‘Sex And The City’ Star Announces Run For New York Governor

Cynthia Nixon plans to give Andrew Cuomo a run for his money. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"When Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy for governor of New York, a narrative quickly emerged. A Sex and the City actor would be running for one of the most powerful offices in the state on the platform of fixing the damn subways — and could very well become the first female, openly gay governor in the state’s history.
The New York Times said it; The Guardian said it; even Vox said it. The only problem with that narrative, though? Nixon isn’t, in fact, openly gay.

Nixon has been upfront about the fact that she identifies as being far more on the bisexual end of the spectrum — and also about how that fact often gets lost in favor of black-and-white proclamations about her sexuality.

When Nixon began dating Christine Marinoni in 2004 after dating a man for 15 years, it was largely treated as the coming out story of a woman who realized late in life that she’s a lesbian. But Nixon herself was always clear that her attraction to her ex-boyfriends was as real as hers to Marinoni, who is now her wife.”*

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  1. Inge G.

    Nixon’s intelligent, composed, well-spoken and most of all, level-headed. I’m not even american and I’d vote for her in a second. If Schwarzenegger can become governor, I see absolutely no reason this amazing lady couldn’t.

    1. We Dem Boyz

      Mind your business and don’t tell how ny natives who to vote her

    2. carrotzombie

      Schwarzenegger is a disgrace

  2. SonicRyan1992

    while i can’t speak for her politics (not knowing it well enough), i can speak for her character: she is a nice and approachable person, who spoke to me while i was technically an extra on Killing Reagan (i was assistant to the interior decorator). the fact she can treat a nobody like a somebody speaks volumes of her character.

  3. Dr. Dermix Girl MD

    Way to go Cynthia!

  4. Garland5

    Awesome news. I support her 100%

  5. Kamp Kat

    “We live in a democracy and that’s how things work”. Best quote in the video Jenk. So sad est. Dems need to be told that about primaring corporate candidates.

  6. Brenda Penny

    The day Trump won needing to be qualified went right out the window.

  7. Mia Lovely

    I like Cynthia Nixon. I’m defiantly going to vote for her. Go Cynthia!

  8. Krunchy The Clown

    I really love seeing all these great people coming out of the woodwork to run for public office, and make this country great like it used to be. Even the uncle of a friend of mine is running for congress, and that is awesome! We are in the middle of a revolution here, and I couldn’t be prouder!

  9. habbogigi

    Get her on the show for an interview please!

    i’d love to hear you guys discussing issues.

  10. Angela M Ricks

    I love Cynthia Nixon, I hope she gets in office. I really believe she could make a positive difference.

  11. Life Music

    I live in richer part of New York AND I want every part of New York to flourish with the same kind of wealth.

    So, Elect Cynthia Nixon for Governor.

    1. Adam Smith

      Balasubramaniam Parthasarathy No thanks she just she’s like a posh NYC liberal who will only care about the city

  12. Malachi Owens

    “Qualified lesbian”

    Could that be anymore about identity politics?

    1. benmcfee

      It’s only a problem when identity politics is all we talk about. The reason identity politics are an effective red-herring, is because they ARE important to a certain extent.

      But if they are all we talk about, a massive number of issues fall by the way-side, and the cynical bastards that hold power have found a way to exploit that.

    2. Gurfmanj

      Malachi Owens everything is identity politics. We all have an identity because we are individuals. Shitting on arguments because one claims it’s identity politics is “identity politics”

  13. Susan - Me$a AZ

    Awesome. I hope she pulls it off.

  14. Johan Thunberg

    I’m amazed she is a progressive. Go Cynthia!

    1. Winston Smith

      she’s an unqualified lesbian who is better suited running for mayor of New York City instead of representing the whole state.

    2. daddyleon

      *+JB JG* Yups statistics can speak against it, but she’s just one of the outliers, apparently.

    3. Apple Slipper

      Says the Trumpie who still shills for corruption.

