That ’70s Show Star Debra Jo Rupp Transforms Into Famed Sex Therapist in Becoming Dr. Ruth

Meet Dr. Ruth Westheimer and the woman who plays her on stage, That '70s Show star Debra Jo Rupp.

What does famous sex therapist Dr. Ruth think about the one-woman play about her life? TheaterMania talks to Dr. Ruth herself as well as the cast and creative team of Becoming Dr. Ruth about what it's like to create a play about a living legend. Watch the video below to find out some fascinating and surprising facts about America's most famous sex therapist.
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  1. Southern American Lady Rocker Fan 1998

    When she was playing Kitty Forman I thought that was her real voice! She has a good voice. And is a good voice actress.

  2. alina h

    She sounds so weird when she speaks with her real voice

    1. schanderson

      You should see Debra Jo on that one episode of «Family Matters» where Eddie got in trouble in class and later visits the house where she thought Carl was a drug dealer. Listen to her voice, and compare that to her Kitty Forman’s voice.

    2. Ana Seymour

      She didn’t faked a voice for 8 years but, it was a little bit different from her acting voice

  3. ThisGuy Here

    Interesting is the understatement to describe that!

  4. 凍結數據

    Why did I grow up thinking she was the mom from Family Guy? 🤔

  5. Kalev Quigley

    I wanna hear that giggle only Kitty can do 😄😅

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