‘The White Lotus’ Star Murray Bartlett on His Shocking Sex Scene

Ellen chatted with “The White Lotus” star Murray Bartlett, who had quite a shocking sex scene on the popular series, and he shared whether he warned family and friends about it before it aired. He also chatted about the creatures in his native Australia and how he was fascinated by the Home Shopping Network when he first came to the U.S.

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  1. Pete Michael

    I looked forward to every episode. I loved the off-kilter humor (Mike White) and the top-notch cast. I recognized Bartlett from the limited run on HBO of Looking -set in the Castro District in SF. He and many Australian actors are so good at American accents that it usually surprises me when I hear them interviewed.

  2. Lisa Halajian

    He is so funny and so handsome! I just love him! He needs to be the main character on a TV show. He’s just awesome!!

    1. Hung Vu

      I love his mustache

    2. Al Rrenoir

      His character is dead

    3. Susan Field

      Love him, too! He was my favorite character on White Lotus!

  3. Tony P

    He did phenomenal along with Jennifer Coolidge.

    1. Butterfly Moon

      yeh she’s fantastic.

  4. WarshukThe3rd

    » Trust takes years to build, seconds to breaks and forever to repair»
    That’s an amazing quote right there 🥰

  5. Cezar Bartholomeu

    I wish the character could come back for a second season.

    1. Katie Eckler

      @Greig Clement hey that’s such a good idea!! I feel the same way, he was my FAVORITE character, so I wish he could come back too! A prequel is a good solution to that problem lol

    2. Greig Clement

      Maybe a prequel series when he is manager for his first (disastrous) week. It might not be a Hawaii hotel, but there might be a scene at the end where he sees an advert for Manager position at White Lotus Hawaii.

  6. Apple Bomb

    he did great in Chippendale too

  7. sara h

    I want him to get more roles!!! He was so great as Armond

  8. taylorchameleon

    he was SO FUNNY on the white lotus

  9. Video Games And The World

    He’s a great actor. Can’t wait to see him in HBO’s The Last of Us

  10. iii26

    Murray is so cuteeee Now give us more shows for him it’s a must

  11. Eric Rimbert

    The scene was not shocking…. I enjoyed it thoroughly!!!🥳🥳🥳

    1. Eric Rimbert

      @mr. BILL HA! 👍🏾

    2. mr. BILL

      He just needed to be a couple more inches down and an inch more closer in…



  13. Joseph Hoagbin MD

    He was great on the series «Looking»

  14. Brian Sanabria

    I’ll miss this. ♥️ Ellen

    1. Thomas Tsoukaris

      White Lotus is about what people like Ellen are like irl, if you love her you’ll love it!

  15. cam

    everyone watch looking on hbo he’s so good in it

  16. looney1023

    Ellen loved the show but also must of missed the point since the show is deeply critical of people of like her, allegedly

  17. Sandro Kozlovski

    ellen is right prisoners where send to australia cause the place was full of venomous creatures and all kinds of dangerous animals

  18. heejo98

    He is so charming I cant!

  19. Matt Rost

    It’s very telling when Murray giggled when he said «privileged and obnoxious». I hope Ellen understood the irony.

    1. Salman Javed

      Istg i saw how he shaded ellen loved it

  20. Marcel Parker

    I haven’t seen him since «Guiding Light!» Pretty cool that he’s still acting!

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