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  1. AJ Bard of Darkess

    «It appears that in my haste to report to the bridge, I neglected to put on my uniform…» And that, my friends, is what a flustered Vulcan looks like. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard.


    Commander Riker, and Captain Kirk could’ve been road dogs together if they were born in the same century.

  3. The Star Treker

    Looks like Star Trek: Discovery is going to be one step farther, it’s going pass beyond Star Trek’s traditional boundaries by being rated TV-MA than the previous Star Trek shows which are mostly rated TV-PG and rated TV-14. A little bit darker, and a bit more mature in it’s content. I can’t wait. Lol

  4. Tunner

    That Janeway stuck in jefferies tube LOL

  5. Mark VanElls

    Question: What were the episode clips from Deep Space 9, Voyager, and The Next Generation that you got those from to make this video?

  6. Howyaduing

    Wow even Odo was getting lucky

  7. JOHN B

    Excellent 10 stars.

  8. Stan Otter

    Harry gives it to janeway. Lol

  9. Mike Brown


  10. UnbekannteSoldatin

    Diese Musik xD HAHAHAHA.. Lachflasch pur xD

  11. 2degucitas

    So,how many couplings produced offspring?

  12. Zaori

    Where is the scene at 0:29 from?

  13. Stan Otter

    Space chicks are hot.

  14. livioros

    Mr.President -> Love, Sex & Sunshine *0*

  15. Eric Dietz

    Myeah, all kinds of appendages getting in on see. Myeah!

  16. Shisuka Music

    Omg xDD

  17. Parker Weatly

    Janeway is hot.

  18. Chris Clarke

    What episodes are these?

  19. Ladonna Williams

    I miss this show here Star trek