MTV star ‘felt pressured to have sex on screen’ — BBC News

Stars of an MTV reality show felt under pressure from producers to have "lots" of sex on screen, Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told.
Ex On The Beach's Jess Impiazzi said it had felt like being "in a brothel".

Meanwhile, Carley Belomonte, who stars The Valleys, also on MTV, said she felt the production team should have made her undergo counselling after her mother had died.

Both production companies said they took duty of care seriously.
The women admitted the series had made them celebrities and led to many job opportunities.

Anna Collinson reports for Victoria Derbyshire programme.

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  1. Sumbo Chishi

    Reality shows need to change. Everyone needs money but it doesn’t meant that they can do anything. It’s the regulators and producer who are to blame for making women do this. It needs to be changed.

  2. Blazed and Confused

    Good god! Not on the set of a wholesome show such as »ex on the beach»?! I can’t believe what I’m hearing!

    1. prae.jemalle

      Well now she is BLACKLISTED!

    2. Blazed and Confused

      @Lala Yea, I feel worse for people in pornography tbh.

    3. Lala

      Blazed and Confused she’s saying the pressure producers put upon girls to hook up with random dude while they film it.

  3. Mat Broomfield

    I went on a show called «Screw in public» then they filmed me when I got drunk and screwed in public of my own volition. But somehow, I’m the victim.

  4. Seb Russell

    Blind mother. «I didn’t like what I was seeing.»

    1. Ari Chalevas


    2. elijah oye

      G Glodz no he doesn’t but don’t be IGNORANT and make stupid comments like that 🖕🏾

    3. Bea Ess

      Not everyone is blind from birth. Some lose their sight during their lifetime. It could be that she could see or maybe was going blind at the time and is now classed as blind.

    4. Kasra Torabi

      The girl’s shocked look — she sacrificed her acting career and just found out her mom was punking her.

    5. Rauha K Paulus

      I knew I would see this comment😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. history

    People need to start taking personal responsibility instead of blaming everybody else. You’re an adult and nobody can force you to do anything.

    1. Ari Chalevas

      Unless they got a gun to your head lol but that’s the only way

    2. Ari Chalevas

      And I agree with you 100%. I’m sick of some people doing this

    3. linafelina

      she did do something she left, I think that was very brave of her, these big corporate shows don’t care about the young people they attract and they have a responsibility to treat them with respect like any employer should do with their staff

    4. Kay Lavender

      II AM POTATO thank you someone talking sense

    5. sandra morales

      Unless they threat you with exposing you, firing you, hurting you or your family, your career…etc. Lol, you live in an utopia.


    It’s amazing how most celebrities don’t realise they get paid a lot of money to be exploited.

    1. Ari Chalevas

      I don’t agree no one made her she always could have said but but she didn’t she choose to do that so. Also not everyone has a problem with nudity or nude scenes either to some this is just natural or or a problem and just the human body but the ones that do well then just don’t do it then just pass on the job and let someone else do it that does not have a problem with nudity if they job requires nudity duh

    2. Camberwell86

      @🔴Warped🔴 these fannies don’t get millions, nowhere near. Ruiz Jnr just won 4 World Heavyweight Champion belts and got about five mil for it

    3. Camberwell86

      It’s like a coke dealer getting dragged out of his Range Rover and saying «wait, nobody mentioned anything about prison! (sniff)»

    4. Geth Creator

      They know fine well they are just greedy and always want more.

    5. Kev

      It’s a shame that a young person, when considering their career options, see’s being a celebrity as a career path.

  7. Scott Banks

    My mother died when I was 14, no counseling or psychologist for me, who do I get to blame? If she didn’t recognise the need herself how can she blame others who were not going through her experience for themselves 🤔

  8. Mafiito Fidaar

    «They should’ve looked after me». A company’s interest is in making profit not looking after it’s employees. The sad part is that this basic fact is not known to all

  9. JogBird

    nothing stopping her from getting a real job

    1. Lomax


      Yes there is! Lack of qualifications, poor character, sense of entitlement & a victimhood mentalitity. Whoring herself out for a quick buck probably didn’t help the CV either.

    2. Roger Out

      Absolutely everybody who is on «reality» TV is trash.. ever seen «The Apprentice»?

