Riley Keough, The Girlfriend Experience Star, on Sex with Strangers

To prepare for her role as a high-end call girl, the star of the new Starz series interviewed a real-life "GFE."

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Riley Keough, The Girlfriend Experience Star, on Sex with Strangers

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  1. David Arancibia


  2. Jesusonfire. Baptismonfire.

    I’m first one

    1. F. mr Fox

      im first

    2. blakely {barber} burgett

      lmao..& the only one on my feed 👍

  3. Jason Lam

    Wanted to enjoy it. But was bored. Very very bored. Couldn’t finish it.

    1. MATEJA

      How come? Season 1 kept me on the edge the entire time. But yeah, I definitely couldn’t bring myself to finish seasons 2 & 3

  4. Grinada

    Its actually very good series.
    Trust me. Not like any other. Suspense. Just watch it. Riley is great in it. But just for Season 1.

    1. Pratham

      @Budhaji Gaonkar yes

    2. Budhaji Gaonkar

      So you’re telling me she’s just in season 1?

  5. marvin TNT

    She was so good in the first season. Really good actress.


    It is actually great. And Riley is amazing as the main character.

  7. Visualize & Create

    She was excellent!! That was a well done series.

    1. João Domingos Custodio

      elvis granddaughter

  8. Amanda R

    Just started this show tonight (I know, I’m super late 🙈) but Riley is phenomenal in it!

  9. Angela Westfall

    Best season EVER!

  10. jitterbug121

    Congratulations on ur movie career and marrige Happy Anniversary! TY for posting this video~

  11. Cupcake Cake

    Woah she looks literally like my aunt

  12. HA R

    She’s so hot

  13. Diego Pisfil

    She resembles Nina Dobrev and Cara Delevingne here

    1. M A

      I got a little bit Kristen Stewart..

  14. srishtee gautam

    In the beginning it had a story which was great, but the climax was very boring

    1. Susanne Ed

      @little_forest_wind symbolism how? could you please forward links of such articles with analysis of the ending? (found several of analysing the overall story/series but not the ending particularly).

    2. little_forest_wind

      It wasn’t boring, it was opened. Read the articles with the analysis of this story, it has plenty of symbolism there

  15. Betecard46 Rrrdm


  16. harendra singh

    anyone tell me in which date riley start the shoot of the gf ex.

  17. bruno ribas

    Series is too dark

    1. fbueller

      That makes it realistic. What were you expecting. ‘Pretty Woman’?