‘Sex and the City’ Stars REACT to Major Death in ‘And Just Like That’ (Exclusive)

ET’s Lauren Zima speaks to 'And Just Like Like That' stars Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and showrunner Michael Patrick King about the major death that took place in the premiere episode of the ‘Sex and The City’ revival. ‘And Just Like That…’ is streaming now on HBO Max.

Exclusives from #EntertainmentTonight :

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  1. Theresa Robinson

    I’m shocked at how great the revival is

    1. NIC

      I’m shocked and impressed

  2. Tercia da Silva

    I can’t watch that scene again because all I keeping thinking about is how much time she had to call 911

    1. Ahoy mate

      @Anthony Durante exactly. Has she had personal growth? Doesn’t seem like it. Stalking Natasha too.

    2. Anthony Durante

      all that pausing for dramatic effect…its a hole in the storytelling..ALSO..she seems just like Carrie circa 2001 whe shes doubting Big’s love for her in E 4 ..so stupid

    3. Ahoy mate

      I think that whole time that she walked in and realize what was going on and then her saying and just like that John had died was about a minute and 20 seconds. And this is Hollywood Michael Patrick king wrote this episode so that Carrie would experience ‘ is it better to have loved and lost than not at all’ so spending that last minute and a half with him holding him in her arms was the Hollywood script writing way, it wasn’t to save his life

    4. Erin Sings

      She easily could have…he wasn’t dead that long

    5. Jeanne

      @Sean Stephens I agree with you … as someone who has 9 stents and my first stent was an emergency. I was 52 … on Nov 6, 2006 was having the beginning of a heart attack but thought it was stress. I had started feeling some signs on a Saturday night at my boyfriends but thought it was stress as I was going through stressful times at that point. They continued off & on but we went to bed and most of Sunday I didn’t experience any real symptoms as we watched football all day. I had him go to the store and get me some aspirin on Sunday morning so that may have helped. By Sunday evening I got up to eat dinner and it started again … the pain in my chest was now incontrollable and my color was not good. He took me to the hospital and within 4 hours after my blood work came back they were admitting me and said I was having a heart attack. After they admitted me shortly there after I went into full cardiac arrest. I was gone for 2 minutes and they were able to get me back after shocking me once. The doctor said technically I was dead. I had a 100% blocked coronary artery on my right side. I was in the right place at the right time.

      I do agree that he (Mr. Big/John) was holding on hoping Carrie would come home before he would pass. The longer a person goes without help the more damage happens to your heart and other parts of your body. I think the history of these characters from the start is they didn’t want to live past their time through any hospital stays with possible worse living conditions causing the other more burdens or pain. Big was older than Carrie and did have heart issues (stent) in the earlier series and even if she had called 911 he knew it was his time and just wanted to see Carrie before letting go. I haven’t watched the new chapter of the series I grew up watching when it first came on HBO in the late 90’s yet, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open up to the new chapter but after watching some clips here on YouTube, I think I am open to letting a new chapter of the series into my life. I grew up every Sunday night with «Sex & The City» from the very first show on HBO and I have the box set and the 2 movies. I grew up with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha and fell in love with BIG (Chris Noth) from the beginning. I hope there isn’t too much of the «woke» bs in the storyline because I want to escape all of the bs rhetoric in the current real world where it is being forced down our throats in pretty much every area you turn. I want the fun of the old series along with issues that real people face but I don’t want it force fed through this great series that I hold dear to my heart.

  3. Lori Barbadora

    I think we often miss (Big) pointed out how much having money changed Carrie. She used to love fashion — in its many forms in NYC, with an occasional splurge on a pair of Manolo’s. But the extravagance and infatuation with huge closets of clothing was highlighted in Movie #1 and picks up in Episode 1 (and in clips of future episodes selling the home). Note, Movie #1 she went overboard worrying more about the wedding plans being high end than marrying Big, almost destroying their chances of being happy. And Big pointed it out again in Episode 1 when she discusses her salmon purchase — rewatch and listen for Big’s comments to her. The friend at the funeral said “did we forget how shitty he was to Carrie”…well, more like we ignore how shitty she was to him. Please don’t reignite the Aidan relationship now that Big has died!🤢

  4. greggymigliario

    I’ll never get over this loss. Big 🖤

    1. Keith Earl

      I guarantee you one day while walking in Nyc she suddenly sees Aden …

    2. Keith Earl

      @greggymigliario Remember Burger she liked him also … She’s gonna at least meet up with one of her old flames …

    3. greggymigliario

      @Keith Earl hahahah good god I hope not 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. random dude

    I was surprised how good the first two episodes were, I thought I would hate it but it all worked so well, I liked how they integrated the absence of Samantha too.

    1. Gina Morse

      I was surprised how bad the first two episodes were.

    2. julia jones

      Yeah but they didn’t have to make Samantha no longer friends with the girls. They could have just said she wanted a change and moved to London.

    3. Alicia Lynnette

      Very well done it was nice to see them have the character evolve

    4. Anthony Fenton

      How much did HBO pay you to say that 😂

    5. bella reid

      @DC D. Agreed. As I said above, the terrible writing severely pissed me off. These people make millions for this?

  6. Nicholas Garrick

    So heartbreaking I didn’t think I was going to cry in the first episode 💔😢.

  7. Jason Silva

    Makes sense… He had a Heart condition and a procedure back in the SATC, remember?

    1. Long Long Shadows

      Everthing back then was better then this unrecognizable nightmare of a show

  8. Kay Dee

    I felt every moment of that scene. When Carrie screams “John”.. I jumped inside my skin… I can never watch that episode again.. It felt real! Well written, well acted… you pulled me in. Too sad to ever to watch again.

