«Sex and the City» star Sarah Jessica Parker now goes through «Divorce»

Sarah Jessica Parker played a romance-seeking Manhattanite in the classic TV series "Sex and the City." So what can we expect from her latest role, in the new HBO series "Divorce"? It's just one of the topics she discussed with Jane Pauley for our Sunday Profile.

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  1. NLS S.

    I have always been a SJP super fan. I watched several episodes of «Divorce.» I found this series to be dark and boring. She is definitely outstanding at her craft. I binge-watch old episodes of Sex and the City. When they run a marathon of Sex and the City, I go to my woman cave and watch the show for hours and hours.

  2. Catherine Dean

    She’s still absolutely radiant today. Both in looks and in general spirit and personality. Time has been very kind to her and her family!

  3. V

    «Looking ahead while being informed by the past» -Sarah Jessica Parker ❤

  4. Sian's Bookcases

    I watched this with my mum. Had lot’s of laughs together.

  5. Silver Schooner

    «The things that annoy me don’t matter.» There it is…enduring love that just may last a lifetime.

  6. the evolution of woman

    SJP played Carrie so well. She made u hate her and love her all at the same time. Carrie was a flawed character from the beginning and she didn’t apologise for it. She made many mistakes and paid the price for it many times. I loved that show.

  7. tserenchimed altangerel

    Love and respect her the way she is

  8. importantverbs

    Great interview. SJP is whip smart and seems truly happy. Great to see.

  9. Long Bui

    it must be so nice to have your family move to support your childhood dreams on broadway.

    1. watch2muchtv

      Long Bui they also profited from her. She brought her family out of middle class.

  10. GETOR G

    Great interview and I love her last statement !

  11. J M

    Great interview. Jane really knows how to do them well. SJP has been taken heavy criticism for her entire career…since Annie actually, and she’s still around and relevant. She would be an interesting person to have a conversation with.

  12. Stephanie Stanley

    A beautiful woman in mind, body and spirit. I can’t say enough good things about SJP.

  13. Esther Saunders

    Sarah Jessica Parker is class through n through❤️All the Best to you and yours❤️

  14. Oodololly

    Awww—-for some reason, her singing «Tomorrow» just made me tear up. We love you SJP!!!

    1. Stephanie Stanley

      Oodololly it was heartbreaking

    2. Oodololly

      And please, please please—a third!!!

  15. Ta'amun Laziz Cooking Studio

    I love the way she talks…as Carrie and as Sarah J.P.

  16. Kristin Bradshaw

    I love her. And all the girls.

  17. Poohs Paws

    I think she’s just so cute. And boy, do I miss SATC. Also, I think it’s interesting that she is such a fan of the ballet, because I could see her as a ballerina. She kind of has that same look. I wonder if that could have been her job if she hadn’t become an actress. Maybe she could play one.

  18. heather_withthelonghair

    Hahaha! I watched with my mom ALL the time!😂

  19. Paula Zemeckis

    What a great role model for young women. no major procedures on her face, beautiful, full of grace and is definately not a disappointment.

  20. Carter's mom

    I love her!