The stars of Skins US on sex scenes and Slumdog

Tea, Daisy and Ron from MTV's remake of Skins chat to us about filming sex scenes and what remaking the series for US audience means to them. For more Skins US news, visit

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  1. JuiceAk90

    2 years ago,I saw this show,and I’ll have to say it was my favorite show of 2011.It had the most potential characters of any show i had seen in a while.Not gonna hate on the U.K. Version,cause I have barely seen it(only really seen 2 episodes),but this show was my favorite.The story-lines were interesting,from Daisy and her struggle w/her dad to Tea and Tony’s chemistry,to Abbud’s love for Tea,to Stanly’s relationship with Cadie&Michelle,also Chris’ home-life.Very underrated show overall.

  2. Nathalia R.

    I wish they did a season 2… OMG, I loved the US version… Tea is amazing, smart n pretty.. love them all!

  3. rareflorence

    5:23 to the end makes me smile so much 😀
    «ron we finished only two days ago, we’ve been together everyday since!»

  4. Katrina Arbis

    Everything about Sofia Black D’elia amazes me. One of my favorite actresses, even if she’s only starred in 2 shows. I just love her acting, and her personality in person as well!

  5. Rachel Hepburn

    Haha, I liked this interview 🙂 The guy who plays Abbud seems pretty funny and they all seem like friends, which is cool! Can’t wait for skins US. I know most people who are fans of skins (I’m a fan!) are not looking forward to skins US, but I totally am!

  6. Taymah H

    Well, I’m happy for the actors/actresses that haven’t had much acting experience on-screen b/c now they’re getting to live out their dreams and good for them. No hate from me towards any of the cast, I love Skins USA <33

  7. GabbyMarie LKJ

    I agree with Tea 🙂 I love Series 3&4 Generation 2 skins UK <3

  8. Michael Blentsy

    If i had to pick charecters to describe myself, it would be Anwar and Sid, with a touch of Pandora.

    Abbud seems like a cool charector, and even if Tea and Abbud are best friends just like Maxxie and Anwar were, it would be interesting to whatch how the whole thing changes just because she’s a girl.

  9. LunaArgentum10

    @luvinwafflez I don’t know. I like the idea of an out lesbian who is confident in herself right off. I don’t understand why they always have to show characters having an agonizing coming out story who are initially not accepted by their friends and family. I think her being out and proud and her friends being right behind her about it is refreshing.

  10. holymetalhypocrite

    Sofia’s smile gets me every time…. i crave her like crazy!

  11. P Pérez

    these three are my favorites by now

  12. othrockzmysockz

    Tea is the only reason I’m going to give this show a chance, I wasn’t gonna watch it after the first episode but when I saw the second ep was hers I thought well, I’ll give it a go and I fell in love with her character, she’s really interesting so, yeah, the only reason I’m watching! ; )

  13. AndruWYoutubeStory

    Just what we need on tv; more filth. Awesome. Totally Awesome.

  14. slat13

    I can`t wait to see Skins US…Tea seems like a very interesting character.

  15. Naya Morris

    I saw this just because of Tea, she’s incredibly hot and she’s such an amazing actress. I swear, she’s the one that kept Skins US going.^_^

  16. SH

    Sofia is so amazing!!.. 😀 i miss skins US

  17. The undisputed elite

    tea is so pretty she is one of my favorite characters in the series besides tony and abbud

  18. SundrivinMind

    greatest show of all time

  19. Warrior Reborn

    Everyone on the show is good looking haha

  20. PaddixSkate Krew

    I miss Skins USA more than anything right now

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