Former ‘Smallville’ Star Allison Mack Sentenced To Prison In NXIVM Sex Cult Case

Former "Smallville" actress Allison Mack has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for the role she played in the NXIVM sex cult case. ET Canada has the latest details on her sentencing.

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  1. salma al-shaoily

    Showing remorse is not the same as feeling remorse. She committed crimes and deserves to face the punishment for those said crimes.

  2. Ananda Cait

    The fact that she asked the courts to serve no time at all in jail just shows that she think she doesn’t deserve to go to jail, and has not owned up to her actions. If she knew the extent of pain she cause she would take her punishment and not have the gull to ask for no time at all. Clearly the legal system cut her time down significantly and in my opinion she won’t learn her lesson in 3 years. Maybe 5 — 8, but not 3. She will be released and commit crimes again because she is fucked up… that type of life is all she knows.

    1. DCampusano1

      @TheKira708 It’s called acting. Everyone thought Bill Cosby was a saint until the whole rape mess he got into. Real life characters & TV characters are not one in the same.

    2. TheKira708

      It’s crazy is that…..her character Chole Sullivan in Smallville, was such a good person and would totally be against Allison’s behaviour. So it’s crazy how, after playing such a good character like Chloe she didn’t aspire to BE like Chole herself.

    3. Julia Weber

      @coderspy I agree my question was she a brainwashed victim or abused herself

    4. Yup_im_Tiff

      Yup she won’t learn anything in 3 years. She won’t even do 3 years. She’ll do 1 1/2 with good behavior.

    5. coderspy

      She was in a cult, that’s different from what motivates normal criminals.

  3. KellGy A

    Very disappointed with the judge
    Just because she acts sorry after facing 40 years and providing one piece of evidence doesn’t negate her ABUSIVE crimes

    If he got 120 years she should have got at least 10% of that

    This is not justice

    1. TheKira708

      Simple….she’s a Woman. If she was a Man, she would of gotten the same sentence as the leader or atleast half That…hell even 10, but because she’s Woman. Only 3.

  4. F.U.

    3 years? That is a disgrace to the justice system. She should rot in jail forever.

    1. Keith Callaway

      Pedophiles get a slap on the rist but remember anyone that’s an outlaw or drug user or junk bag on dope or anything they do not get it easy inside court room like this

  5. Cynthia Holmes

    Alison deserves so much worse she along with Keith has ruined so many people’s lives and for the rest of there life they will have to deal with the trauma forever

    1. YT Galhos

      @Tyrone Kinard The white man got 120 years though

    2. Julia Weber

      Wow what happened to her

  6. Miss Mac

    Alison is like Ghilslaine Maxwell grooming girls.

    1. Michael Thomas

      @Julia Weber yep. And all you have to do is read the transcripts and look at the testimony and evidence. CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING

    2. Julia Weber

      I actually don’t think she’s anything like the other in fact I would like to hear her side of story something must’ve happened when she started acting in Hollywood makes me wonder if she was recruited in a cult and brainwashed as well but a lot of times men manipulate women and brainwash them and she may have been even abused or threatened but seriously I wouldn’t compare I think there’s more to the story.

  7. Aleks Seb

    She should serve 14-17.5 years in prison. The only reason she “expresses” remorse is because she got caught. She is a psychopath that ruined women’s lives for so many years.

    Acting was not good enough? Sex trafficking seemed like an alternative?

  8. Mel B

    Absolute joke and an insult to her victims!!! 🤬

  9. Ellen Carter

    A whole segment about her sentencing without any mention of how many years she got? Smh.

    1. LaughCryItsAllGood

      I looked it up and she only got 3 years 😠

  10. Nessy Edwards

    I loved this actress on Smallville such a shame, 3 years is not enough for her crimes she should have got life

  11. Erika Burns

    When fame meets reality…just sad for everyone involved.😞

  12. Maggie Rascon

    Complete monster she is Disgusting and deserves way more time. Period.

  13. Communism Enslaves & Murders

    Raniere was sentenced to 120 years. Mack got 3 years. There’s women’s liberation for you… all of the upside, and only 2.5% of the downside!

    1. TheAmazingDolphin

      To be fair, she was the only reason he was sentenced. Took a plea and took down the entire organization

  14. Michael Thomas

    So…why no mention of CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING? Because THAT happened

  15. Harry G.

    from Smallville to a new Season of Orange is The New Black…..her career is booming, girl is on fire

    1. Nessy Edwards

      really she is disgusting she deserves life in prison not a stupid 3 years

  16. Olajide Alli

    I can’t believe she did this. I so much loved her.

  17. Joe O. Gosewisch Presents...

    Such a damn joke. 3 years????

  18. Rasodo

    I’m heart broken that she became this person 🙁

  19. David Sutton

    She has no remorse. She’s like Manson’s Squeaky and is in love with him. Three years is just a slap on the wrist and it would not surprise me if she tried to continue things once she gets out

  20. Prickly Pear

    Still cannot believe that anyone can throw away their life and career like this. Three years are way too little for her crimes.

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