«Penny Dreadful» Star Talks Same-Sex Makeout Session — And Teases Season 2 Hookups! | toofab

Reeve Carney from "Penny Dreadful" reveals what he thought was the most shocking moment from the show's first season — and talks about that Josh Hartnett kiss.


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"Penny Dreadful" Star Talks Same-Sex Makeout Session — And Teases Season 2 Hookups! | toofab

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  1. Bum ber Pikachu

    He speaks English so well!

  2. Mari Christian

    It must have been the absinthe, but I never dreamed that ultra cowboy Ethan would fall for Dorian’s charms. Later when Vanessa was having one of her lucid possession moments, she taunts Ethan by saying he was the bottom in his sexual fling with Dorian.

  3. EzeBaka

    oh god, spoiler warning please. I just wanted to hear his take on the kiss scene.

    1. Rattles the Crewmate

      Roy F. Goddamn nice image

  4. MeestiMoore

    Oh gods, how adorable, he became so awkward talking about his scene with josh hartnett! You can tell he wants more, just like the rest of us.

    1. Kaytee Grace

      Fiskie nope he’s straight

    2. Fiskie

      Do you think he is gay? >//> He is to pretty not to be.

    3. Rosina Hassett

      Yeah I know same I love him

  5. HindsightPOV

    That dude is the very definition of «pretty boy».

  6. Alex

    In the book Dorian is pretty evil, unlike Dorian in the show. I am thinking the rejection by Vanessa is what’s going to turn him for the worse in the show.
    As for ladies… if the show decides to go with a book reference, there is only one significant woman in there; the actress who kills herself because Dorian bullies her to death after a bad performance. 

  7. srayj

    I find it interesting that when the interviewer mentions Dorian’s new season 2 love interest and asks «Is it male or female?» Reeve responds, «I don’t know. Maybe both.» I wonder if at the time, he knew just how right he was given that Angelique is essentially both male and female? Speaking of which, I really like Angelique and hope she sticks around, she and Dorian are good together.

    1. louisanna30

      @Raquel Maksoud this was an interview from lasy year before season 2 script came out and before he knew about Angelique. He was not trying to be rude.

    2. Raquel M.

      @Darren Breton Transgender WOMAN, you transfobic piece of sh*t

    3. Raquel M.

      Yeah that got me thinking as well. He was a bit disrespectful imo… Saying it could be an animal?!? Angelique is a woman.

    4. Raquel M.

      @louisanna30 that clears it, thanks

  8. James Sedgwick

    For me this was not the shocking moment of season 1. The death of Proteus, the death of Professor Van Helsing. Those scenes came out of no where. Totally unexpected.

    1. James Sedgwick

      I thought Proteus was Victor’s first as well. 

    2. ItoFumika

      @James Sedgwick Funny enough, Proteus dying still surprised me even though I had read the original book. I mean, I noticed that he and the Monster were absolutely nothing alike, and I kept wondering how in the world the writers were going to make Frankenstein’s story line more like the original book, but it never crossed my mind that Proteus wasn’t actually the Monster.

    3. Serai3

      @James Sedgwick I felt the same way. When they killed Van Helsing, I was like, «HEY, that’s David Warner, for gods’ sakes! You don’t just kill David Warner on a whim…oh, wait. Yeah, I guess you do just kill David Warner on a whim. Kinda happens all the time.» Hell, the casting alone would have alerted me to the fact that he was going to die, if I’d thought about it at all. It’s like casting Cary Elwes — «gee, who could POSSIBLY be playing the villain in this movie?» LOL.

  9. Nine PointO

    Meh I wouldn’t be surprised at all that there would be gay scenes with Dorian Gray in Penny Dreadful. If you think about it, the book Dorian Gray was written in had plenty of homoerotic undertones and Oscar Wilde is the author of the book

    1. Hill

      @***** Oscar Wilde even got to prison for being » a sodomite» . Mr Wilde would be pleased to see this portrayal of Dorian

  10. goblin chunks

    i love my bi son dorian gray

    1. Eclairz

      Bisons are the best of the bonvines.

  11. Yaya’s Locs


  12. LucisFerre1

    Fucker murdered Angelique. I’m still pissed about that.

    1. Rattles the Crewmate

      LucisFerre1 She was too good for him. Too fab and too pure for such an empty man.

    2. Roy F.

      The second I saw him hand that glass of champagne to Angelique, I didn’t expect anything but poison.


      +william Mian Wei to tell you the truth, he did not even have to tell her the story of the picture, he could have made up a story like ,,,,oh, it is too ugly to hang with the others, but i like it, so i put it back here…..ANGELIQUE, was not THAT bright.


      i was more mad that he just let her hit the ground, BASTARDO!!!!!couldn’t he have caught her?

    5. william Mian Wei

       But she told him that she will still love him eventhough she know how ugly he really is. But still Dorian rejected her and killed her. Dorian refused love and denied his last salvation. By doing so Dorian chose to remain in darkness. I think that is what that part of stroy is really about.

  13. August 22

    it was so cute when he became so awkward talking about the kiss scene…

  14. hunnypie


  15. Tanya Mamchur


  16. Karin Verstijnen

    He is sooooo handsome ❤

  17. Clarede Lune

    I can’t believe he’s older than me!

  18. Tu Vinh

    Yes that was the OMG moment for me. I could n it stop giggling like some fan girl who just see her fantasy come true. I mean hey, they both hot as hell.

    1. DORIME

      YASS, Ethan was so hot and so straight that I thought that something like that would never happen

  19. Robert W.

    Why be shocked with Dorian and Ethan,,After all Oscar Wilde wrote the book..

  20. Zoya Tariq

    he is «i knew you were trouble when you walked in» … guy 😭🥺

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