‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris sentenced to 12 years for sex crimes, survivors share story | USA TODAY

The FBI arrested Jerry Harris after investigating reports made to police by two 14-year-old boys who claim Netflix "Cheer" star solicited explicit photos and sex.


Jerry Harris, former star of the Netflix docuseries "Cheer," was sentenced Wednesday to 12 years in federal prison for soliciting sex from minors and pressuring young boys to send him nude photos and videos, according to an attorney for two of the boys Harris abused.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty in February to two charges for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old in the bathroom during a cheer competition and paying a 17-year-old to send him sexually explicit photos and videos via Snapchat, court records show. Harris also admitted to similar conduct involving other minors, though prosecutors agreed to dismiss those charges as part of the plea agreement.

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  1. Azure Vox

    It amazes me people take things at face value despite all the constant information showing us the truth. Always assume people are putting on a mask. The more they speak about love, niceness and peace, the more corrupt they are.

    Open your eyes.

  2. Joygernaut M

    This just goes to show that bad people can be disguised as good people. The people that you think look like bad people are often normal people and the real bad people are the ones with the smiles and the charisma and the status.

    1. John Doe

      @The Mentalist Zz Yeah not excusing the behavior but I bet this happened to him as a young boy also. Thinks it’s normal and repeats the cycle. He came from a broken home if you watch the show. Truly sad.

    2. The Mentalist Zz

      @Paradox3627505  GAYS. These two guys are gays 100%. I did say and mean gays. Look at them, they are just pretentious and obnoxious, very typical. I am even questioning the motive of these two gays, and if they are just being too Queeny and whiny.

    3. Paradox345

      @The Mentalist Zz I read and understand your perspective. I’m not trying to be facetious, but did you mean to say «guys» when you commented, «It so happened that these two gays where …»?

    4. Chase Hedges67

      The most accurate thing I’ve ever read. I sometimes ask myself if I’m a good or bad and can never think of an answer.

      It’s definitely more complicated than it looks.

    5. Chase Hedges67


  3. KAT FRAN "Out of tha SHADE"

    So so sorry this happened to your young sons. I pray they recover heeling 1000% to blot this horrible stain and stinch out of their lives and memories. I also believe jail isn’t where this person needs to be I also feel he is a victim where someone has done this to him and he never told and wasn’t able to process or channel this urge and sickness God bless and heel him as well

    1. whyieyesyadonpiano

      You’re right. Considering the astonishingly high recidivism rates of sex offenders he should be under the jail.

    2. just felicia

      @silent majority Yes, and I AGREED.

      …then commented on Kat Fran «Out of tha Shade» said about him probably being a victim therefore he should not go to jail

    3. silent majority

      @just felicia I said cas trated meaning Jerry should be clipped down south so he can never molest another kid

    4. just felicia

      @silent majority AGREED. I get that hurt people hurt people, but they should suffer no consequences?

      a murderer has been hurt too, but …. EDITED: they still go to jail for killing, even though pain may be a driving factor

    5. silent majority

      @just felicia and cas trated

  4. Saleta R

    In my opinion anyone that sexually abuses kids should have life in prison.

    1. Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

      he essentially will, he’s going to be a sex offender for life, even when they get out of jail they are treated like a social pariah, he will never get the same success he once had that’s for sure, the internet never lets people forget this stuff, unless he changes his identity completely (which i don’t think he will be allowed to) his life is over

    2. SilverBullet

      Amen!!! You are so right darling. Serving these 10-15 year sentences is bologna. I think you should be a judge if you’re not already 😁.

  5. Christina Koria

    The mother did right by her kids. As a mother, I stand with you!! 🌺❣️🌸

    1. whyieyesyadonpiano

      @Dania A THIS!

    2. Dania A

      actually no she should have went to the police first instead of assuming the cheerleading association would handle it.

  6. salma al-shaoily

    12 years doesn’t feel like enough. These predators all need harsher sentences for the lives they ruin…every single one. Also I’m sure he’s done worse and never got caught.

    1. silent majority

      @Starry Eyes ok coo coo

    2. silent majority

      @Starry Eyes By your logic we can’t arrest anybody till age 25🤣🤣

    3. silent majority

      Media and courts run by these same people

    4. ameliaweights

      @Colin Woods death. The only acceptable punishment for sex crimes is death. They cannot be reformed. They never stop. They only progress to more serious crimes.

    5. Guido Weicker

      Electric chair, hanging or lethal injection would be great for this kind of crimes on children!!!! As simple as that

  7. Mama Poch

    Okay this isn’t child “pornography”. It’s pictures and videos of sexual assault and rape of children. 12 years is not enough. Do they think this monster will be _cured_ once he gets out? Anyone who has any of these images and/or videos deserves life without parole. Our children need to be protected.

