Laci Green: YouTube Sex Ed Star

Laci Green, 27, a sort of millennial "Dr. Ruth," was raised Mormon and now has 1.5 million subscribers and an MTV show.

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  1. Kara I

    Yay!! She does wonderful work for arguably the most important subject for adolescents! I wish there was someone like her when I was in high school. I love you, Laci Green! 👏👏😘

  2. Serenity Novalee

    Talking about sex ed is great but this lady is insane.

    1. Serenity Novalee

      David D If she saw your comment, she’d hire a hitman

    2. thewewguy8t88

      yup i feel like sex ed is needed obviously but i feel like laci green is not the right person to be talking about it.

  3. Rayaan

    Thank you abc Cancer awareness is a really important and I’m glad your telling everyone how to spot it.

  4. next level

    god she makes most liberals and sjw Warriors look so bad. On behalf of every sjw and liberal I’m sorry that she has a platform to spew misinformation myself. As a feminist myself I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about and she takes things to a whole other level. I agree with all her ethics but I can’t swallow the way she presents herself and how she’ll be quick to call out anyone or any little thing as a «social issue» or «misogynistic» etc.

  5. nico p

    It’s just a matter of time before she is caught in some scandal/controversy and we are all enjoying the entertainment of her fall, people, patience…

  6. Jaspar CJ

    Maybe they should have read her twitter before doing this

  7. Junior525

    ABC you should do your homework and question her on some really messed up things she has said…

    1. Exxcuse me ?

      Junior525 what has she said ?

    2. Samuel Roland

      Exactly, what SPECIFICALLY do you criticize about what she says?

  8. thewewguy8t88

    for me the thing about laci green is i find it hard to take anything she says seriously

  9. holy moly

    you shouldnt use her in a thumbnail, she might send you a copyright violation

  10. Rene Valdez

    Laci Green and «star?» LOL. Keep pushing your SJW narrative ABC.

  11. Brigid Slevin

    Love her so much

  12. Rich Whiteman

    Leave it to ABC…. I’m sure CNN is upset they didn’t get the interview first!

  13. Little Miss Stamper

    You should SO do your homework ABC on who Laci Green REALLY is before you feature her in a news story like this.

  14. Mahmoud Mohammed

    Laci Green is the best 😀

  15. Rich Whiteman

    according to liberals,  no means yes!

    1. Samuel Roland

      From where do you get this DELUSION?

  16. TheTravelgnome

    shes very well known in some communities

  17. jack brown

    Thanks for helping Trump had everyone thinking you disliked him.. He might give you a job at the White House.

  18. Jack D

    «Youtubers» need to go get a real job.

  19. TheChickenRiceBowl

    Why in the world did you ever think this was a good idea?

  20. Because it's current year

    this person should not be teaching any one any thing.

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