

      Not at all if they follow the books. Especially since the author who is heavily involved would want that, and we the book fans would love that, and I’m sure the producers will be aware of that.

  20. Brown Sugar

    I binged watched the series twice. Oh my goodness the heat between Daphne and Simon is electrifying. I found myself blushing as I watch. I have such an amazing crush on Simon, his smile, the way he walks and speaks so eloquently just turns me on. I cannot remember being this intrigued with a man well ever. He has a certain Je ne sais quoi.

    1. Jeovanna

      @Belinda M yooo im literally in tears 💀💀

    2. Belinda M

      😂😂😂 Take a drink of cold water.

    3. Afrogalp210

      Yes 🙌🏽