‘The Bronze’ Star Melissa Rauch on Crazy Sex Scene: ‘I’ve Been Training For That My Whole Life’

The cast stopped by TheWrap Interview Studio at the Sundance Indiegogo Lounge to talk about the film’s origin, the raunchy script and the film’s wild, gymnastic sex scene

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  1. Lee

    «my husband and I»

    There goes my day dreams. SKIP!

  2. Marie Leclerc

    WHAT ?! So that wasn’t Seb’s butt ??

    1. Devina. Dra

      Marie Leclerc I think it was… just not all the Time 😂

  3. Big Member

    someone tell me if the dvd has the extended sex scene or not

  4. john banks

    It’s a complete cop-out to not commit completely to the role and to do whatever «love scene» that she and her husband wrote into the film, I’m glad she’s not pretending its her, but to do it with the intention of having someone else do it. It takes you out of the film knowing oh now we see an interlude where other people are playing the parts..we’ll come back to  your regular viewing after this brief pause…but to sit there and say..»if we’re going to go for it we have to go all the way», how did they go for it if they have other people playing their parts in one or more scenes in the film?…»go all out» she also said, well apparently going all out means going part way there then doing something else for a bit

    1. [EDD]

      I dont even get your point.

    2. Fairy

      There was a stunt double for the sex scene because there was literally gymnastics tumbling going on in it, and Melissa does not actually do gymnastics. Calm down.

    3. john banks

      @Peter Aden completely different situation and by that i mean in most films the writer is not the lead star or star they are the hired draw..and sometimes the stunts need to be done by professionals in stumts teained specifically to handle that type if thing but in a lesser non death defying situation yes it is a cop out. There have been plenty of cases with actors and actresses who have been stopped from doing stunts because of insurance or liability worries..none of my examples apply to this scenario

    4. Peter Aden

      +John Banks Is it also a cop-out to use stunt doubles??

    5. john banks

      +j It’s not that i say it’s terrible, or a terrible thing..like i said..just a cop out..they specifically wrote that scene that way..and as you said..he gave that scene a go..and she wouldnt?..cop out

  5. Angel of Rock

    Is this film out already as I’m seeing 2016 release, somebody respond ASAP thank you

    1. Angel of Rock

      @PC Master Race I know…

    2. Ralph Wiggum

      Crazy Sonic it’s out now 🙂

    3. Angel of Rock

      +Riley Brown Any luck?

    4. Angel of Rock

      @***** Damn it

    5. Help me get 500 subs with no video

      @Angel of Rock go to pahe

  6. Efosa Igbinovia

    Jeff Schneider?!! Holy crap

  7. Chillingcomfy


  8. JayZtunning

    Ithought Bernadette voice was her actual voice lol

  9. Sonny Santana

    movie was intensely funny and kinda sad because of the truism in the story people hit a high and never ready for the fall