Ex-‘Smallville’ Star Kristin Kreuk ‘Disturbed’ Over Past NXIVM Link

‘Smallville’ star Kristin Kreuk has denied reports she recruited sex slaves for an alleged cult. The actress, who played Clark Kent's love interest in the TV series, acknowledged that she had taken a course with the organization, NXIVM (pronounced Nexium), but denied claims she recruited women to be "sex slaves." “I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved,” Kreuk wrote in a statement that she shared to Twitter on Thursday. #InsideEdition

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  1. Sid Finster

    I find it troubling that they use the word «slave» so easily to describe this relationship. They were not slaves. For whatever reason, these well to do, well raised women opted to get into this cult. Do not compare them to people who were literally bound and forced against their will then branded, but had no ability to leave. These women chose to give away their freedoms for some personal psychological issues. Slaves never had the option to decide.

    1. William H

      It was definitely not consensual. Otherwise, a charge of human trafficking wouldn’t have stuck on Raniere

    2. han

      I believe they were blackmailed into obeying the cult rather than freely choosing… and I’m not sure children could ever choose to become slaves and they were in the cult too.

  2. rias

    Even joining a self-help group is offputting. Why would anyone want to do that?

  3. vunobi

    I been a huge Smallville fan ever since the series first aired and I was shocked in disbelief that Allison Mack aka Chloe Sullivan was capable of committing evil acts on countless female victims for a deranged lunatic of a cult leader, Keith Raniere. Kristin Kreuk is extremely lucky that she left before all the craziness had happened. I know that people have doubts in Kristin’s side of the story but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions until further evidence emerges in this twisted story. What Allison Mack did affected us fans that loved her for her performance in Smallville but now she will be remembered as a monster. She literally broke our hearts. I hope Raniere burn in hell for destroying women’s lives and self esteem!

    1. Christopher

      @GunsAndPoker imma Google that….

    2. GunsAndPoker

      Not sure how much Kristin partook in things, but I did find the video of her online doing such acts very disturbing.

    3. ThatElvisGirl

      I agree, if evidence was found that proved Kristin was involved with the sex slaves then she should be brought to justice but I don’t think she was because this was a huge case. If evidence of her involvement with the sex slaves existed then we’d know because they would’ve arrested and charged her like they did with Allison Mack. So that means Kristin was not involved with it.

    4. Janice Huang

      I agree with you 100%. As someone who loves to go back and watch it every once in a while, it is really heartbreaking. I try not to think about it when I do re-watch those episode. Chloe was a character that really grew on me.

  4. A Lara

    Look how hard Allison Mack aged because of her poor diet within that sick cult.

  5. Kelly

    Whoa now, Kristen wasn’t a part of DOS. She was a part of NXIVM, and wasn’t that high up in.the organization. I’m sure she feels bad for introducing Allison to the group, but seriously? Accusing Kristen of this is just bad reporting…🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Alex F

      Kristen pretty much ruined Allison Mack’s life. She’s no saint.

  6. fizzychizzy

    Over the past few years, Kristen has been busy with television shows (Beauty and the Beast). Allison Mack has NOT been acting at all. That is a clear indication of what was going on. None of the people in the cult have been acting probably. But they were all in the Hollywood world and weak willed and looking for someone to help them, guide them. That is how this cult leader was able to prey on them. Kristen got out before this all went south. Its obvious. She didn’t have the time. And her career has been busy enough that she doesn’t have the time to dedicate to running this organization. Allison, on the other hand, had nothing going for her. She immersed herself in this thing and got instant gratification being seen as important in something…anything.

    1. Tiffany Kim

      @Suburban Timewaster read please

    2. Tiffany Kim

      You need to get your facts straight

    3. Analeigh Vilanova

      If she gets off by sleeping with young girls I hate that

    4. Gary Payne

      @Suburban Timewaster didn’t her character marry Green Arrow?

    5. Jennie

      I believe Allison had been a victim herself and was in too deep.

  7. YTEdy

    That’s pretty messed up. I heard about this, but never in so much detail. If K.Kreuk got out 5 years ago, I think she gets a pass. It’s just a weird story about Mack. How can anyone think that holding people down while naked and branding them with a guy’s initials is a sane thing to do? I know about brainwashing and that it can happen, but that’s really pushing the boundaries of decency and common sense.

