Sex/Life Star Sarah Shahi on Season 2 and if She’s Team Cooper or Team Brad (Exclusive)

ET video chats with Sarah Shahi about her steamy new series, ‘Sex/Life,’ now streaming on Netflix. The actress shares what drew her to the role, and explains how she connects to her character Billie. Plus, Sarah breaks down the Hollywood (not so) magic behind the show’s sexiest scenes and discusses falling in love with one of her leading men, Adam Demos — who plays Brad — while filming. Sarah then reveals if she’s Team Brad or Team Cooper (Mike Vogel) and offers her take on a possible second season.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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  1. K Espo

    I used to teach pregnancy options courses to teens and adults at high risk for an unplanned pregnancy, and one of the sections I taught was grieving who you were before children. Billy is 100% grieving her former self rather than questioning her relationships with the two men in her life.

    1. Lovar Stewart

      @adrienneclark62511 But did u leave ur ex boyfriends number in ur cell phone? That’s the difference. She didn’t delete Brad’s number and she didn’t block him. Thus. Leaving a back door open for him. So she never really committed her life to her husband & kids. And sure as heck, Brad texted & called her. If any male or female leave a back door open for an old flame. U will hear from them again. AND it also signifies that u wanted to hear from them. Don’t have to be a PhD psychologist to know that.

    2. Lovar Stewart

      @K Espo She grieving a situation she put herself in. The series never showed Coooer forcing her to marry him. Billie is grieving not being able to live her glory yrs in present day. 😪 and she wants to stay married to Cooper. Thus being able to merge the past with the present and have it all. She should be grieving for the rest of her life then. They don’t have a pill for that yet.😂 But I hope that we ALL agree that this is a fantasy series. So maybe she will get a cute rich, powerful music producer to marry her and come home to her & the kids every night and lay pipe just with her. Pure Fantasy. Jay Z even cheated on Beyoncé. Rich powerful music producers only stick with one lady only in fantasy movies.

    3. Lovar Stewart

      @adrienneclark62511 Absolutely nothing wrong with missing the good old days. The problem with Billie is that she longs to be with a guy that gave her good times but ALSO broke her to the core so much that Sasha had to hold her together each time. To cheat on her husband for that is truly a broken woman. But I wonder who broke her?🤔 Oh, Brad did.

    4. Lovar Stewart

      @Gee I miss that too. But I wouldn’t go back to a person that gave me great sex but mistreated me numerous times and kept me crying and my friend had to pull me up to save me.

    5. K Espo

      @Lovar Stewart I’m not saying she is a victim. I said she is grieving, and grief can cause people to do things they wouldn’t normally do regardless of their intelligence level.

  2. Kelly Cyr

    I had a boyfriend like Brad in my life, he broke my heart over and over. We never lasted, but I thought about him for years after we broke up. I am so much happier with my husband now who cuddles me every night and loves me passionately, he’s my rock and I made the right choice.

    1. michel

      hello, vous m’avez redonné foi en l’amour🤣 je commençais à me dire que je n’ai rien compris 😮🙂 bon dimanche

    2. ASH

      good choice

    3. Lovar Stewart

      CORRECT. And people tend to want to leave out the fact that Brad was also verbally abusive. Absolutely NO REASON to change when Billie LITERALLY runs back to him and says «just F me.» There’s no risk for him when she’s giving it up for FREE with no strings attached. Some say it’s a women’s liberation series. But it’s actually liberating for Brad.

    4. Dr. Kev

      It’s me Kelly, stop lying you miss me. Come out, I’m here.

    5. Kiana

      you did the right choice love. ❤️ otherwise you would have set yourself to be hurt over and over again but you valued yourself and found the love that you deserve.

  3. Mailey Casimir

    I felt like I wasted some good hours of my life with that ending.

    1. Corona D. Zoro


    2. Lovar Stewart

      @ASH it’s a porn movie series about a psychologist woman getting that’s oppressed by her husband & society from getting ALL the pipe she wants from her ex who isn’t really her ex bcuz she NEVER let him go. I’m not opposed to porn. They have a lot of silly plots to toy around with. No big deal tho. Its not supposed to be real.🤫🤷‍♂️😅

    3. ASH

      this show was about grounded , problems of women ?
      i thought this was about problems of copper

    4. Jake Dupree


    5. Jake Dupree

      @Sandee Will Ignored are you kidding me.I mean hell he was trying. If anything she was ignoring him. She was very selfish. Anyway this series just pissed me off.

