Police: K-pop stars investigated in sex scandals

Police say several K-pop stars are being questioned and investigated for a wide range of sex scandals.#CNN #News

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  1. Chang Gao

    This not a K-POP issue. This also related to police correction, and sex crimes.

    1. Sarah Lynne

      Uh, yes it is. Kpop stars are involved and they said that they raped idol trainee.

    2. b0xed._ juic3


    3. Lenita A

      *police corruption

    4. ilove2929

      Why ppl still support industry that treat their talents like cattle or circus animals…so sorry but they do, and the contract seems to be above the human rights

    5. thunderdrake13

      Is it not. The kpop industries are at the root of it. Theres a reason why the corporations JYP, SM, and YG are known as the big 3. They bring in a lot of money to the South Korean Industry and because of that they are able to get away from the laws, influence the government, and law enforcement

  2. Dream_Candy

    I’m not surprised. There have been many rumors and stories floating around for years about sex abuse in the K-pop industry. It was only a matter of time before the cover got blown. This is not just a problem with K-pop but with Korea in general.

    1. MInd Remote

      Kpop idols are also some of the most abused entertainment workers in the world. Doesn’t surprise me that some become abusers themselves

    2. Dream_Candy

      Michael Sanchez Yeah but in this video we are talking primarily about Korea.

    3. DrBeeSpeaks

      you need to hajimaaa Yep for some reason I am not surprised.

  3. Yoonbread

    Thank you CNN for reporting facts and not spreading sensationalism.

  4. Delilah .D

    I never thought that one day, the American news would talk about Kpop industry.
    God…..This scandal
    This is really tragic

    1. Jennifer M. Sango

      @Manta Mocha k»

    2. Sehun’s Nipples

      Dalila Djabula lol whoops. I think ive read it wrong

    3. Sehun’s Nipples

      Peachybaek its turning out that seungri is actually innocent. But we cant be sure yet. They are still investigating some areas.

    4. Jai

      @Sehun’s Nipples omg thank you so much? I hate him for what he did but at one point I did look up to him as one of my idols but now I can’t even look at him the same way anymore.

    5. Delilah .D

      @Sehun’s Nipples i’m not being sarcastic at all. I’m serious

  5. koko

    Why is it a shock? The American and British entertainment industries/celebrities/politicians do the same……That’s what happens when people get corrupted by their wealth and power……

    1. 152 Uaha

      koko kaa because K pop idols are doing their business with their good impression of cleanness

  6. catalinacurio

    You gotta stop giving these people in the entertainment business a false sense of ego that means they think they are untouchable.

    1. catalinacurio

      @C H W Agree.

    2. Matt E.

      Starfire10982 it’s so gross to think that they have power omg. People hate kpop and he just made it worse for sure…

    3. Starfire10982

      Matthew E. it’s not the entire idol industry. It’s those who are at the top of the idol industry, especially plenty of the men in power.

    4. Matt E.

      Aka the entire idol industry

  7. Brandyiyi

    I don’t know why some of the comments are attacking k pop in general, saying that this is a “k pop issue” when it’s not. Yes they were part of the k pop Industry, but not everybody in the industry does things like this or is a bad person. It’s there jobs and their companies make there image it’s their choice to keep their image or not. Idols could have the perfect image but could be a horrible person , you have to understand these “idols” are human beings too. So you shouldn’t assume that everybody thinks and does the same things in the industry.

  8. Sheak Mustapha

    Something definitely is wrong with the entertainment industry worldwide. This is my personal opinion: too much sexual contents in the movies and the songs. These artistes are human beings after all. Another thing I noticed is that these artistes get too much adulation from fans and it reaches a point where they feel that they can intimidate fans.
    In my country we use the term
    «Sweet talk «. I ‘m so sorry for the victims. Let these incidents be an eye opener for future potential victims.

    1. thunderdrake13

      @Aquaria Austin Dont be fooled. the kpop industries are just as bad as any other organization out there. Top execs in the industry are reported to have run a prostitution ring. Theres a reason why the corporations JYP, SM, and YG are known as the big 3. They bring in a lot of money to the South Korean Industry and because of that they are able to get away from the law and influence governments and law enforcements there

    2. Aquaria Austin

      KPop is one of the less-sexual music forms out there, for the boy bands, anyway. They are so carefully packaged as wholesome that their fans can become unhinged over an idol GETTING MARRIED, for pity’s sake (Sungmin of Super Junior).

      Girl groups are more likely to be sexual than boy bands, but it’s not as common as you’d think, compared to Western artists.