    1. Chantelle Wilson

      I won’t be able to re watch that episode either

    2. JerseyGirlForLife

      The scene stresses me out of each time I watch it

  9. Tina Huttner

    I new something was going to happen once they started going back and forth between Lilly’s recitle and big exercising!

    1. B Real

      «I knew» not I new. New is something you purchase at the store. You’re welcome.

  10. A!

    The scene felt so real and Carrie being in shock like that makes sense. It was so realistic and that first episode ending had me stunned. Then they added the original series finale song “you got the love” to the end of this first episode too?! it was good and the second episode was good too. I cant wait to see the rest of the series and see Carrie find herself again and gain her happiness back.

  11. Mary Lou Rivera

    I felt like I lost my husband too Mr.Big will forever be missed. Carrie girl I feel your pain

  12. giuseppina pavesi

    I think it would have been more interesting to see what the relationship between Mr Big and Carrie would be like in the future…unless it was found more interesting to see how Carrie will go on with her life without him.

  13. D C

    After two years of this horrible pandemic, you’d think that they could have given die-hard fans a few episodes of Carrie and Big together. A few episodes of catching up on the girls and happy get togethers since we missed so many real-life get togethers of our own. Nope not a chance. Kill off a major fan-favorite character first episode. Force feed some obnoxious unlikeable new characters down our throats for good measure. Promote the idea that Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie are strong, smart, independent women, but Miranda is helpless to stop her teen from screwing his girlfriend in Miranda’s house and Carrie just cries and doesn’t call 911 or start CPR as Big dies. Ok I’ll just go back to watching reruns of the series thank you.

    1. GetReal 4Real

      You wrapped it up perfectly. I thought I would see more of them as a married couple since we didn’t get to see it in the original SATC. Just so disappointing.

  14. Lorene Austin

    We never got to really see Big and Carrie in the good relationship. I think they should have let us see that and kill him off in the 5th episode.

  15. Alicia Mathura

    I hated when I watched it because my heart didnt need to go through this but I love that they took it this way. It was cathartic in some ways.

  16. Dawn Dustman

    What do you do, when you see the love of your life lying lifeless on the floor? A. Call 911. B. Start cpr, C. Hold him in your arms, say his name over and over, and hope he comes around to go out to dinner.

  17. bella reid

    I HATE this. Big’s death, no 911 call, Miranda’s obvious upcoming alcoholism, Miranda is suddenly an idiot who has never spoken to a person of colour?! embarrassing and so badly written! Steve is reduced to a running joke because of hearing loss? Offensive! The writing is just awful.

    1. bella reid

      @Charms, Glitz and Sparklez So glad to hear it’s not just me that’s pissed off! lol

    2. violetv

      @Charms, Glitz and Sparklez also got those vibes from Che and Miranda.. but the original series made it clear that Miranda was not lesbian!? REMEMBER the episode with the baseball teams and the law firm partners?

    3. jrwathas

      OMG, I felt SO much secondhand embarrassment when Miranda was having that ridiculous scene in the classroom about the professor’s braids! I almost couldn’t even watch! SO cringe! But, yeah, I agree. I binge watched the first 3 episodes last night and I am NOT impressed so far. Why did they bring the series back just to immediately kill off one of the most important characters?! It also seems like there has been a total role reversal between Anthony and Stanford. Now, Stanford is the bitchy queen and Anthony is the sweet and caring one. Also, why is Brady only 17?! He was born during the 1998 season, so he should be like 22 or 23 by now! I think I now know why Kim Cattrall didn’t want to do this series revival……

    4. bella reid

      @violetv Oh, I forget that! I swear the fans should write the show… we know more lol

  18. Samantha Clarke

    This was the hardest scene to watch. Almost 5 years ago a similar situation happened in my life and I found my dad in my bathroom in the same way Carrie found Big. Watching Carrie’s reaction to what happened and the episode afterwards was like rewatching everything my mom went through. I think they’re portraying this very realistically

    1. jrwathas

      It was VERY realistic. In fact, it was spot on. The same thing happened to my mother-in-law back in 2008. She lived out of state and my husband and I had gone to spend a weekend with her as we so often did. We had just gotten back to her house after we had gone out to dinner and had done a little bit of shopping. She said that she wasn’t feeling too well and wanted to go home. She was a diabetic and she thought she just needed her insulin, so we brought her back to the house while we ran up the road to Walgreen’s to get something really quickly. I think we needed contact lens solution because we had forgotten to bring ours with us from home. When we got back to her house about 15-20 minutes later, we found her on the floor in the bathroom unresponsive. Both my husband and I were paramedics for many years, so we checked her for a pulse and she didn’t have one, so my husband started CPR while I called 911. We were able to get her pulse and breathing back; however, she unfortunately had suffered a massive stroke and had hypoxic brain injury, which meant that she would never wake up from her coma, so my husband and his 3 siblings had to make the difficult decision to take her off life support and she passed away a day or two later. it has been almost 14 years and my husband and I still have so much guilt for leaving her alone for that 15-20 minutes while we went to the drug store. If we had been there, we could have helped her immediately. It’s rough.

    2. NIC

      thank you. I hate all the complaining and criticism in the comments ,
      this scene was very sad and realistic and the aftermath too .

    3. Simone Abrahamsohn

      I’m so sorry, Samantha.

  19. Mona winti

    I cried throughout the whole scene.
    It’s very real It’s very natural to express emotions. Why don’t Carrie help him with the heart pump? And blow the air in his mouth. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Mr Big When he died, he was still very handsome.💔😭😭😭