Sex/Life’s Sarah Shahi On Dating Her Co-Star Adam Demos IRL | GLAMOUR UK

What doesn’t Sarah Shahi do on screen? As Billie in Netflix megahit Sex/Life, one minute she’s doing the wheelbarrow, the next she is tending to her children and in the process is giving us a well-rounded stereotype defying female character we have long needed.

If you haven’t watched Sex/Life yet then you are in for an eye-opening ride, as it follows stay-at-home wife and suburban mother, Billie, who finds herself lusting after the life she used to have as a care-free New York gal. After discovering her journals from her work-hard-play-even-harder heydays, Billie finds herself wondering whether to start a sexual revolution in her marriage with Cooper (Mike Vogel) or track down the bad boy who broke her heart, Brad, played by her real-life partner, Adam Demos.

This isn’t the first time you may have seen Sarah on our screens after roles in the likes of The L Word and Person of Interest but this is a cultural shift of a show, which puts female pleasure in the starring role and catapults Sarah into the spotlight at 41 years old. And we love to see it!

Here Sarah opens up about finding herself, overcoming identity crisis in her own life, finding love both on and off screen and refusing to adhere to outdated stereotypes…

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Sex/Life's Sarah Shahi On Dating Her Co-Star Adam Demos IRL | GLAMOUR UK

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  1. Sara

    People are critiquing her acting on the show but I found her portrayal to be very real! It was a woman’s perspective! But so many ppl are like “oh this show sets a bad example, condones cheating” when they forget that “NOTHING will stop someone from cheating” and this is just a show, if you are being influenced to cheat by watching a show, then maybe you need to chill from watching shows like this hahah 😆

    1. LearN LivE & LovE


    2. Adam Craig

      This show was one of the best portrayals of female nature. Unfortunately if you dont keep a woman in line, she will wander

  2. Skyla Ray

    The comments on this are so sad , to see so many women judging is awful and this to me was very real and raw.If this was portrayed from a male perspective it would be fine.Becoming a mother is hard but loosing a part of yourself is even harder 🙌🏽

    1. Lauren Bailey

      Aaaaaaaagree ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛

    2. Abc Def

      She became the character in real life.

      She is the type of women you don’t want as wife

    3. Gherab Oussama

    4. BEANOS

      Who said it was fine for a man to cheat on his spouse? You women love to bring gender into everything god your delusional what the actor literally said that it was okay to cheat

    5. Adam Craig

      That’s because women and men are very different. And no it wouldnt be right. It’s a show about a hoe

  3. Otto Honkala

    She is the 2020’s definition of effortless looking sexy and elegant. Incredible.

  4. Mahel Geolamin

    Well said Sarah..You know one thing I realized is as we grow older especially if you’re married the society really stereotyping you to this to do that . that at the end you tend to forget yourself that you want to grow also. I admired you for being vocal about your desires and wants..You know this is an eye opener..especially to those marriages that are struggling with the same situation. Good luck to you my dear🥰

    1. BEANOS

      She basically said it was okay to cheat 💀

    2. luke cullins

      So you’re saying a man should invest and commit to a woman , have children with her and then once mid life crisis hits her she will go back searching for crazy sex with as many ppl she wants and you think that is something that is justified? 😂😂It’s not society stereotyping anything’s how marriage works .If you’re unsatisfied sexually just divorce but chasing awesome sex and also expecting hubby to pay for everything is something U cannot do ..You either choose the route of sexual freedom or leave hubby ..imagine Thinking a man is just going to watch his wife become a street hoe because apparently she wants alot of men to please her again 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Mahel Geolamin

      @BEANOS is she cheating ? Maybe give her benefit of the doubt . What’s happening as I see it is she’s in soul searching. Maybe maybe she will find her happiness and who are we to judge her?

  5. ria

    She’s so open in every question, wow 👏♥️♥️

  6. Brea Farbe

    I agree with her about her roll as Billie! Very sad that so many women miss it but cant act on it. You can never ignore your desires becuz they never die.

    1. Cassandra

      Role … but ok 🤣


      So I don’t have to care either. I can have sex with any woman, even after Boeing married. And none of u can say I diz a terrible thing

    3. Adam Craig

      @TOBINHO PARÓDIAS women literally do not care bro lol


      If a man have done all of these things, would u have felt the same way?

  7. Swavna Sahoo

    Mhm. But ngl Billy is NOT an inspiration. She threw all the communication to the flames expecting «just sex with having nothing changed with her husband at all».🙏🏻Whereas Brad wanted her as a partner. And Cooper put his all into it. She is a great actress. Kudos that she actually gave a divorce to her real life ex husband instead of stringing him along like the inspiration she states (Billy) did.

    1. Gary Goldstein

      Shahi’s ex stated that they divorced due to competing work schedules — they took the work over the relationship and grew apart because they weren’t together. Too much work will do it as much as anything else. Too bad Shahi doesn’t have the courage to admit that aspect.

  8. Kat

    Very good. It sounds like she is a person who is always growing.

  9. Thunder

    Communication was defo missing from the marriage and I wish they highlighted that more. Cooper was willing to learn how to please her she just needed to be keen to teach him and she wasn’t. Also it’s a lot to risk over a man she knew 8 years ago. How does she know the sex will be just a good?

