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Sam Pepper and Jason Viohni, two of the biggest British YouTube stars, have faced allegations from some female fans of sexual misconduct.

Laci Green on the allegations:

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  1. Nathan Zed

    My line «most childish prank I’ve ever seen, not to mention sexual harassment» made it in hahaha

    1. Rajapeno

      YouTuber disgusting people know because disgusting

    2. janine

      @purpandorange You. Are. An. Idiot.

    3. MIKE〽 〽


    4. flufferty

      Saw you on Dodie’s video too, you are great 🙂

    5. sly

      Yeah glad you thought it was funny dickhead🤷‍♂️

  2. thelegendoflauraa

    why would someone post anonymously if they were seeking fame? that agent is talking crap

    1. John Johansson

      thelegendoflauraa That agent is cancer.

  3. KT Eff

    I don’t know how a reporter who appears on a television screen (channel 4 news) has the audacity to suggest people who appear on a computer screen (youtube) are not in the ‘real world’. Yes it is a form of edited media, but so is television. They are as real as you. They should be treated as such.

  4. Casper Scooby

    Going up to women that you don’t know and putting your hands on them is perverted and very wrong .

  5. 711honved

    In these shallow times of teen self obsession and celebratory I am amazed at what people are prepared to do to be «famous».

  6. Alicia

    How can he deny the allegations there are literally videos.

  7. Zelda Zonkin'

    I don’t know how Sam Pepper became so popular on Youtube, he was on Big Brother but his Youtube fame is strange. His pranks lackluster, his personality is bland… doing things and shouting ‘prank’ doesn’t make it a prank, entertaining or well thought out. He’s not FOUSYtube or Jack Vale. He tries to be as clever and as naturally funny as Edbassmaster but he just isn’t. He’s just a guy who got popular because of the teen audience.

    1. Sonofa Seal

      +Zelda Zonkin' ‘I don’t know how Sam Pepper became so popular on Youtube,’
      ‘He’s just a guy who got popular because of the teen audience.’

  8. Noni Ki

    :/ WoOow… okay, people are wording their descriptions of this video very poorly in ways that can cause possibly unfair escalation.

    It’s not a video of him just admitting it, it’s an apology video where he says he’s been trying to get a hold of her to say it’s not okay what happened, and he’s sorry and would like to speak with her to try to make it right. 

    (Here it is. I’m not condoning what he did, but I think people need to watch this before they give the vague description that it’s a confession video that was kept unlisted. That kinda sounds like gloating and trying to hide it, where the context of the video implies the opposite and a desire to keep things relatively private between the affected parties. I understand that desire for privacy but I’m going to link to the video anyway, as it’s become an issue.)


    Disclaimer: I’m not a fan. I don’t even know who this guy is. I just think it may be inflammatory for people to be quoting this video out of context and in the case of an accusation so very serious, all evidence should be transparent. 

    That said, Sam Pepper is vile.

    He reminds me of the politician’s son who  who went on a murder-suicide rampage and killed a bunch of girls who had rejected him, as well as some of their boyfriends, and a few random «shallow bitches» aka women he perceived as hot and thus automatically «stuck up». He gloated about it in an online video before he actually did it. — Not that Sam Pepper has ever done anything like that, but his skeevy perv behavior and very superficial tastes, combined with a sort of sexual entitlement and no respect for other people’s boundaries are similar. Having to, or feeling it’s OK to, use tricks and pranks and borderline force to solicit intimacy with them, then saying it was all a joke or social experiment when it goes wrong — makes me want to compare their other personality traits because their «inferior male» rituals raise the same red flags. Plus the whole idea of broadcasting both of their issues with inappropriate sexual behavior on YouTube.

    Damn I just realized how harsh that sounds and I’m not sure if I’m communicating my point correctly.

    What I mean by «inferior male» is that our society, for large part, values personality, intellect, and common hobbies in factoring attraction almost as much as, if not more than physical appearance. However, if you don’t know these details about the person you have to go more off of «way of the jungle» attraction points such as physical features that imply good genetics, and pheromones (aka «chemistry»). I mean «ritual» in the anthropological sense, meaning human behavior that is consistent in a pattern. 

    To be perfectly blunt, Sam Pepper has several physical features that would imply poor genetic traits unfit to pass on, which is probably why he has resorted to personal space violating tactics to illicit attention from women who would otherwise ignore him. I also wouldn’t be surprised if his pheromones were in complete discord with the vast majority of the women he hits on.

