Data and the Borg Queen Totally Had Sex and Other Star Trek: First Contact Secrets

You know that scene in Star Trek: First Contact where Data and the Borg Queen are acting all horny and you were left wondering if maybe they just banged one out then and there? Well, wonder no longer because Will Riker himself, Jonathan Frakes, the director of the first Star Trek The Next Generation movie, Star Trek First Contact, joined Scott Collura and Cling Gage of IGN for another Watch From Home Theater. Throughout the show, he answered plenty of First Contact and TNG questions. Here's the rundown of the best knowledge he dropped on us!

Not only did Jonathan Frakes (a.k.a. Commander Riker) talk to us about Brent Spiner, Data, the Borg, and the movie's Data-Borg relationship, but he also addressed Riker's most famous Star Trek meme, Riker sits down. When you think Star Trek, Picard is probably the first that comes to mind when TNG memes come up but Patrick Stewart isn't the only Star Trek TNG cast member to have a meme. The Riker maneuver might not be as famous as the Picard Maneuver, but it has its following including and was even featured in screen junkies Star Trek TNG honest trailer. So listening to William Riker talk about its origin is really rewarding.

Frakes also talks about directing episodes of Picard, his favorite bridge of the Enterprise, and much more. So stick around, because this cutdown also features movie clips as well as commentary about the 1996 Paramount Pictures sci-fi feature Star Trek First Contact.


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