  4. F G

    I LOVED this show!!! I have never wanted to re-watch an entire series immediately after finishing it and not just because of the sex scenes. Loved the questions it raised and freaking gorgeous cast. Love love love

  5. Henry Hubbard

    Ok I’m a guy who watched all 8 episodes. It was a really good series that me and my wife definitely had to watch together with the kids asleep due to how graphic the whole series was. I think this series is relatable to what we all go through even as Men and especially Women as we settle down get married have children and pursue career goals or dreams. This series even woke me up that me and my wife haven’t showed that level of excitement in a while with me constantly working I’m tired and she taking care of the the kids and pursuing her career and being even more exhausted. It’s kinda crazy how these type of things will creep up on a marriage if a couple is not careful. In episode 8, I was really glad that they were working on their marriage like so many of us have to do from time to time, but I think the series lost me in episode 8 last 5 minutes when she acted like a female dog in heat, the collar broke and gate was left open larger than the state of Texas and she was gone for that 15% BDE. Then she goes to Brad’s says she is not leaving her husband and now F ME!!! That is where the respect for the series was lost for me when she would throw her family down the drain in the last 5 minutes for the BD guy vs sticking out for her family. What are the going to do have a open marriage where she F with Brad, gets pregnant, then he turns into a deadbeat dad, says that kid isn’t his push her away again and Cooper will be raising someone else child while his wife runs to the city every night like some crazy woman looking for that 15%. I think the 85% completely out ways 15% with BDE. I will say this if your man or your woman is bad in the bed then work on it together vs some stupid 15% guy or gal who is never going to be ready for the commitment.

    1. Debjyoti Mustafi

      Look I agree with everything you wrote but Brad kinda was ready for commitment. I’d have not lost my respect for the show if at least Billie left her husband and owned her story honestly and confessed she was all about the BDE compared to her using two men, one for sex and another for the emotional/financial stability. Not to mention she completely contradicted her monogamy theory. There N number of things that’s wrong with this series and I hope it doesn’t encourage people to marry for stability and sneak out the door for sex.

    2. Alena Rozga💋

      I think in season 2 it will end with her beng single and choosing none lol
      She seems really selfish tbh and I agreed I the ending was so cheap and lazy and disappointing entirely.
      I wld of personally ended it when Trina tells Billie in the school function of how her husband devon said no more involving others and then she tells Billie «I hope it’s enough» And then it fades to billies face of wondering , that’s when the screen shld of gone black and the credits rolled. They CLD of kept the same concept of the opening of Brad in her life again but something tht wld make some sense rather than throw in lazily a poly hint

  6. azi

    i literally watched this in one sitting until 4am even though i know damn well that i have an exam at 7am. im so in love with sarah shahi, her portrayal of billie was amazing and heartbreaking

    1. Lovar Stewart

      @CRINGEVID007 we all would like to be in our 20’s again, but with the wisdom we have now. It’s heart breaking that she won’t GROW UP. U can’t actually have the past back. That’s life. OK to think about it. Demanding an ex to ‘F’ u won’t bring ur 20’s back. It only breaks ur husband’s heart.

    2. Lovar Stewart

      Spot on. She had some great wild sex and she thought about her ex but she was choosing Cooper. And just at the end when we thought she was empowered, she 🏃‍♀️ back to Brad and says ‘F’ me. Shocked us all.

    3. azi


    4. CRINGEVID007

      how is she heartbreaking. she is just a women who wants to be 20 again.

    5. Neeka Bubbles

      Absolute same!

  7. Lily Maria

    Binged it in one sitting, it’s a game changing show. I’m obsessed.