    4. ronkkrop

      I’m not. Anybody with an IQ greater than a potato is liberal.

    5. Stormy Bey

      A lot of celebrities are progressive, not just mainstream Dem lib types but the actually damn near socialist type of progressives. Tack on the fact that she’s a lesbian woman, I’d be more surprised if she _wasn’t_ progressive.

  15. bobby reyes

    I’m a registered New York voter and I’m angry at how Cuomo has been allowing our city and state to be sold to the highest bidder. I’m voting for Nixon (Haha I thought i would never ever utter that in a sentence) during the primaries. I’m pissed and and it’s time for change

    1. Ritz _Essence

      Makes 3 of us!!

    2. Jeff Mullen

      That makes two of us!

  16. Mike Woo

    As a native New Yorker, people are pissed with the MTA. They worked on extensions instead of making the system perform properly. When you look at other metros and subways in the world, it’s laughable on what kind of shape the MTA is in…. New York’s population in the boroughs exploded in the last 10 years. And Cuomo office touted the extension to Jacob Javitz Center and the 2nd Avenue line in Manhattan but when the system started failing like crazy, then he went into hiding and played the «It was the guy before me» and «The mayor need to pay for his fair share». No…. Instead of working on optional projects, work on the ones that affect most New Yorkers. It’s at it fever pitch right now with Cuomo. All she basically have to do is stay on the issue of the MTA and give realistic timetables on construction with the correct amount of funding, she will at the very least, make it very difficult for Cuomo. If you go to a place like London and then take the subway in NY, you can easily tell there is corruption. You can tell Cuomo is panicking because he doing things now all of a sudden he should have did before election year.

    1. Ritz _Essence

      I have a panic attack almost every weekend worrying whether I’m going to be late to work because of the horrible weekend service. I always have to wind up catching a cab 3/4 of the way & that is money ON TOP of my monthly metrocard.

    2. Jordan Whitehead

      Mike Woo your right on

    3. kaisofine

      Notice she didn’t address the housing problem.

    4. Mike Woo

      You’re absolutely right. However, I can add a whole new sound system in a car, tinted windows, fresh new tires, new coat job, and even got heat seats. My car would be great…. And now it looks beautiful….. Except…. The engine is bad. So like you say, expansions are important but are you going to put all of that before fixing the engine? It won’t go anywhere…. You don’t need to have experience to understand if the population is growing, why hasn’t the level of service improved? That’s why he’s not getting off the hook. We’re still talking about derailments of 50 mph in America where trains are going 200+ with rarely anything going on in other countries.

  17. Gales99

    «Unqualified lesbian»…what a dumb thing to say.

    1. Vanessa H.

      Well, if you look at campaigning as kind of a job interview, you can most certainly determine whether she suits your style and opinions. So she doesn’t necessarily need to rely on her noteriaty.

    2. Rock Reed

      Dang I actually agreeing with a gay person .

    3. KLM Hooked Moore

      Gales99 — Although I didn’t care for her brand of politics, Christine Quinn is an openly gay former City Council President who actually knows how government works. Cynthia Nixon is depending on her notoriety as an actress to fuel her bid. Doesn’t make her qualified for the job.

  18. Ellen Spear

    Go, Cynthia! Wish I could vote for you (but I’m from Massachusetts).

    1. Tamara Buxton

      Ellen Spear: Me too!..and I’m Canadian lmao! Seriously though.. It’s cool that she’s stepping up 😊👍

    2. introduire

      You can donate to her campaign and spread the word around in social media.

    3. Knusper Keks

      What kind of excuse is that MOVE NOW!!…..xP

    4. RPGilmore

      Shes got my vote

    5. Unoriginal ChinWag

      I’m from both! I live in mass right now, I just moved here again from NYC but I’ll be moving back AGAIN soon. I have to admit, its been funny to see Gov. Baker yield to marijuana

  19. Amanda Sailsbury

    An unqualified lesbian? Well we did just elect an unqualified reality tv star/failed businessmen as president.

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