Von Miller Sex Tape Co-Star Won’t Release the Footage | TMZ Sports

The woman who co-starred in the Von Miller sex tape says the judge gave her 3 DAYS to hand over her copy … or else.
We spoke with Elizabeth Ruiz on her way out of the L.A. courthouse where she was ordered to appear in her sex tape war with the NFL superstar.
As we previously reported, Miller is trying to block her from releasing the footage — which they both shot on their cell phones during a trip to Mexico earlier this year. Miller claims Ruiz tried to extort him for $2.5 million. Ruiz says the allegations are 100% false.

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Von Miller Sex Tape Co-Star Won't Release the Footage | TMZ Sports

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  1. Tom Ryan

    lol i love the fact that she’s proud of what she did. nasty woman!

    1. Allen C

      @Obrero, Clyde Danville A. she was rich before just now famous

    2. Lio Rush

      Tom Ryan Fr.

    3. Obrero, Clyde Danville A.

      Lol kim k is rich af today because of her tape with rayj

  2. Jaxton Jr

    I don’t get it. She says she already complied to not releasing it yet she still wants to keep it? Why?

    Either she got dicked down good or the sex tape is «accidentally» gonna get leaked and in return she’ll get some hush hush money that no one will know about.

  3. Justin Mckinney

    Homie at 0:05 coming down the steps was like GOD DAMN!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Xayden

      Justin Mckinney didnt even see him at first 😂

    2. SlumLord

      Justin Mckinney lmao good eye

    3. Gerardo Pena

      Tote Mckinney

    4. Gerardo Pena

      Justina Mckinney Mckinney
      Tote Mckinney
      gracia por la tarde para que me gusta el tema yo no lo es el mismo día del padre de la empresa de servicios de salud del estado Zulia Venezuela miembro avatar por reina Sofía de la misma que en la parte superior me lo que se le puede dar un paseo por el momento quedó de usted atentamente ING José Antonio de Pascua en la tarde para ver si me puedes mandar el mail de contacto para poder hacer el cambio de aceite para motor informática videojuegos de todos sus mensajes privados contestados sigue siendo el mejor de los dos primeros días adjunto la cotización solicitada por usted suministrados pasarán por favor no responda este mensaje privado visitar blog en un momento de realizar la compra de los mismos que se ha hecho llegar a la espera que me gusta mucho pero me parece muy bien pero no me gusta muchísimas felicidades por tu respuesta gracias saludos cordiales ING José Antonio de la tarde para que me ha dicho que me gusta mucho el trabajo que me lo puedes hacer un cambio por nada de eso pero no lo tengo claro que si se te ocurre algún otro lado me gustaría saber si hay alguna posibilidad de que me lo puedes hacer un saludo a todos los que me ha llegado el momento de realizar la gestión del riesgo 0

    5. Justin Mckinney

      @Gerardo Pena ???

  4. venomous45von

    There’s no way in the three days she has to turn the tape in she won’t make a copy, riiiight???

    1. ZMad-Mafia

      The way she’s talking, I’m not sure if she knows that you can make copies of DVD……No Joke

    2. Hamad Alhashimi

      youre right. but if the tape goes public, or keep asking for money for the tape, she will be prosecuted.

  5. rizzy ro

    These athletes will never learn

  6. prazertv

    Long story short, don’t make s sex tape with a nobody especially if you’re famous, unless you expect it to be released at some point in the future and possibly sold for large amounts of cash.

  7. Tina

    So embarassing, for both of them.

  8. Rodolfo Meneses

    Why does she want the copy?!? She just wants money 💰

  9. sonnythirteen

    What has this world come too.

  10. V. P

    She’s mad she can’t gold dig 😂

  11. Allen Han

    Ruining your potential career over a tape.

    And she said why her name is dragged through the mud. Girl your name is in the mud on your own.

  12. Spida FRESH

    This the world we live in today. Poeple will do anything for fame and fortune. I know we are at our end of days big time

  13. Patrick Small

    I doubt it will be hard for her to find. Another athlete to record herself with in no time.

  14. Davis4L

    The dude walking behind her at the beginning tho😂😂😂…👀🍑

    1. The Saga Begins

      LMAO he had to take a second look

  15. sauce boss

    she wants to be the next Kim k

  16. Prospect

    I’m just looking around thinking who is she? Lol 😂 ion even know what happened with her and Von

  17. Oyando O

    Could she record it with her phone?

  18. Angel Tomlinson

    this whole thing is stupid but she has a point

  19. Hoang Nguyen

    What’s the big deal. Make a copy for «yourself» and turn it the one court wants. Acting like you can’t video tape it off a TV or something.

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