    1. Lovar Stewart

      @David Pearsall I thought they filed in around June of 2020. At least what I read. I know not everything we read is true. But I know a divorce takes a least a yr. And their divorce was final just before the series aired on the 25th of June. Overall, they did start filming Sex/Life a yr ago too. So there does seem to be some kinda cross section with her reading first script with Adam which was around January of 2020. And doing rehearsals 3 months later. And then actual acting sessions. She said they fell in love during filming. Which is within the time she & her real life husband filed irreconcilable differences. And Sarah said when she first saw Adam she thought «now that’s a tall drink of water.» Steve Howey (her ex) is also a tall blond guy. So we know she likes them tall & blond. Further, to listen to Sarah’s interviews u can tell it was lust/love at first sight. She called him her «soul mate» very early on in their relationship and said that they’ve known each other for a thousand life times and will be together for eternity. I thought wow! That’s real deep real fast. So let’s stay tuned to see if this is a rebound crash & burn or what.

    2. Lovar Stewart

      @2016imhere I can agree with u on the morality of the fantasy series. But I watch the whole thing bcuz I thought she was improving. The ending was a set back for her and a total buzz kill. And I felt like I watch the whole series for this.

    3. Lovar Stewart

      Great creative Sex/Life drama series. But the ending was a buzz kill unless ur one of the people that’s pro Brad.

    4. Brutus Tan the III

      Yeah you said it, perfect reason why we straight eligible modern men don’t trust our dating pool here in the West. Prevailing attitudes condoned by our society to the destruction of families and men still naive enough to trust any of the opposite sex with this kind of past

  8. Mahel Geolamin

    I love this Netflix series..can’t wait for the next season.

  9. timeisgoingby

    Her husband was willing to stop fighting so she could be free. Her ex was willing to give her what she wanted. Instead she chose to be deceitful and hurt someone all in the name of her happiness and hers only.

    1. nessa

      @Jake Dupree we know both relationships are toxic, but her husband is bland af for her and it’s her fault for getting w him bc they are NOT a good match. It won’t work out either way I don’t think. Her husband was super corny and I just don’t think she can live a whole life acting a way she isn’t. I don’t really care though lol

    2. Gunawan Julianto

      @Brian yess. The ending it’s so sad for her husband and their morality in her heart for her marriage life.

    3. Gunawan Julianto

      @Lovar Stewart the real problem is Billie. If every women has perspective like a billie, the person whos already married, but never enough what she got in her life it’s real dangerous for husband, their child’s. She broke her promise to her husband. Always do cheating. Bad wife n bad parenting

    4. Gunawan Julianto

      @nessa but her husband try do the best in the bed for her till he try like a other man bcoz want to attracting his wife.. he trying But she is not appreciate it with her fantasy till always cheat with her ex bcoz sex. In marriage life if every ppl has perspective like that it’s really bad. Life is not only sex, even when u choosed to marry with someone the commitment is first important.. she is real destroying her husband

    5. Jake Dupree

      @nessa I starting to think you don’t even get the series

  10. B Lin

    Really like the performance of all these characters. For example the four people dinner, I am really amazed by their acting skills, so real and so believable.

  11. Jim Cadena

    Finally, a woman character who is truly to herself and lives authentically.

    1. Jamaal Dudley

      Are you desperate or a broken personality behind those cheap shades lol?

    2. Lauretta Eck

      Thank you !!!

    3. Gee

      At the expense of others lol

  12. StarWish890

    Love this show just finished watching it. Hopefully there’s a season 2. I can relate to this so much.

    1. Johnny Sins

      @Kelup the Gnome like i havent read it 😂🤣 dude she will manipulate her husband again by using journal 😂
      This is what’s going to happen in s2

    2. Kelup the Gnome

      @Johnny Sins the show and the book it was based on are different. There is no cheating I. The book, not even an attempt. Hell not all the fantasy was real some was made up just to help spice up yheir love life.

    3. The Legacy of Gaming

      You can relate??? 😂 Fellas, do NOT get married, seriously! Just pump and dump.

    4. Johnny Sins

      @ENVI its her biography duh 😂

    5. ENVI

      How exactly do you relate?

  13. JN

    The thing is … even if she left her husband for Brad. Brad will eventually get tired of raising someone else’s kidd. Not everything in a relationship is about sex. I was so annoyed with how the series ended.