  8. Beck Stein

    Actors and actresses have low self esteem. Imagine being attractive but yet still getting rejected for parts. You’re always deemed not good enough. Breaks you down mentally. You begin to seek answers. Unfortunately it is sought in wrong places.

    1. Masterchief 2024

      Christ is the answer

    2. Immanuel Kahn

      No they do not

    3. Phoenix

      The same with extras, models and music band members. When a project is finished they have to start looking for a job again. They do not perceive their life as something wonderful because there’s no work stability in show business and when they have a job they have to be meeting someone else requirements: from they way they look to the way they act. And this is only a small problem, a bigger problem comes when they have to face sexual harassment, media harassment…

    4. CelticVictory

      @hopeless romantic It’s not an excuse. It’s an explanation. I suggest you learn the difference.

    5. Robin THIEBAULT

      This goes far beyond an actress’ self esteem.

      The people who start these kinds of cult have understood how to manipulate virtually any human being by exploiting their weaknesses and their unconscious pleasure to be dominated (i.e. Stockholm Syndrome)

  9. Samurai Wilde5100

    LMAO that meteor shower really did mess with her brain

    1. speedy gonzalez

      Or the so called hero thing lol 😂 that she desperately wanted.

    2. ydnas🌟

      No…her deep evil nature

    3. CelticVictory

      @Marcus Or that silver kryptonite AKA Brainiac.

    4. S

      This really could have been an episode of smallville.

    5. Damian Starks

      happyz hoodwinker 😂😂😂

  10. Benji Espinosa

    How in the Sam-Hell is Kristen 35? I’m 35! Cheese and Rice! She’s young.

  11. Kyle Miller

    She’s been acting this entire time so I imagine she must’ve left this cult years ago. But the blond girl doesn’t seem like she’s been working too much. That’s a sad situation. I really liked Smallville back in the day.

  12. Nira Chien

    Anyone watch The Vow on HBO? They specifically mention Kruek. Mark and Sarah, members that discovered the truth about DOS, comment about wondering if that is why Kristen Kruek left.
    We know Kristen was a member for 7 years, but must have got out prior to DOS.
    Grace Park was also a member at one time, but after BSG wrapped up in 2009, she would have moved to Hawaii for Hawaii 5-0. Guess she was lucky to get away.

  13. SliceTube

    Think about this. You’re accusing Kristen of being involved in the actual cult because she recruited Allison but, you realize that Allison was pretty shy too, and Kristen was a costar and friend from a show they were on so obviously she wanted to help her out.

  14. It will work

    Why Allison why? never expected that you were involved in such thing.

    1. Dylan M

      You didn’t know her personally so of course you wouldn’t except her to do something like this, You don’t know her!!!

    2. CelticVictory

      @Ebani Have you never learned how cults operate?

    3. CelticVictory

      @abby sands Being charged doesn’t equate guilt.

    4. CelticVictory

      @It will work Look again. The only way that horizontal bar makes sense is if it’s part of KR.

    5. ILoveYou

      shes under mind control.

  15. Cinamon Randles

    They even had children in this slave ring. Now we know where all those missing kids have gone.

    1. Mike Hooligan

      Yeah if you read the charges it includes minors under 14yrs of age. Complete media blackout on that part….. WTF?

  16. Daniel C

    Stop lying. You recruited Allison Mack then left some time later. You’re just as guilty

  17. John Ivan Taro

    And now I have the mental image of a Smallville spin-off series where Clark takes down a sex cult.

    1. Masterchief 2024

      She be busting nuts

    2. Medalion

      The last season of Smallville with the Darkseid stuff and particularly Desaad… is pretty damned close

    3. Anon

      Its been done.

    4. Mike Killagreen


    5. Hold True


  18. Shivani

    They look so sweet and innocent, who would have thought? It makes me sad when I think about how much I loved Smallville as a kid.

  19. Debbie Ingles

    Shame on them I cant believe she would do anything that horrible. Im going to pray for all of them

  20. 23RedTechno

    Kristin was the one that got away before Raniere could brainwashing her fully
    she was lucky but Allison was into deep get out .

    1. kirnaxo

      @Shortyjored88 so she left these poor children bein r.p.. ? And went on with her life without going to the cops to take them down ??!! Sounds about right !

    2. 23RedTechno

      @Despicable Al Yeah i read the article about it .

    3. Despicable Al

      She introduce allison to the cult

    4. Kioko_ChanUwU


    5. JV 2395

      Joe Duke She’s an actress not a pornstar.

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