    Thus, since he bases who he seeks sexual attention from on practically perfect genetic traits (never seen him hit on someone who was less than a 9 «hotness level») you would think he’d see the irony in calling women «whores» for judging him the same way he judges them and finding him unfit or «creepy».

  9. Madam Zanzibar

    I like Sam and his videos but I agree that many of these pranksters are doing things that are disrespectful to others to humor other people and shouting ‘its a prank’ like that makes everything okay.
    Some youtubers did a prank involving sacrifices, a guy was literally shaking and looked traumatized, he probably needed therapy afterwards. Even if you tell someone its a prank afterwards the damage has already been done in some cases.

  10. David 101

    Why no mention of the apology video Jason uploaded unlisted to his channel? I saw it, and was aware of it hours after he posted it, and I live seven timezones away. How is it Channel 4 News failed to take note of it? Seems to be a pretty significant detail to leave out.


      Well thats Jasons fault! Maybe if he didn’t make the video private for only his twitter followers to see, then maybe Channel 4 would have acknowledged it. Either way, an apology video for a rape crime is irrelevant. He committed a very serious and unforgiving crime.

  11. Aquaman

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaang they put this on the news bro.

    1. Aquaman


    2. Aquaman

      @***** Shut your insolent mouth. ((Dude though that’s so true))

    3. McAwesome

      @Alois Trancy Yeah C Ya!

    4. Aquaman

      @McAwesome Great! see you in hell buddy 🙂

    5. Kay msp

      @Alois Trancy You fucked up the series for me.. but i love you anyways. xD
      -shivers- don’t poke my eye out please T-T

  12. Tamara Moonbow

    The «prank» of pinching girls bums is disgusting, it’s sexual assault.

  13. icklenellierose

    But….Jason admitted to it… Tonight

    Otherwise, thanks for a fairly decent coverage of an important story that has been overlooked by certain areas of the media. And for showing me giving Sam Pepper the middle finger. Three times. Before the watershed. Oops.

  14. sam !!!!

    What Jason did wasn’t right but, I support him. She was 15, the age was 16 it was wrong and to me doesn’t sound like too big of a deal although I’m not her and it was a whole different experience for her. I just don’t think that being a year (If that) underage and giving consent, then later on claiming it to be ‘rape’ (although she didn’t use the word rape) continuing to hang out with Jason (yes, she did) and then instead of going to the police posting it on YouTube should be acceptable. **MY OPINION**

  15. Sarah

    I hope you make part 2 of this story where you say that you’ve seen the vid in which jason admits it all and you got most of this story wrong. Comes to something when kids on here know more about this horror, without any training/resources/much research, than you guys do 

    Here’s the link…like others have shown you Tonight
    And there’s this one A warning to ‘fans’ 

    Also, yes, you could have referenced the past incidents where Youtubers have done this kind of thing before and the fact that Youtube and Google haven’t done a thing to teach these young people to not be so easily fooled by abusers/rapists. It should be up to their parents but as we all know some parents are just plain dumb/ignorant/don’t care/just bad parents 

  16. Keyrun Benji

    «My client denies all allegations…», I bet they’re also going to say that he was drunk when he made the «apology» video.

  17. Chloe Mason

    if this is going to spoil the reputation of YouTube culture and everything and make people think that we let anything go just remember that most people completely rejected pepper and vionhi and never went near them again

    1. Bananaz Czar Whit

      +Chloe Mason VeeOneEye not vionhi

    2. riley sunderland

      +Mark Bloggs Well yeah, it makes sense with Sam Pepper at least because ever since he released that disgusting killing best friend prank video, he and the other two guys in the video have only gotten more famous. Now I just think Sam Pepper likes to do whatever he can to piss people off for attention.

  18. Swan

    why are they calling them fans? they hate the boy he assaulted them!

    1. Jaune Ork

      They hate him so much that they smile when he Assualts them, Wow believable?

    2. Sal Ami

      @ashley godding Oh fucking christ.

    3. Sal Ami

      They were fans before he assaulted them.

    4. yelhsa gniddog

      +Sal Ami just like vikk

  19. amy g.

    What I hated is how after a woman said «I don’t like that», Sam continued to laugh hysterically making the woman feel weak and defenseless.

  20. pandaxsocks

    It’s disgusting that they sat there and called the victims «fans»

    1. Friendly Enemy

      What were they before they were victims

    2. Matty D

      Welcome to channel 4 and the BBC, the same news statiotions that cover up child abuse and rape.