    1. Lovar Stewart

      @Kelup the Gnome Yeah, some woman I was talking to on Instagram hated Mike Vogel. She said he was a p**sy for not promoting season 2 of sex/life. She also hated Cooper coincidentally🤔 She said she watched the series 20 times. She was trying to prove to me how much more that she knew about the show and the issues than I did. I told her I have a life and didn’t have that kinda time. Although I knew she was more than likely lying to make her points. Another woman told me she watched it 3 x and another woman said she watched it 6 ×. They were likely telling the truth. But what they had in common was that they were all camp Brad.🤔 if I talked logic or gave any hint of it they’d call me a sexist or worse. I finally quit talking to all of them bcuz they clearly were living their lives through the series. SAD. When I finished the series it bothered me that the lead character looked familiar and I couldn’t place her face. So I looked up the cast and found out her name was Sarah Shashi and her real Persian name was Aahoo and her last name was short for her real Persian name too… which I can’t remember how to spell. And that’s fine bcuz actors Changing their name is common. So in that process I found out that she was on «Person of interest.» I’d watched part of an episode once and thought it was pretty good along with thinking Sarah Shashi was Gorgeous (tho I didn’t know her name at the time). I never watched another episode bcuz it had already been on for about 3 or 4 yrs and I’d missed alot. That was 7-8 yrs ago. Anyway, just checking Sarah’s background out linked me to Instagram & YouTube conversations about the series. I don’t have Facebook & all the other social media and I’m sure I’d be linked to those also. So I was blown away to find out that the series struck a nerve with so many people & they were so passionate about it as if it were real. That only engaged me more bcuz I like to delve into deep topics. My field is logistics but I studied psychology in college 40 yrs ago. And I continue to study philosophy, anthropology and a whole range of others just to keep the brain 🧠 growing.

    2. Kelup the Gnome

      @Lovar Stewart yeah it was 67 million based on their 2 minute review. Basically you watch the first 2 minutes you watched the whole thing. They started it when their original programming started to fall behind non original programming. Now make no mistake, I’m not saying netflix shouldn’t have renewed it, or people are wrong for liking it. Netflix is a private company and should be free to produce what ever they want. Likewise people should enjoy what they want, what ever floats their boat. Not trying to come off as hateful or anything, but I neither have the time, energy, or desire to convince people their oprions are wrong. If someone agrees with me cool, if not oh well maybe next. That’s why I try to make it clear that I’m not trying to come off as hateful, offensive, mean spirited ect, I’m not hear to change hearts and mind. Lord know I’m no arbiter of right and wrong, that being said though fantasy or not doesn’t matter. Like I said if this show was reversed there would have been a mad dash to have it canceled and everyone involved shamed for taking part in it, if nor fired, by the blue check marks of Twitter and such.

      I’ll be the first to admit there’s plenty of what could be called fantasy elements in this show. I was just joking about Cooper being am banker with morals being unrealistic. I was going to go with Billie having a deus ex machnia phone plan. As minor as that was it was really annoying, I mean thats a writing 101 don’t. I honestly do try to keep my criticism of this show to the elements of character and storytelling, but I admit I can go off on a tangent. Part of that is because I’m tired of all this, for lack of a better phrase, force division. In an interview Mike Vogel said that if half the people loved it and half hated it then they did their job. That only makes sense if your goal was to divide people. It was just as dumb when Rian Johnson said it about the last jedi.

      I was referenced an article from a sexologist (I swear that’s a made up title) that though I didn’t agree completely with I found interesting none the less, Google shape sexologist sexlife if your interested. That how it was recommended.

