Kim Cattrall Speaks Out On ‘Sex And The City’ Co-Star Cynthia Nixon’s Gubernatorial Run | Access

Cynthia Nixon has Kim Cattrall's support, but does she have her vote? Cattrall spoke out in support of her "Sex and the City" co-star running for New York governor, but kept mum on how she'd cast her ballot. While Kristin Davis has shared a full-blown endorsement for Nixon, their fellow "SATC" alum Sarah Jessica Parker has yet to weigh in.
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Kim Cattrall Breaks Her Silence On 'Sex And The City' Co-Star Cynthia Nixon's Gubernatorial Run | Access


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  1. Sweet Lil Devil

    What’s crazy about this is how true to life each of them are to their own characters. Miranda the lawyer is now running for governor, Charlotte has been doing charity works since the show ended, Carrie now designs shoes and writes, and Samantha continues to be a stern, ball busting career woman.

    1. John Iii

      That’s a big reason the characters work so well do you always do best when you’re essentially playing yourself for most actors And that’s why the cast them

    2. Mich


    3. DaveRave (AKA DAVE GØRDØN)

      Sweet LilDevil if I still lived in New York I’d vote for her cuz she does seem very intelligent and I think that what a lot of people liked in Trump’s case was that he wasn’t your typical politician. The problem is is that he’s just a dumbass who likes titles where as you can tell Cynthia Nixon definitely comes across as a caring and classy woman who I think really wants to make a better change for the state. Also I think that she would help in making it better for women gay people transgender people and anybody else Weatherby race religion or any of it as long as you’re a good person that you deserve that equal right that any white man would get. I hope it works great for her!

    4. sergsfault

      samantha was a pr manager….kim catrall is an actress being a carreer woman can be said about any of them

  2. A A

    I love that Kim isn’t bitter when she responded to that. It shows she isn’t rude at all. Also, I love and support Cynthia!!

  3. Eric T

    Go Cynthia! You’re awesome!

  4. MJ МV

    Unqualified lesbian?.. for real? I mean, she can potentially question her qualification meaning her main job as an actress (people say the same about Gaga and Polaroid), but saying “unqualified lesbian” like it’s a bad thing to be a lesbian or if you’re a lesbian you definitely must be unqualified, like it’s affecting her being a politician and making rational choices or her to understand what’s right and best for people. Of course it’s going to make an impact on her decisions in certain areas (which is actually good), but it’s not something that’s going negatively affect her judgments about the main social problems and their solutions.
    The whole expression is aggressive, homophobic, unreasonable and heavily lacking an actual argumentative base.

  5. Tracy Watson

    Cynthia as governor ?! LMAO. Well, if Schwartzenegger can do it. Another celebrity is running for political office. That’s just great! What’s next? Bugs Bunny as Lieutenant Gov?

    1. kathi smith

      T Watson no Trump for president go fing figure??

  6. The Prelood

    «Cynthia Nixon nude scene», look for it on the net!

    1. aerialkate

      Amy Sidious What an odd post. I don’t care if an actor or actress once did a nude scene and it certainly wouldn’t affect my decision to vote for her, should she decide to go into politics.

  7. Daniélín NicG

    she against police bruality against the black community, she wants to free the weed and fix your state education system, im in lreland but if l was a new yorker id say vote for this lady