‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris denies soliciting sex from minors l GMA

According to a USA Today report, the breakout star of the Netflix documentary is under investigation for allegedly soliciting sex from minors.

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  1. Queen Kiki

    It always be the ones you least expect shame on him he gets everything he deserves and more disgusting 🤮🤢

  2. Icy Girl

    I’ve never understood why people do this it’s millions of boys around his age why go for younger kids who are innocent and probably don’t even know they’re being sexualized, this is very shocking bc I loved jerry but this is disgusting.

  3. Ray Mak

    I don’t think he will admit it. It’s a very serious crime.

    1. Pretty Lady

      The twin boys mother and lawyer was on DrOZ Crime.today .the mother stated he confess to it and to touching other boys .

    2. Pretty Lady

      He did

    3. I. Cruz

      hey bro

  4. Naturally B-K

    Almost sounds unreal, his only 21 years old. How did it come to this, after everything he has been through his whole life he threw it all away because he couldnt seek help

    1. Emma D


  5. juicyrat

    I’m just sad I looked at him as positive but turns out the opposite it’s just….sickening almost

  6. Taylor Loch

    My whole thing if he did it then that’s sickening, but why wait like 2 years and also why did the mom allow her 13 year olds to talk to him when he was 19? Some many unanswered questions.

    1. Iyanna Williams

      @Jackie Robertson now they are saying they have messages 😭 they setting my man’s up !

    2. mr sir

      Thet were on the same team for a cheer event.

    3. Ricky Ray

      * did you just blame a 13 year old for being a victim of grooming and abuse?

    4. Petty Machete

      The twins said it’s been ongoing for over a year. It’s not like it was a one time thing and then they come out of the woodwork 2 years later. Guess they got grossed out over him continuously contacting them? One even said he felt gross after seeing him on the reality show. Maybe he was triggered. I know I would be. Some adult abusing me then smiling so big on camera, hopping around like he didn’t just ruin my life. Certain things trigger kids.

  7. thefinalsneed

    Why are there faces being shown if they are 14

    1. Whitney Bennett

      Usually the media doesn’t list the names of underage victims & some court documents even list the minor victims by their initials or John/Jane Doe. If their names & faces are public, it’s bc they’ve given permission for them to be. I’d assume they do so bc they want justice & to encourage other victims to speak up.

    2. nextstar55

      @Anabelle D right but why would parent want to show her kids face???

    3. Anabelle D

      You can show faces if the parents give permission

    4. nextstar55

      @ExposedRoot because they are not 14 now

    5. ExposedRoot

      That was first thought. Why are they showing the boys and stating their names. WTF!!

  8. Brianna Daylon

    It’s not “two twins” it’s just “twins” 🤦🏽‍♀️ !!!
    If your a twin it’s already established that there’s two of you. 🤦🏽

  9. barbara bain

    shame on the students in cheer for ostracizing the twins…….monstrous.

  10. S C

    i hope he really didn’t do this… and if he didn’t, i hope he gets justice… if he did it, then the time given is deserved

    1. sunflower love

      sadly it’s true

    2. Anthony Vazquez

      He was just sentenced to 12 years in prison, this video from a year ago.

  11. Vernon Dutton

    He is perfect to represent Hollywood.

  12. Linda Williams

    If he did it or not. His career is over.

    1. Dimension Lord Gambit McCoy

      Indeed, it’s like getting nuked there’s no surviving it.

    2. maaz322

      He did, they usually don’t give the go on these reports unless there’s substantial evidence. Children who try to expose pedos on social media are never heard, unlike celebrities who tweet #metoo.

    3. Ricky Ray

      He’s already admitted it

    4. Jerome Productions


    5. De'Kaylaaa M

      @Ricky Ray exactly 🤦🏽‍♀️

  13. Dorcy Lance

    Netflix has a serious problem.

    1. J

      That thing, ladies and gents is a representative of the democrats and BLM movement. Show some respect, he also had an interview with Biden 😆

    2. Wil

      Alfio Gravitas what sources? Evidence?

    3. TheWord withPerd

      Lurking Buddha people are fleeing the catholic church my boy. people are getting tired of the kid diddling everywhere

    4. 0 P


  14. Npc I'm knot

    Cuties.. Netflix.. this guy.. Netflix.. hollywood and the news absolutely silent about child trafficking .. very interesting…….

  15. Liz Suh

    So disgusted that people are still siding with Jerry after news from major YouTube outlets and statements have been made about the situation. I know people say innocent until proven guilty, but I feel like there’s a line where that gets cut off. Obviously soliciting inappropriate behavior and requesting anything from a minor is where the line gets cut off. I don’t care if they haven’t been to court yet. Once you get that allegation it should be taken seriously, and a quickly matter which the Cheer Associations didn’t do. It took the mother getting in touch with a Larry Nassar victim for people to listen. Even contacting police wasn’t enough. Just because someone is idolized and has a huge following doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same reaction if it was just a normal person. Again the fact that he still has fans and his “cheer mates” (2 of them) are still in contact with him makes me ill.

  16. PuppyPlootes

    This ‘man’ is disgusting. Preying on kids who are barely even teenagers yet. (Man is in quotes, as real men would NEVER do this.)

    1. Life with Pat

      I agree ! Truly disgusting!

  17. Acts 2:38

    I will wait for the facts to be dealt with in court..

  18. Ivet Fortun

    I’ve been praying for all child predators to be brought to Justice. Thank you Lord! 🙏🏽

    1. lamujermaslinda

      the left won’t allow that to happen tho

    2. DaVonn Lastique

      @Jellywigg ?

  19. AKal 87

    Of course he denies it. who’s gonna straight up admit that they solicited children for sex. Kind of hard to deny when there is evidence


      Mini lad admitted it like it would go away

  20. SeniorPlayZone

    Such a bright future gone in an instant. I’ll never figure out why they destroy themselves by doing something as stupid as this.

    1. S C

      well him destroying his bright future shouldn’t matter… it’s sick and he shouldn’t do it

    2. SeniorPlayZone

      @NeilsFeels you just proved my point idiot….I never «watched» him until he showed up in the news….like I said, stop jumping to conclusions…end of discussion…..pal.

    3. SeniorPlayZone

      @NeilsFeels and what gave you the impression that i’m not concerned about his victims? Yes I hate what he did to those kids…is that better? but I said what I said..stop jumping to conclusions..thats whats wrong with people like you.