    3. Lovar Stewart

      @Kelup the Gnome Once again, u r correct in ur analysis. But we both have to keep in mind at all times that this is a Stacy Rukeyser FANTASY show even tho it deals with a few real life issues. It’s about ratings. Both Stacy Rukeyser & Netflix has said that it’s the 3rd most watched Netflix series. I think back in June it hit 67 million. Stacy dreamed up a man that encompasses a wide range of women FANTASIES. Brad is a Tall blond male with an Australian accent. Rich & powerful, famous music producer. Has a penthouse with a pool that overlooks NYC. He sings & plays guitar. He’s good looking & has a big ‘D’ and knows how to use it. Oh and he’s a «bad boy» who rides a motorcycle. AND gets a tattoo to show his ❤ for his woman. And to ur point she has a FANTASY banker hot husband that cares about humanity. Both men R fighting for her ❤. Woman (Billie) gets to fix bad boy. Then 🏃‍♀️ back to him to get all the pipe she desires. This out does 50 Shades of Grey in the FANTASY department. As for her having a degree in Psychology & studying to get her PhD; Billie suffers from «my side bias» and or «confirmation bias.» So she overlooks that Brad was verbally ABUSIVE. Her Psychologist friend (Sasha) also told her that, but didn’t use the medical term. The real psychologist (B.B. EASTON which whom this FANTASY show is based on) stayed with her husband. B.B. EASTON also supports Sex/Life bcuz it’s a FANTASY series. It also helps sell B.B’s other books.🤫

    4. Kelup the Gnome

      @Lovar Stewart seeing as netflix doesn’t reveal their metrics or criteria for cancelation/renewal we’ll never know why she got a season 2. I’m willing to bet audience scores weren’t considered. I check the review sites about a month after the show released and it wasn’t pretty. There’s also a lot of people unwilling to admit their only fine with this show because it’s a woman cheating, flip this around and those same people would lose their minds over it. People also seem to forget Billie doesn’t want Cooper fantasizing or touching other people, but dose it herself.

      I thought the show had potential and it still could, but only if they bring their A game and step it up 500%. Show that delve into this subject matter are needed, but not if it’s only shown from one perspective. These issues effect both men and women, and let’s be honest mem are still shamed for getting cheated on. He wasn’t man enough to please her, they were definitely trying to drive the point home that Cooper wasn’t able to please her. I mean it could be the fact she was never honest with him about her sexual needs. I saw a review of this show by a sex therapist and even she said «It’s easy to teach someone to be a better lover, than a better person.»

      I can break down this show and characters and willing to do so if you want to discuss it, I won’t lie I enjoy talking about things like this. Characters actions and how they reflect life and so on.

      There are somethings beyond belief in this show. I mean an investment banker with morals, do they really expect people to believe that?

    5. Lovar Stewart

      @Kelup the Gnome Yes, I’ve seen a few voyeuristic comments myself. I think this show hit home for a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. Interesting to see and hear everyone’s take. More importantly I’ve seen some women say they like it and some that hated it. even tho the show is a FANTASY series, it’s brought out a lot of real life opinions. That’s the Interesting part. I’m old enough to have seen plenty the «girl leaves fiancé or husband for bad boy.» From the movie » affair to remember», to «General Hospital» Laura leaves Scotty Luke, to «Titanic», and so on. In all those shows the girl chose the badboy be he was good to the girl from the start. Stacy Rukeyser is telling the story from a woman’s point of view. So the woman (Billie) chose the bad boy (Brad) bcuz she was coerced by society & her husband (Cooper) to marry a Cooper type. So I guess that’s the women’s empowering part.🤔 And women in the Brad camp have told me «it’s about owning her own sexuality too.»🤔 That falls under the seeing what they want to see. Known as conscious bias in the psychology field (since Billie has a degree in psychology & studying for her PhD. She breaks all psychological axioms. She makes dicessions based on feelings, emotions & libido. If she didn’t have a degree in psychology, I’d be more easy on this fictional character. I think Stacy Rukeyser wanted to make statements & piss off people at the same time. And it worked. She got season 2.

  14. Alexus Silva

    For her to say at the end she wants it ALL and not leave cooper but run to brad just for some steamy sex is just unreal if your in a relationship unsatisfied in any way leave the person so they have that same opportunity to find someone who will appreciate them. She kept saying that the sex with cooper was horrible but if it was so bad why did she stay with him for 8 years!!! Brad broke her into a million pieces and boned her BESTFRIEND in front of her. It’s stupid how cooper is looked at as a cheater for what he did with trina but Billie cheated the moment she watched sasha and brad she completely got off on it. It’s the same thing in my eyes. Billies desires are pure LUST but she should suffer the consequences of being alone because brad will continue the cycle of breaking her heart. Its so messed up because brad is probably going to go along with her cheating when cooper asked him to step up and take care of her and the kids and he was like no she loves you when he knew inside he wanted to be with Billie. Bille and Brad are selfish. Billie cant say that cooper didnt try because he did. She wrote the journal everyone is allowed to have fantasies but the moment she seen brad she knew in her mind and heart she wanted him which goes further than fantasy she needs to be HONEST with herself and pick brad. Coop take the kids and leave.