    1. silent majority

      @The Mentalist Zz We are normal law abiding people not ilk
      We can reduce crime but we have to admit who is doing it

    2. silent majority

      @The Mentalist Zz By your logic crime is ok and the burden totally on the parents
      well we work and can’t be with them every minute
      These people you defend are predators
      SS G men that don’t observe the underage rule
      They think G is G no matter what age
      There are more SS molesters that opposite sex molesters
      We don’t often hear about women doing this but they do
      Oprahs school in Africa had that problem but the story went away

    3. silent majority

      @Bla bla bla YET but probably would have if he had the chance
      Its disturbing to see so many SS molests but nobody willing to admit G men don’t observe the underage rule
      To them G is G hence their love is love motto
      Hollywood filled with more like him

    4. silent majority

      @The Mentalist Zz I;m not causing kid porn thats Hollywood Silicon valley DC

    5. McChicken with Light Mayo

      @The Mentalist Zz yea we protect our kids by keeping these sick fucks out of the streets. dickhead if someone abuses a CHILD, someone who’s super vulnerable, they don’t deserve freedom.

  8. CeeCee

    If you lose friends because you did the right thing then sweetie they are not and never were your friends…keep your head up remember it takes strength to take down the devil👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🇯🇲

  9. M J

    I hope there are no more victims… If there are please be strong and come forward. So sad… prayers to the familys for healing.

  10. Honey Rayen

    I’ve been threw something similar, and it’s awful, I’m happy those boys are getting justice

  11. Kat Storm

    The cheer company needs to be held accountable. They’re an organisation that works with children, but even some states have mandatory reporting laws for everyone, where failure to report suspected abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult is a crime.

    1. Kat Storm

      I don’t have a subscription so can’t read the article, but there’s a USA today report about USAF cheer company that they repeatedly mishandle all kind of complaints.

  12. Ess!e Bug

    Parents need to be more diligent about having their child’s back in life. Nobody out there has your child’s best interest in mind. People are straight up evil and for a parent to just let their kids have social media without any kind of supervision is straight up mental! Talk to your kids and keep an eye on their social media or better yet don’t let them have it. Our kids need us on their side these days!

    1. Daryl Graham


  13. Nicole Jennings

    This common among coaches and atletes, even in Boy Scouts. I would not trust my children to be close with teachers coaches or any adultsoutside of my supervision or circle. They are often perverse.

    1. silent majority

      Odd they like the same sex but are not called G

    2. BT

      Most adults don’t enjoy just hanging around children all the time so you do have to keep an eye on people with those type of jobs, because they attract predators. No offense to the people who truly love kids, just saying….

    3. elbushra babiker


  14. Macaroon Gaming

    i watched cheer and wow, never did i know that jerry was this kind of person. the show showed him as a very nice and positive person which i hope he still has a bit of that in him, but he ruined it all for himself. he could’ve had such a great career but he did such a terrible act. i’m hoping the kids from the situation are doing well.

  15. B summers

    Crazy that the parents have their faces shown to the public

    1. The Dewitt Clinton

      @Bla bla bla geeeee, if ya don’t know ya must belong to the biden crowd…….sad and disgusting!? 🤷

    2. Alexis

      @Jonathan Sanchez it’s good that they were the ones that showed their faces bc if it wasn’t going to be them it would’ve been someone else. Those boys cheer at one of the largest, most popular, and most decorated all star cheer teams in the world. They were brave for stepping out.

    3. The Dewitt Clinton

      Please look up who the FOUNDER of the lgbt movement is! And I’ll leave it at that!

    4. John

      Their parents are the ones who indoctrinated them.

    5. Nicole Jennings

      They did not learn anything, did they? Not good at protecting loved ones

  16. Lori Stewart

    It’s already been proven that these kind of people like Jerry cannot be rehabilitated!

  17. toni fitz

    You know what, I’m not blaming anyone except for the predators… That said, and I say this from never having been in the situation myself.. I would like to think, I would never let my child be alone with an adult, choose who it was… other than the very few i trust with her life.. There are situations in the u.k. were a football coach abused children, and unknowingly parents had let their kids stay overnight with said coach… obviously not realising, and call in naivety, their child has been groomed and abused, also priests have done the exact same thing.. There are ppl attracted to children, that never act on it.. The ones that do are predators…. Fame and money seems to go to these paedos heads, they think they can get away with it… Always Name and Shame the sickos… It makes my blood boil.. they want castrating and worse..

  18. Awesome Andre

    This is just weird. Hopefully parents will have that talk with their kids. What a predator is and always tell mom and dad when someone is doing something weird no matter what age they are.

  19. whyieyesyadonpiano

    I’m always a little baffled when parents treat crimes like an administrative issues. If someone hurts your children don’t file a letter of complaint, GO TO THE POLICE

  20. sellyourcomputer

    Never knew about cheer but it’s crazy to me someone that’s ‘on top of the world’ will completely destroy their life and others for sexual gratification

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