Dallas Cowboys Star — SEX GOD … Says Super Hot GF | TMZ Sports

Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick isn't just killin' it on the field … he's killin' it in the bedroom too … so says his super hot GF Draya Michele.


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Dallas Cowboys Star — SEX GOD … Says Super Hot GF | TMZ Sports

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  1. Mr. Me

    Why u worried bout another man’s sex game??????

  2. Blessed Me

    «Sex GOD»? TMZ staays forcing it. Smh.
    And what is she supposed to say, «ummm, not really»…? Lol.

    1. Mark AP

      @***** I would like to test my skills with you. I don’t pick out comments based on profile pics usually, but for you i made an exception, and for that, you should be immensely grateful.


    1 of the hottest chicks on the planet

    1. Peter

      Ive been watching your videos for awhile and i think they’re dope keep up the work

    2. Matt

      @noobling9 watch my video

  4. SinisterSkyline

    Damn right she’s gonna say he’s good in bed. Dude took her from being a stripper to living the high class life. You better stroke his ego.

  5. Mark AP

    I thought that headline was referring to me when i read «SEX GOD» and of course she isn’t going to spill the beans, she just lays back and thinks of the dollar signs.

    1. yogi B

      I’ve been reading some of your comments…you’re smart, witty, and very funny..


    Really ?? … what else would she say ? …. she doesn’t want that life style to end.

  7. miggidymark

    She has to say yes to keep the dough rollin’…

  8. The Black Kakashi

    Damn Draya Damn you fine

  9. Nicholas yaj

    really, who the hell is she? looks like some common diggers who wants to strike gold from these pro athletes. excuse me if I’m wrong.

  10. ThrillaManThaGreat

    Smash City!

  11. jammernaught

    Was this recorded before, or after, they will lose to the Lions in the playoffs on Sunday?

    1. Fireworksguy11

      it was a playoff game? and I don’t see how that’s an excuse jammernaught but ok.
      Romo was sacked 6 times and was hit on almost every play… id say that’s overpowering the «best» o-line in the nfl

    2. jammernaught

      Only loser teams make up excuses as to why they are not in the playoffs.

    3. Fireworksguy11

      @Mike S. even though they lost, the lions D line exposed that O line hahahaha

  12. Madee Keita

    Fine fine fine!

  13. lobelia1997

    can you say «gold digger» and «take half your $»???????????????

  14. JDMRick 1993

    now I ain’t sayin she a gold digger

  15. J

    and today we thank baby jesus for helping create this woman 

    1. blue text on white background

      oh, come on.  i think her plastic surgeon deserves at least a little credit as well. 😛

  16. Killer Loves

    whats his name???

  17. Султанов

    Был бы у неё нормальный мужик не дал бы ей в таком виде ходить

  18. Nathan L. 27

    Wow, what a self centered person. I’m not a cowboys fan, but she rules out any chance of them going to the Super Bowl by saying how she wants to go to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

  19. Cameron

    A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells.

  20. Vegan Gaynes

    Holy Christ..