Gabby Reece Spills on Sex and Her Private Life With Surfing Star Laird Hamilton | POPSUGAR News

Gabby Reece is always very candid about her life, and that certainly didn't change when she wrote her latest book, My Foot Is Too Big For the Glass Slipper. Gabby stopped by our Los Angeles studio to talk about people's fascination with her book. She even told us what her husband, Laird Hamilton, thought when she revealed details about their sex life and the low point in their relationship. Plus, we try to get Gabby to create her first Instagram Video live!

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  1. jonnyboy65ables

    Down to earth mom. Her interview was great and I love her attitude. Hope you and your family keep going forever. Great job!

  2. D Moore

    Gabby is so much more the man than the interviewer. 

    1. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

      @Donovan Moore lol harsh, but Laird needs a big woman 😛

  3. t redd

    Adore/Mad respect for GR.

  4. Morgan Behr

    how awesome i’ve met her!!

  5. Monica P

    Brilliant ~ «the theater of living» vs the doing of living.

  6. keri caye

    well done Gabby….he’s incredible, God of the Sea but YOU’RE VERY INTELLIGENT…….(HE IS TOO BUT YOU’RE fascinating to listen too)

  7. keri caye

    she should be a daytime host and interviewer of all types of ladies (famous ones who admit the real selves) but…I’m sure she won’t be leaving Hawaii for LA……not with Laird behind……I wouldn’t leave him

  8. tiffsaver

    When I think of «Glamazon,» think of Gabrielle Reece.

  9. Ilove Snoopy

    She’s so cool.

  10. Maximus- Kwame Seneca

    I like her. I want a tall lady…haha

    1. Brian Heather

      Maximus Seneca

    2. Brian Heather

      Maximus Seneca

  11. nate pate

    True that on her being the man over the interviewer

  12. Christopher Innocent

    Ambitious..successful and smart but cant find any information on her origins. No info on her parents… childhood….etc. was it sooooo bad.

  13. Zachary Grossman

    She’s too competitive

  14. G. T.

    Why is there music playing while they are talking??? So distracting.

  15. Gdhvxgsy Hsjdbgs


  16. zeus neptune


  17. zeus neptune

    fit lady though, smart, laird a legend