Former Sex And The City Star Cynthia Nixon On Her Run For Governor, Bail Reform, Legalization + More

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  1. Tanya Pollar

    She has my vote. I’m done with corporate money in politics.

  2. Atypical Paul

    This is so 💯! We need more people in political positions with these ideals. 😊 I think we need a new party called the common sense party and run on issues that are focused on helping the middle to low income citizens.

    1. Don D

      Man she’s nasty Looking 😖

    2. Carl

      Jaseeka Rawr you’re relying on abstract ideals with no basis and saying socialism is superior. Capitalism is proven in its merit. Not perfect but has ushered in the largest middle class ever.

      As far as the profit motive goes, we’re donating at record levels today to funds science and art. I’ve never been into medicine and don’t know much about it, but I would say those drugs wouldn’t even be available today without the benefits of capitalism to fund the research and create the motive.

      Capitalism ensures that people are properly incentivized based on a very tangible reward system. The burden of proof relies on you to show how socialism better aligns incentives.

      On top of that. If holding back drugs is something that is illegally harming people, there should be some regulation. Obviously that what the courts and rule of law is there to do. That’s a real program that someone should come up with a real system to deal with insane drug prices especially if it costs lives and there is no justifiable scarcity issue with the price. If the production is high, measured reasonably then the production needs to come down or a system needs to be in place to earn the drug maker money over time. Also, I know they only have market control as long as there is no patent or generics out. Don’t know a lot about drugs, but I know both that we may just need a better system of handling it, which someone should innovate, and we need to be happy these products exist at all because of capitalism.

    3. Jaseeka Rawr

      CusWeAre Lmao, no, I’m not a bot. Maybe the device you’re using isn’t reading the formatting(underscores make italic text & asterisks make bold text in the comment section). It’s showing up on my end, even with an outdated operating system on my laptop.

      I’m not the one not giving details. You’re still just refusing to address any of my points for some reason. I also edited my comment to thank you btw, for not engaging in insults.

      Again, you’re saying that we shouldn’t strive to change things for the better because some of those haven’t «been done yet», which doesn’t make any sense. The «level of productivity at which we can operate long term» is stifled by capitalism. The facts are, the more people who are educated & have good health, the more productive our economy & society overall will be.

      Capitalism has a purely profit-driven motive. You know what happens because of that? Tech, science & medical fields are all routinely held back & not funded, because those in power deem it «not profitable». For example — Goldman Sachs recently released a memo(See: Thom Hartmann’s video covering this) regarding the Hepatitis C cure, saying to hold it back because they can _still make money off of it._ So my father & many others had to wait nearly a decade for treatment, because they couldn’t afford it. That’s _no way_ to govern a society. The profit motive, aka capitalism, holds back progress. That’s just a fact.

      Also, lol, it’s capitalism that thrives on suppression & exploitation, as we speak… Not to mention the hoarding & depletion of natural resources for profit, or war that’s caused by this.

    4. Carl

      Jaseeka Rawr 1. Are you a bot, because you type like a computer sometimes like the use of underscores ? Tf.

      2. You’re just spewing off all this random, pie in the sky, abstract stuff because you can’t give me a real model for socialism.

      3. I get what socialism is. I understand the ideology of it being governship for the people. I’m well aware of the organization. The problem is that we’re still expanding and growing. Look at the “tech” sector which is right now a catch all term to capture any high growth industry. We still don’t know the level of productivity at which we can operate long term. Socialism doesn’t identify this as part of society. People will look to undermine by being suppressed.

  3. Tiana Brown

    She should have come to the breakfast club earlier in her campaign.

  4. kevin

    She won over the whole smoking community.

    1. sun leo

      Jose Reyes I love him

    2. Cohen from Discord

      So most of New York

    3. Shane C

      I don’t smoke (no mo) but she won me over for just having basic common sense.

    4. Jose Reyes

      upload2014 have you heard of Larry Sharpe?

    5. Mia Pia

      upload2014 lol

  5. T MO

    I like the fact that she is bringing up political points and not slinging mud. Plus no donors -sweet!

    1. TayTay BeyNippy

      I knew she would lose. White supremacy groups are huge in New York and if she won she would’ve been killed for sure. It’s simple what she needed was endorsements unfortunately she wasn’t the pandering moderate candidate Obama was in his first term. The reason she had no donors is simply because she never could afford having them.

  6. love shack

    I hope New York votes for her. We need change to sweep the entire nation…..


    LOVE what she stands for! Will be voting!!! #NYCResident

  8. Kingsolver

    Cynthia Nixon is the Truth.

    1. I N

      murrrmur what lol this is dumb

    2. N.W.A.

      murrrmur yeah it’s the black people’s fault, not the white people who are actually ruining the country Lmaooo

    3. murrrmur

      Cynical black (non) voters will ruin our country.

    4. I N

      N.W.A. She has been speaking on issue that affect black people since the beginning of her campaign. Do some research and you’ll see her message has been consistent.

    5. Covers and Commentary

      Lmao until she shows them true colors. 🙄

  9. llw53one

    I’ve always like her. She’s super intelligent and she cares.

  10. Raphael Spector

    Live in NYC and she has my vote!

    1. Brenda Harris

      Just voted for her.

    2. monie

      I don’t live in nyc, but you should. she is genuinely for the people and not the money.

    3. Raphael Spector

      They all here at the Brooklyn Museum voting her in now! We got this NYC!


      Raphael Spector get your friends also

    5. Vika Silaeva

      *Only 18* 👇👇👇

  11. Jay DR

    Yes she has been an activist for years. Let’s give her a chance.

    1. Jay DR

      @Jaime Smith ok, Gracias

    2. Jaime Smith

      Johanna Aquino you are beautiful

  12. B P

    GREAT INTERVIEW. I find her very genuine and I don’t live in NY but I’m grateful she’s running.

  13. Everything Marcus Nelson

    Proud of her for stepping up. I think she can bring some good ideas to the table to began the discussion. .

  14. DrewTube

    It’s about damn time she pull up. It’s unfortunate she might not win the primary in NY though, kind of wish I was registered as a dem. People like her and Bernie just need to form a new party.

    1. 12MrBo

      What did you register as then

    2. Nol Sova

      and it’s crazy that they don’t tell people. i’ve spoken to multiple people who didn’t know…

    3. Sharonda Lewis

      DrewTube316 oh ok I don’t know anything about that then lol I just thought you can vote for whoever you want regardless of your party affiliation on paper

    4. ANGAFACE1

      Doesn’t matter what u registered as…u can vote 4 WHOEVER U WANT..don’t let that STOP U

  15. OpinionatedMBW

    This was a good interview— Cynthia is very smart and relatable. Andrew Cuomo sounds like an entitled, incompetent fool.

    1. DA BOSS

      OpinionatedMBW but yet he won huh 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    2. OpinionatedMBW

      @saintynomore Thank you!! Correcting the name, but the son is WHACK.

    3. OpinionatedMBW

      @DA BOSS And???? So did Trump.

  16. Master Tears

    Casting my vote for her tomorrow

  17. netty charice

    People in NY that have been affected with discrimination in any way shape or form and feel powerless. This is your power, vote and use your power to make your community better for you and your family.

  18. Jessycamar_Louis

    The fact that she pulled up to The Breakfast Club says a lot; She’s got my vote.

  19. Charles Lee

    Great interview. A much better interview unlike the stuck-up, snobby, corporate elitist, establishment hosts of “The View.” We all know they hate progressives. If I was back in NY, I would vote for her.

    1. Gil Quick

      Charles Lee good thing your not in ny

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