K-pop star quits showbiz amid sex bribery scandal


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  1. michael myers

    RIP KOREAN ! star !

  2. afro Chad with a biggest Bbc

    Sungli… Haha

  3. Joseon Lee

    ying yen!!!! zamasu is angry

  4. Sahiry Gnobehi

    Now I’ll have to erase his music if true.😔😔😔

    1. Sahiry Gnobehi

      Chicken Towel … Dang it🙄😔😔

    2. Venomlily16 ***

      Erase them anyway . They’re history now . I heard about the scandal, but I thought it was about the higher ups in the industry molesting its stars, NOT the stars THEMSELVES doing the crime . I guess having all that wealth, fame and power made them think they were TOO loved to ever get punished . Good riddance !

    3. Sazwana

      It’s true. They ‘re disgusting.

    4. Chicken Towel

      Sahiry Gnobehi it’s true and there’s more to it than these report.

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