K-pop stars at center of mushrooming sex video scandal to appear before police for questioning

'성관계 몰카' 정준영•'성접대 의혹' 승리 내일 동시 소환

Two huge names in the world of K-Pop are in big legal jeopardy over sex-related allegations.
Police are going to question Jung Joon-young… and BigBang member Seungri over illicitly taped sex videos.
Hong Yoo has the latest.
Jung Joon-young admitted Wednesday that he had secretly filmed himself having sex with various women and sharing the videos with his friends through a mobile group chat.
Within the chat, Jung also bragged about his sexual relations with the women and joked about his friends' various sexual encounters.
Officials say he has been sharing the videos, that were recorded without the consent of the women, since 2015.
Police say at least 10 different women were in the various videos.
The K-pop star said he did not feel any sense of guilt for his behavior at the time, but on Wednesday he apologized to the victims.
He also said he will "put everything down" as a public figure and withdraw from all activities in the entertainment business.
Jung's activities were uncovered in the process of narrowing down the investigation of Seungri, a member of the popular boyband BigBang.
Seungri is accused of providing illegal escort services to his potential business partners for lobbying purposes.
Seungri, who had recently expanded his career to running several businesses such as restaurants and nightclubs, was also one of the members of the group chat at the center of the scandal.
Seungri will be questioned by police for a second time on Thursday.
His first appearance last month was related to suspicions ranging from drug use to buying sexual services for potential foreign investors in his businesses.
While Seungri initially denied all the allegations, a group chat with his business partner and employees, that was released to the media showed he had instructed an employee to arrange an illegal sexual service for a potential client.
Since that came to light, Seungri announced his retirement from the entertainment industry.
As more details of these scandals emerge, the moral standards of celebrities are being put under tougher public scrutiny.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

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  1. cookie crumbs

    it be your own idols bruh

  2. Nheng Ann

    They will debut in jail soon 🤮🤮

  3. Daisy

    I know that jjy is a bad boy, just look at his life style, hes been smoking and drinking all along

    1. Sandara Park is Queen

      I’m sorry but not all people who drink and smoke are bad people..i have friends who do those but they are even kinder and nicer than those people who don’t drink and smoke..we all have free will and he did those disgusting things because he is trash not because of the cigarette and alcohol

  4. Punam Gurung

    It’s a sad truth and we all were idolizing them not knowing what was the truth hidden behind. Those victims need justice and whoever are involved must be brought in front of all and punished for whatever wrong deeds they did this whole time.

  5. charu john

    Seungri why did you do that we fans used to really love u but now u have gone so down for money EVEN IF THE PROBLEM WILL SOLVE WE CAN LOOK SEUNGRI THE WAY WE USED TO LOOK AT HIM (REALLY HURT MY FEELINGS)

  6. CollectPositivityLoveLife N

    He is a pimp and i am disgusted with that.

  7. rania y

    some fans think they know everything about their idols, but iin reality they don’t know anything about their dirty life

    1. Ami Kyuu

      @Ferri Shabri 😂😂💀

    2. Ferri Shabri

      That why sometimes we need a sasaeng fans to spy on them

    3. Ami Kyuu

      @Yojana Adhikari There is a bigger issue to discuss than the wording of this comment… focus on the real topic and stop distracting yourself with bs that is too irrelevant.

    4. Ami Kyuu

      @Yojana Adhikari No one referred to all idols. I see that your English isn’t too good. It is a general statement that shows that we can’t really tell what is going on in their lives (no where was the word all used). More idols are even entering the issue. Good luck with your understanding skills. So triggered.

    5. Zachralte

      @Ferri Shabri yes but no but yes

  8. Grey Way

    So the usual low blow with some «I can’t handle the heat so I’m gonna leave» retirement stuff….ok

    1. Ami Kyuu

      @akidin06 I won’t come for you😂 I don’t see a future in the entertainment industry for either of them. If there are people out there willing to forgive and forget then maybe they don’t realise that they’re not the victims. Beats me.

    2. Ami Kyuu

      @akidin06 There’s drug use, then there’s this. I don’t see a comeback. He might even go to prison. I personally believe he deserves it.

  9. mrjcdc241

    «For the love of money is the root of all evil»

  10. Ldy Rwn

    I am really disappointed right now😥and worried to all BigBag Fans😥

  11. Batam Fanny

    What a dirty world nowadays. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  12. Ara Bica

    0:54 The bodyguard strongly push the brown jacket reporter.. but he keep up interviewing..

    1. Mariah

      The hardships of being a reporter or journalists. I don’t know which one is the correct word.

  13. Ray Mak

    Whyyyyyyy why is this happening

  14. Riri jumana

    💔💔💔😓😓😓😓omg wtf this week with idols

  15. Emma Velasco

    Joonyoung why???? Why??
    Tsk tsk

  16. monokyooo

    That *SCUMGRI* is looking like a mafia king

  17. ITS syaaa

    Clubs never can clean.

  18. Rusty Rab

    This actually feels like a movie ….

    1. Marie wang I.M monbebe

      Right? It actually reminded to me the infinite challenge making short movie with gd. But instead of gd there is seungri and jjy. And instead of murdering there is rape, bribe, sexual harassment and all those nasty sh*t.

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