Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara — Beauty Stars Review

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  1. MrsKrikit

    I was so sad this mascara didn’t work for me. It applied amazingly and made my lashes look better than any mascara I’ve ever tried, but it flakes terribly on me throughout the day, so I didn’t repurchase 🙁

  2. Teresa Garza Arcaraz

    It’s the best when you apply it. However, it flakes like crazy all day long. If that problem was fixed, I would be more than happy

  3. The Cat

    I love this mascara. Before I was using mascaras that were completely damaging my eye lashes: they were more short, not growing, straight… Terrible. This one makes my lashes curly, more long, it’s simple to remove and doesn’t irritate my sensible eyes and it works so well, I love the effect. I will rebuy it without thinking twice. I love the fact it has good ingredients for the eye lashes.

  4. Kirsten Redding

    Just bought this mascara today ! So excited to try it out ❤️❤️

    1. Adilene Estrada

      how did it go?

  5. My Cray Cray Life 94

    , Sarah!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    Your biggest fan and loyal customerThis video speaks the absolute truth please never discontinue this mascara if you do tons of us out there will die crying

    Love you so much too faced!!! Thank you for changing the way I see myself and for ultimately changing my life! If it wasn’t for your products I wouldn’t see myself as as beautiful as I a!! Jared and Jeremy you truly have revolutionized and revitalized my life

  6. EllieJelly

    i love this mascara so much I can agree with them so much! <3

  7. A Spoonie's Makeup Bag

    never EVER stop making this little beauty!! I buy 3 at a time so I never run out

  8. Glam_by_Roci _

    There is no other mascara that could fill the space if this mascara goes out. Best mascara ever I’m soooo in love and yes it does it job… Go Better than Sex Mascara 😱😍😍😍. Thank you Toofaced

  9. Dazed Lindsay

    I just ordered the waterproof version and I love it

  10. AyyoShyGurlTv

    New this was gonna be a big hit once I realized it worked for me because let’s face it, that’s hard to say for MANY mascaras! #Holygrail <3 :*

  11. NaTaLiE343

    I wore this yesterday and someone told me I had nifty eyelashes lol I LOVE this mascara with my whole heart and soul

  12. Angelica Griffin

    Love it when the part of the tube that is meant to remove excess product when the bush comes out doesn’t come out or get stuck in the handle…it leave the brush its self useless because I end up with so much product…this happens on the second or third use…it fixes its self sometimes but I cannot use one of the tubes anymore because it is completely lodged in the handle :/

    1. Angelica Griffin

      *brush not bush

  13. Destiny Lopez

    I will always stick to my favorite mascara… Maybeline mascara! It’s a staple for every girls wallet.

  14. Tobias P

    not my favorite too faced product or my favorite mascara HOWEVER- some of my favorite beauty gurus are right up there so this vid gets a thumbs up :3

    to be fair, everything else too faced IS my favorite. my gosh, the chocolate pallet is EVERYTHING.

  15. Heather Cox

    Always wanted to try this stuff!!!!

  16. The brunettes win

    Best mascara I have ever tried.  When I die, my lashes are going to be rocking this as I head on into the pearly gates!!!!

    1. Destiny Martinez

      TheBrunetteswin best comment ever 😂😂😂

  17. Stefany Herrera

    Bought two tubes and I don’t know if I got 2 bad ones? I didn’t get these results, it sucks because too faced is the only brand I use. I still think the name is hilarious because I start thinking whoever named this mascara hasn’t had good sex lol

  18. Spencer 🏳️‍🌈

    I want to buy this mascara so badly

  19. Jess Nicole | BeautifulBreakable

    Wayne Goss is a makeup god😍🙌🏻💜

  20. Michelle Mac

    Totally…totally over-hyped. Anything that is THIS hyped up, I avoid. I received a deluxe sample and it’s…meh. It flakes really bad and I find my drugstore mascara (lash sensational) is much, much better. Of course, if people get this for free, they are going to be biased. But, maybe they all do love it that much and it just didn’t work for me and my lashes. That’s why there isn’t just one mascara (or eye liner or foundation, etc.). Not everything works for every person. At least in the US you can return it if it doesn’t work for you, right?

    1. Michelle Mac

      @Stacy Lavallee Good advice! I’ve been planning on buying it…great minds! Thanks. 🙂

    2. me.

      I’m not sure where you are, but if you have Covergirl where you are you should try their SuperSizer mascara. It gives you major volume and length and does not clump. Best drugstore mascara I ever tried.

    3. Rinavelli

      you should try the full size tube. I also received a sample size from Sephora & was not impressed. I tried the product full size in store a few months after & loved the way it applied ! I ended up purchasing the full size tube & it is now my everyday holy grail mascara now !!! you can always return it if it doesn’t work then 🙂

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