Two Stars Of «Sex Education» Talk About The Hit New Show

Alistair Petrie and Connor Swindells talk father/son relationships; finding out who you are at school; and the joys of playing the jerk or the idiot.

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  1. Austin Horn

    Shout out to the bloke enjoying his sandwich across the way at 9:51

  2. Charli Blake

    Connor is SUCH a fantastic actor. I really believe him in this role. I came hunting for interviews to see what he’s like out of that character and it’s night and day. Crazy impressed✊🏼

    1. larry jones-emery

      Adam is not stupid!! He is trying to live in the midst of trying to learn to be himself.

    2. Charli Blake

      Sibsibs1989 yeah…he really stands out in this show. A complete natural. It’s a rare thing when actors are able to become a character so fully that it’s hard to believe their actually real life selves are them.

    3. Sibsibs1989

      Charli Blake he really is an incredible actor. He has his own unique style but he sort of reminds me of Adam Driver or Josh O’Connor.

    4. Charli Blake

      @larry jones-emery did someone call him stupid? Did I miss something?

    5. larry jones-emery

      @Charli Blake I was reacting to the way Adam is being treated by his dad. Adam is more in need of a sympathetic parent—such as mom.

  3. 야옹

    They looks like a real father and son!

    1. violamateo

      Genius casting choice.

    2. KidCasperTV

      @Cal Petrie LMAOO are u really his kid, cuz google says alistair petries kid is named cal

    3. Emanuel Santos

      yeaaaa i was about to say that. Their faces look alike a lot 🤯 great pick on actors

    4. Diane Davidson

      They do!

    5. Brodie Petrie

      I think dad may be lying to us @Cal Petrie

  4. Gau Thier

    Best casting ever Alistair looks like an older version of Adam, Alistair is my favorite actor, so much range and love!

  5. Gab By

    Man, the casting directors must have laughing themselves to sleep bec they did such an amazing job — THEY DO LOOK ALIKE

    1. marsbars

      FOR REAL they must’ve been cheesing for WEEKS when they saw the two

  6. Shayana White

    Connor’s smile warms my soul.. gives me great joy to see him smiling and be happy 🙂

  7. J B

    I thought they cast actual father and son with these two. Just the way the dad never shows any positivity towards his kid seems so realistic and they look alike. I’m just surprised when people have dads who are actually nice to them or supportive in any way. I thought all dads were like this towards their daughters (and sons).

  8. Finster

    I enjoy watching these sit downs more than so called A Celebrity interviews. It’s always a pleasant surprise when you get to meet the real people who play troubled characters. Nice guys.

  9. TheDragonAndTheWolf

    They look so similar, and their personalities are so alike too. Alistair is oddly more laid back and witty compared to his headmaster character

  10. Haku 3dits

    honestly Alistair is so underrated and funny

  11. Augusto Lugo

    Love them both and I am hooked on SE such an amazing show and cast, love it!!

  12. Badia

    Thank you so much!! This interview was loveley <3

  13. Hawa Diallo Kane

    Connor reminds me a lot of Andrew Garfield. They have the same kind of grace in their manners and acting

  14. Sahil Zahid

    I can’t be the only one who thought they were father and son

    1. E M

      No, the casting is phenomenal. I thought they were.

  15. Gau Thier

    They look so much alike!! Best casting ever

  16. Harry S

    Alistair and Conor are very much alike…. not coming as friendly as first but you can be comfortable talking with

  17. hm

    Connors my dream guy

  18. Julika7

    I was so sure that these two are actually related, they look so alike in the series.

  19. jerry

    everyone be like ‘adam x eric’ or ‘adam x aimee’
    but all I want is ‘adam x mr groff’

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