Sex & Soul: About Last Night Stars Quiz Each Other

Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant and Regina Hall trade quips, beds and barbs in their new romantic comedy About Last Night, and we put the stars to the test by having them quiz each other about relationships, from what they think makes the opposite sex happy to the cheesiest line they ever used to pick somebody up! Watch the fun video…
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  1. Emulate Me, The Universe.

    OMG Micheal answered the question «what do you think makes women happy?» like a PRO! AND HE’S FINE?!…. 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Ms. T

    Kevin and Regina are AWESOME together.  Michael is YUMMY!!!

  3. lightskin boy

    Love that woman’s smile at 0:05! Regina I need you in my life!

    1. LilUizzVurt

      She’s mine

  4. Ahnia Long

    Michael’s answer was so good 😌

  5. Drake Graham

    Freeze this at 0:05 and just enjoy Gina’s smile. That’s my girl!

    1. Emulate Me, The Universe.

      How cool would it be if you were really Drake?! I am a huge fan 😊

    2. Drake Graham

      Gay men ain’t attracted to women you *ickhead. Don’t get your a** kicked son!

  6. Anthony Jackson Jr

    Hello ET, I like the answers each actor and actress gave during questioning. To me it seems Regina is being submissive to Kevin in her answers. I think there could be a possible connection between them then the roles their playing. Food for Thought.

    1. Esther Phicil

      @erthaa lmao X’D omfg u killed me @ say it with his chest X’D

  7. Dylan Sandoval

    Kevin’s white man voice is hilarious 😂😭

  8. hoodphora

    Bruh. I wanted them to get married.

  9. Mr Duetdude

    Regina + Kevin = OTP

  10. Travis Andrews

    Regina is a freak lmao 🤣 😂

  11. DimpleEyes

    DAMN!!!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!!!   Q: Michael what do you think makes women happy????  Michael’s answer was soooooooo perfect and on point!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better my self. But baaaaabbbbbyyyyyyy, when he said that……I wanted to pull his a** out of my computer and just have my way with him. 8-?

  12. Ojatal

    one of Regina Hall’s relationship deal breakers is getting another woman pregnant #awkward  

    1. Yasmaine :D

      Ojatal hows it awkward

  13. Trisha Henry

    Kevin hart is funny

  14. Ernicera Martin

    Regina so pretty 😍👑💯

  15. DBananaHanna

    When Michael Ealy licks his lips >>>>>>>>>

  16. hoodphora


    1. H V

      Or she’s pretty and has the most amazing personality

  17. LexiLoo

    He said I have a counter😭😭😭

  18. Neghie Thervil

    Why’d they make Michael lose so much weight for the movie? He looks great with a little more meat on his bones. So hot. (salivating homer simpson style)

  19. Karrington Gardner

    They would be a cute couple

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