    3. Geth Creator

      @Prince Al Yaseen because she’s probably wanting more money

    4. Prince Al Yaseen

      Tbf it is a job she got payed well but what annoys me is that its obvious shes only complaining now that its an issue. She hadn’t said anything about it while she was there or immediately after the fact

    5. imNotGivingMyNameToAmachine

      The 1st thing that came to my mind was the same thing

  10. Lomax

    I felt pressured by my last employer to process claims and spend long hours performing data entry tasks which led to depression… Nobody cares.

    1. marymo

      Hahahaha laughing so much

    2. Lomax

      @karakol86 — I’ve never thought about data entry during sex. I feel extremely sorry for anyone that has.

    3. karakol86

      @Lomax depends if the sex is good and how much you are getting paid for data entry.

    4. Pixie Cat

      mine did the same and more and i ended up almost comitting suicide and now my mental state is so horrific i can’t even work a normal job and nobody cares either not even the doctors, won’t even offer therapy.

    5. Rebecca M

      宋蘇 unfortunately I don’t know why we can’t all just play nice

  11. Mel Lara

    Nobody twisted her arm, she knew what she signed up for.

    1. Kevin Twine

      Helen Thomas Just telling it how it is

    2. HJ T

      Kevin Twine well you seem like a delight.

    3. Kevin Twine

      Helen Thomas Either way she’s just another fame hungry slapper,it’s difficult to feel any sympathy for her

    4. HJ T

      Kevin Twine are you not basing that on what you know now though? I get what you’re saying but a lot of these people joined these shows when they were much less popular and there was less public knowledge of the outcome. If you join one today then yeah fine, but in the early 2010s?

    5. Kevin Twine

      Exactly,you have to laugh at her naivety if she didn’t though

  12. NASG

    3:45 did you really believe you got in to ex on the beach because they LIKED YOU AS A PERSON???

  13. Mars :

    She knew what type of show it was and did it for the fame tho

  14. TwT

    Hmm I find it funny how so many people are saying «that’s what you get for being famous it’s your own fault «like really because she’s famous and signed a contract it’s wrong to feel pressured to do stuff like that only because they want to make it big in tv that doesn’t make it ok for them to feel pressured it can led to traumatic memories and them feeling disgusted .

    Yall are disgusting and just jealous if it happened to you I bet you wouldn’t like it … some people .

  15. Burton L

    Cry me a river. I on the other hand have had ridiculous amount of pressure from my employers to NOT have sex at work! What’s up with that?

  16. Marian Hanson Counselling Service

    Anyone who signs up for these shows has their own reasons for doing so. Neither the show or the contestants will know how things will work out but the whole purpose of a reality tv show is for drama and entertainment. Nobody can pressure someone into having sex. Jess make her own choices so should take personal responsibility. The TV industry is ruthless and she’s also naive to think they chose her because they liked her as person. Mike T and Sophie but had a history of depression so it’s unfortunate that it led to suicide. Possibly, the show contributed to their negative feelings. Farah looks and sounds like someone who’s thirsty for attention!

  17. lojfiojo

    The girl : My mom is blind
    The mom : I didn’t like what I was seeing on TV
    Me trying not to crack a joke:😅😅😂😭

    1. Ari Chalevas


  18. AthenaCathedral

    Sometimes your integrity is more important- then fame or money bc it is your soul on the line

  19. John Lawrence

    Yes: guilty people, especially women never stop blaming others for their bad behaviour.
    We’ve seen a lot of this lately with drunk women trying to escape responsibility for their actions, campaigns to have women’s testimony believed without question, and even demanding the right to be violent towards children and other vulnerable victims.

    1. Harumi Ayame

      Im guessing either you regularly feel inadequate as a man or you feel entitled to female bodies.

  20. znxster

    There is people under pressure in everyday life, even pressure to have sex in some cases. But the fact is, they chose this show. The show is literally called «ex on the beach» and they chose to go on it. I honestly can’t understand what they thought they were aiming the show at. These shows are intended to exploit, it is their business to sensationalise. It is likely that the people who chose to go on these shows are the same people who needed psychologic support anyway.

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