  15. Sharon B

    My heart breaks for her husband. He’s basically a single dad on the last episode. I don’t want him to mess around with Francesca though, there’s something about her I don’t trust.

    1. Kelup the Gnome

      @Colton Streeter still if they’re willing mess around with you while your married, they prone to mess around on you.

    2. Colton Streeter

      @Kelup the Gnome married man who’s life is being destroyed by his wife.

    3. Kelup the Gnome

      Really why? I’m asking seriously, I know why I wouldn’t trust her so what are your thoughts?

    4. Kelup the Gnome

      @The One and Only thats her job so I won’t hold that against her. But the fact she’s willing to make a move on a married man is why I wouldn’t be keen on.

    5. The One and Only

      I agree.. there’s something about her.. she ratted him out to HR.

  16. Jadalynn lim

    I love coop, he’s such a loving person. He cares for his wife, kids and he’s an amazing man that anyone could ever ask for. Brad on the other hand that’s her toxic hand in love, they’re toxic but their intimacy level and the way they love is through the roof and different. I feel like if Billie really wanted to be with brad she should’ve left her husband from the start because they made it seem like cheating is okay and it’s not. I think Billie was really confused but that doesn’t give her the right to go back and forth with these two men. Billie should’ve just taken a break from the both of them if she was so confused or left her husband. Anyway I forgot to add that coop should’ve not went through bullies journals because that’s privacy. I just think everyone is all wrong so there is no person to blame

    1. random guy

      Thank God he went through the journey if he hasn’t then he would have never known the truth about his wifes lies which makes it easier for her to go blind with her inner desires to become a selfish and bad person… She had got enough reasons to avoid brad since her husband know about brad….
      Bt the typical and sexual bilie couldn’t stop herself from the slutt she is…
      Marriage and kids material is not for her…
      Wish second season have Cooper a happy ending with francesca…

  17. Lisa E

    I finished watching this show and I thought Bridgerton was a steamy show and boy was I wrong. This show didn’t leave anything to the imagination. Lol

    1. Jim Cadena

      Truly brilliant!

    2. Xx xX

      @Zainab — if I thought a show was pathetic I wouldn’t be on YouTube watching more videos about it.. just sayin

    3. Sandee Will

      Loved it… team Brad! Season 2!!!👍

    4. Zainab

      The show is pathetic! Once you come off that softcore porn, you realize that the storyline is pathetically shitty.

    5. CheerfullyCynical

      When you get past all the softcore porn scenes and get right down to it, you see that this show is a pathetically-veiled, bullshit justification of OPEN marriages/relationships, told from a rich liberal white feminist perspective. That’s all it sadly is. 🙄🙄

  18. Laura Baker

    I really really hope there’s a season 2 as well. I love it…and it’s not all about the sex. There’s a lot of emotions and great back story to the characters as well. Like with Brad and his family (and he was amazing in the emotional scenes!!). Fingers crossed for more 🤞🏼

    1. Laura Baker

      @Manju Nath umm ya..all my faculties are 👌🏼…thanks for asking

    2. Manju Nath

      Are you nuts… Don’t you have any brain or what

  19. Amanda Colon

    Man I hope, the show continues, I’m so hooked on it, i love all the different angles of this story.

  20. Neeka Bubbles

    Upsetting doesn’t mean bad. I watched knowing the ending because so many people talked about it on podcasts I listen to.

    However, knowing the result from the jump and still being totally addicted til they pull the trigger at the ending was a master class in binge worthy excellent TV.

    Plus, real people make stupid decisions. That’s more real than any other ending I could have hoped for at the end of the season.