‘Reign’ Star Torrance Coombs: ‘It’s Weird Trying To Have Sex With Somebody and Not Thrust’

An an added bonus, Rosenberg talks to Coombs about the series' scintillating sex scenes and what doesn't make the final cut:

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  1. Mikasa Ackerman

    How the hell does a 31 year old man play a 19 year old boy? I will never understand how he can look so freaking young

    1. Assasin1

      Steam Punk I’m 32 and people say I only look 19.

    2. Steam Punk

      +Charlie Winchester he doesn’t look 19 at all, he looks his age and it’s sexy. 19 year old boys are meh.

    3. Toon Link

      Steam Punk i mean he looks more like in his early-to mid-20’s to me, which is so freaking hot. 😢

  2. XxooxxX XxxooxxX

    He does a very believable English accent. I can’t believe it’s not real.

    1. Sidra Arshad

      I know! I thought he was British

    2. Shwing Shao

      Are you English?

  3. Shelby Anne Ladnier

    Torrance, you can make anything look sexy. #TeamBash  

  4. Mari_Cela

    I wasn’t ready for his… accent.

    1. Aria's World


    2. Lets just fight

      I wasnt ready for him to talk about toe curling and sucking…

  5. Rosario Barreras

    He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, really!

    1. Lethal Princess

      I thought they were hazel 😂😂 I’m dumb nvm lol

    2. Bhashwati Das

      They shine 🔥🔥🔥

    3. CoSmic Muse

      Him and Asa Butterfield.

    4. Stella Sheke

      Rosario Barreras I know right. I can’t stop staring at his eyes

    5. Jada Alston

      Aren’t they green?

  6. Lynise Maxwell

    1:50 so awkward, I could not stop laughing! Almost died of hysteria.

  7. Lavern Merriweather

    Awww that was such a moving scene when their father died and he came to see Francis then knelt in front of him but Francis grabbed him and hugged him.

  8. Diana

    He gives great interviews. Loved him in The Tudor’s. He definitely got down with some serious «thrusts» in that series. lol Loved him in Reign as well. Really talented and handsome actor.

  9. Janelle Christie-Maycock

    He keeps it real. I love watching his interviews.

  10. anna

    he’s very handsome, his eyes are stunning. i love his voice.

  11. Vadetta Witherspoon

    Toby was wonderful in the movie as his leading lady was also took me three day to watch the whole thing really enjoyed it

  12. Vin DiGregorio

    Rewatching The Originals now and remembered him from The Tudors. I literally came to this interview to see if he has an English or Irish accent IRL, AND it turns out that he sounds like an average Canadian or American guy.. I give him a hell of a lot of credit for his spot on accents as an actor. 🎬

  13. Gérann Gerber Channel

    Sebastian was my favourite character in ‘Reign’.

  14. Swiftie xo

    He’s played an Irish man in the originals, a British man in reign and in real life he’s American, I cannot comprehend this 😂

    1. Annabxxo Xoxo

      He’s Canadian

    2. Sushi Pizza

      Straight Outta Rosewood in reign he’s french

  15. Dosta Girl

    And this is why it wasn’t until my best friend sneaked us one of her dad’s adult tapes (yes, this was back in vcr days) that I knew people actually moved during sex. LoL

  16. Malec_trash 1601

    Doesn’t Torrance look like Colin o’donoghue from once upon a time? Both extremely attractive and do good British accents😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Gabriela Tomková

      I though when he spoke he sounded just like Hook 😀

    2. Caitlin

      You thought the same thing as me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Natasha Romanoff

      Malec_trash 1601 yes!

  17. Alicia Coburg

    His voice threw me off. I’ve only ever seen him in Reign and the Tudors and he’s been British in both.

    1. Aria's World

      …and so many other movies he’s done…

    2. Annalese

      Erin Mackenzie HE WAS IN HAVEN?! What season and episode?

    3. Erin Mackenzie

      He had a southern accent in an episode of Haven lol

    4. Sara Malal Rowe

      Fatima Um how? Is being Canadian/American a bad thing?

    5. Annalese

      And on The Originals, he’s Irish.

  18. Elizabeth F.

    Oh God, he’s just about the sexiest guy I’ve EVER seen. Wow. Just wow.

  19. Cait Hall

    Watched the whole first season and watching the second. CANT WAIT FOR THE SEASON 2 FINALE!!! Love-hate relationship with all the characters. Bash is my fav! Totally on Mary’s side on everything, even towards the end of Season 2

  20. Abi Jayne

    I’ve just reached the wedding day of mary and francis and I actually can’t bring myself to watch anymore, not even a little more.

    1. Emery

      It’s historical fiction. Mary Stuart married Francis. They can’t change that because that’s what happened. They can toy with the details and make up romances but they have to keep the broad strokes. Everyone should have known it would go this way, because they married in history and Francis died shortly after.

    2. Pharrell Promise

      You absolutely have too the show gets so interesting and every character is amazing please watch more reign

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