      IOW, you moralistic fruit loop, it’s about POWER and MONEY corrupting, more than anything.

      Do fucking keep up.

  9. Lilmochi _

    I remember when this was revealed it exploded all around the world and was coming out on international Tv🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️I remember I was just watching the news in Spanish and all of a sudden they come out with this situation and things about the hidden cameras in women’s bedrooms and bathrooms🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😰it’s horrible how there are people who do this😰😰

  10. John Choi

    Man it’s funny to hear these announcers just trying really hard to pronounce their names.
    I guess Kpop has come a long way, even scandals make it to US.

    1. CypherYoongi🤧

      This is NOT a scandal, it’s a CRIME! This brought global attention bc its problem world wide in the entertainment industry. A regular “scandal” would not make it this far internationally!

    2. Edison Yang

      @atkim122 I think he did a good job.

    3. atkim122

      The male anchor absolutely butchered it; it was embarrassing. Just as Westerners mock Asians for mispronounciations, turnabout is fair play. Off topic but years ago when western journalists tried to pronounce Gangnam (Style) it was equally cringey. I mean, it’s not like the word was said countless times in the music video.

  11. Rosa Depaz

    I’m tired of this scandal and Bc of this he had to leave the group I really hate this 😭

    1. Kabachi Bot

      I feel you girl, but Bigbang is better off without him 😔

  12. Beelzemobabbity

    I can’t say I’m not biased over them, but I am disappointed. I wish things like this didn’t happen… especially to people we idolize

  13. DT Legacy

    What is going on with all these sex scandals in the world. It is really terrible and wrong, and it needs to end.

    1. DT Legacy

      We as people must find a way to stand up to this scandals and put a stop to them.

    2. Brett Cooper

      Yes. Although prostitution is illegal in Korea, they turn a blind eye to window shop brothels and cave in to prostitutes who go on protest.

  14. Fathia The unique

    this scandal is getting bigger than expected ..
    punish them for their crimes .

  15. Yen -

    Thank u for bringing up about the women safety movement too… maybe u can Talk deeper about the involvement of police chief and higher up business man in different industries as well. It is not longer just kpop issues.

  16. Ms. R's Take_

    Glad justice is getting done though.

  17. Park Jenni


  18. Marketing By Bourey

    This is not surprising for me to hear these type of things. I’m not trying to be unknowledgable, but I’m glad that I’m not part of the kpop industry.

    1. Marketing By Bourey

      Nurse Jenn no I’m good. I’d rather not be accepted by the Kpop entertainment industry.

    2. The Cabanog family

      lol as if the kpop industry sought after u

    3. Marketing By Bourey

      Fendy1 don’t worry because I’m not Korean

    4. Marketing By Bourey

      Fendy1 I would stick with American music

    5. Fendy1

      Good decision, but too bad that the world is going to miss out on your well-practiced dance moves.

  19. WTFPr0m

    The international headlines are all about K-pop stars, but this story is really about police corruption in Gangnam.

    Seungri (the high-profile K-idol implicated in the crimes) should, of course, be held responsible for his criminal behavior. But the Korean reporter who broke this story deliberately avoided bringing it to the police first, because the police infamously cover up the criminal activity of the wealthy.

    Much more to this story. I encourage anybody reading this to seek out South Korean journalism on the topic.

    1. Amanda Panda

      oh my God yes this is so big that they’re having the judge who put the president who was corrupt in jail they’re having that as the judge for this case.

      I truly love big bang I love big bang more than any other group other than to anyone but these girls and all of the people who were involved whether they were abused or they were the abusers all of these people need to be seen the women need to get the Justice they deserve and the men needs to go to jail where the hell they belong. I don’t care who you are (K-pop star or not) you don’t treat people like this and they are gonna learn that the hard way.

    2. thunderdrake13

      Yes but the kpop industries are at the root of it. Theres a reason why the corporations JYP, SM, and YG are known as the big 3. They bring in a lot of money to the South Korean Industry and because of that they are able to get away from the laws

    3. Sehun’s Nipples

      WTFPr0m yeah thats what i said on my second statement. Idk why but i had always a fishy feeling of seungri. Im not saying this because of the scandal, im saying this because the first time i saw bigbang seungri was just not right..

    4. WTFPr0m

      @Sehun’s Nipples You think Seungri paid a reporter to ruin his life?

      The Korean reporter (a woman, btw) brought it to an anti-corruption agency so the story would get national attention & it did.

    5. Sehun’s Nipples

      WTFPr0m the reporter was probably paid by seungri himself or yg. Or since he is a reporter, 100% they would say it to the world than police, to gain audience on their site.

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