    1. Mey Puim

      @BEANOS I agree but in real life, I don’t think it happens that way. Now I think she will get turned down by him or it was one of those fantasies she had. If brad really loves her, he’d be mad that she is still with her husband and would say no, I want all of you or nothing. I mean, I know I would get mad if the one I loved didn’t leave his gf/wife yet. I couldnt be with him that way. Yes I think Billie is confused. She’s afraid to leave cooper because she doesn’t know if she can trust brad.

    2. BEANOS

      @Mey Puim yeah but don’t cheat though Billie could’ve broke up with Cooper but she didn’t cooper tried to break up but she kept telling him that she loved him and still cheated on him anyways and the female actor was basically saying it was okay to cheat in this interview

    3. Mey Puim

      Sex with Brad was not just for the sake of sex, it was a deep emotional experience kind of sex, that’s the type of sex that makes you feel in love. I think most women who says this show is about cheating miss the whole point that she was deeply in love with Brad.

    4. k

      I wish the show would have tried to conquer the issue intelligently. All three characters are smart, they should all know better. Billie is a psychologist… this issue is right up her alley. Instead, all three characters do the opposite of what they should do. You could still have all the characters make better choices and still have failure. Was hoping this show would do better for Sarah since it’s a great subject and she seems like a great person.

    5. Lisa Lehner

      @k but people are not perfect and real couples fail to communicate, so I think that’s actually well done. Depends on the person who watches, if they think wow Billx should talk more to her husband about that, or, wow, Billy does not talk to her husband about this, but since nobody in the show points that out as negative, it must be okay then

  10. starmsjc

    After you have kids and have assets you can’t be just jumping into any relationship. You have make sure the man is bringing something worthwhile to the table. Make sure he is going to give and not just take. A lot of women who are ordinary people not celebrities end up in older age with hardly anything to live on except their measly social security check to retire. You can’t think like just a school girl and follow the wealthy celebrities who can afford to make goofy mistakes

  11. James Pittman

    I like Sarah shahi she is a great actress.🤩

  12. Alex Strother

    Love her response about sexism. This is a woman who has control over herself. She doesn’t consider herself a victim because of CHOICE. This woman needs to lead feminists. I think its great to be a feminist, but this new era of feminists are giving the empowerment of being a feminist a terrible name.

    1. Adam Craig

      Feminism is one of the biggest failures of western civilisation

  13. Jane Shepard

    From such an awesome character in Person of Interest to a role like this — I sincerely hope Sarah Shahi gets better roles in the future or opens up her own cheerleading academy.

    1. Parameswaran Ramesh


    2. Geordie Johnston

      I agree. This is not not sarah

  14. SailBatten

    I’m sick to death of gorgeous famous people talking about life’s insecurities as if they have them to the same extent most of the rest of us have. Sitting there, looking like she does, and talking about «accepting» her body and the good and bad wholey is a try-not-to-puke challenge in the making.

  15. Sara Laclair

    Excellent actors much happiness to you..🤽‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🇺🇸❤🌻😊love you 2. life needs life. blessings

  16. ALE T.

    Do you know that the leading actress after having met the actor who plays Brad during the filming of the TV series left her husband and 3 children?
    Think guys … Think

    1. ALE T.

      @Kat Kat yeeeppp.. BS… NOOOOO….. YOU KNOW ONLY WHAT THEY WANT….

    2. Kat Kat

      Get your facts straight. She left the husband BEFORE they started filming season 1

    3. Irteza Bhatti

      You live in a world where you can never say that it’s weird. I don’t know much about all of this but the way this series was made literally shows me the mindset of directiors and producers these days…. What good ever comes from showing adultery and its even more ridiculous when people are liking shows like this and the notebook… They say they don’t justify cheating but how can they prove it exactly…. Hollywood these days is just all about skin show my most fav actor is probably Liam nesson and Leonardo Di caprio who actually won awards due to something good and got the credit they deserved

  17. Abhilash Thakur

    But I didn’t like how she put her husband and boyfriend of 17 years in to just somebody she has kids like she doesn’t little love him
    And Adam is her truly pure love of life
    I don’t know what it is

  18. BigFred830

    So Sarah left her real husband for Adam in real life. Sex/Life must have got to her for real…

    1. Adam Craig

      @Shari Lynn so just break your vows? People are so fickle

    2. Shari Lynn

      She and Steve Howey were separated long before she and Adam got together IRL. Even so, after 18 yrs together, if you don’t have a strong foundation, it isn’t going to last!

    3. Kamile Mieliauskaite

      Her divorce was finalised on January, but she filed for divorce earlier

    4. AT

      They started filming season 1 on August 2020. She divorced her husband on Jan 2021 …

    5. Out Of This World

      they got divorced before they even started filming. Y’all are reaching.

  19. Diane Walters

    She is a beautiful woman and her acting is perfect…. When I watch the show it’s like she’s not even acting. Can’t wait to see the next season….😉👍

  20. Maria Reyes-Ku

    Been married for 25 years, I prefer my steady and faithful relationship to a sexual fling with another man. What happens is one of them has an accident and can no longer provide that great sex life, will that person be dumped too? That’s the difference of having a good marriage, a person that is faithful to you and will love you no matter what instead of a crazy guy that is still playing the single part in his life and takes for granted a good relationship. A relationship based on sex alone, will eventually die.

    1. sxriss

      ur depressed

    2. Gary Goldstein

      The whole nonsense about not being able to grow as an excuse for divorce typifies the narcissist creed of me, me, me — at the cost of sustaining a family. But then Shahi is an actress.