Anatomy of a Scandal Stars Talk Sex, Power and Consent | Netflix

Hear from the cast and co-writer of Anatomy of a Scandal (Sienna Miller, Rupert Friend, Michelle Dockery, Naomi Scott, Josette Simon and Melissa James Gibson) talk about sex, privilege, power and consent.

0:00 — Anatomy of a Scandal Stars Talk Sex, Power and Consent
0:20 — He thinks he's earned it
1:58 — Often the woman is blamed
3:34 — The truth will out
5:29 — The reality

For help with any of the issues raised in this video please see below for a list of resources:

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Anatomy of a Scandal Stars Talk Sex, Power and Consent | Netflix

Sophie's privileged life as the wife of powerful politician James unravels when scandalous secrets surface — and he stands accused of a shocking crime.
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  1. Richard Blackmore

    I’m still recovering from that ending that came out of nowhere for me. I completely believed that James was innocent and then I realized that is the whole point of the show. So often we have an image in our minds of what a criminal looks like and when we see someone involved in that kind of situation that doesn’t look the part we immediately believe them. Also the part of how men with power believe they can manipulate people to get what they want. That they are above the law. As a boy dad I am left thinking what I’m gonna teach my son about sex, ethics, and being a good person. Most important, I think is to teach him that he isn’t entitled to anything, especially love and sex, and honestly why would you want to be entitled to that. I am going to teach him to be kind and respect others most of all. If you want a full life be a good person. So much to think about after this show.

  2. Any Question kiddo!!????

    It’s nice to see Sienna Miller in more projects, she’s an underrated actress. She’s mesmerising in this show

    1. Angela Holmes

      Yeah she’s so great in the show

  3. Anita Acda

    I loved this series so much, i watched everything in one day! The message is also so so important. I don’t want to spoil anything, but please just watch this, so more people become aware of the impact and subtile signals regarding to rape.

  4. Tam Natalie

    I want to see Rupert Friend and Sienna Miller as a normal married couple in another show. They have good chemistry

  5. Mahamud Khalif

    As long as Michelle Dockery is in a show, am sold

    1. Melina Verschoor

      Same lmao also goes for interviews etc. If shes in it. I’ll watch it 😂

  6. homeland11

    Nice to see rupert friend again, especially after seeing his amazing work on homeland.

  7. Celeste Clement

    Sienna’s style never dissapoints I mean I’m literally starving for that shirt and jacket it’s🔥😍

  8. Maximilian Debian

    I liked the show till the end when Sienna betrayed her husband…she was very supportive and understanding up until that point. Disappointing ending.

  9. Crystal B

    Only had to watch a minute of this before I was sold. Let me head on over to Ms. Netflix lol

  10. Fast H Racing

    Its a very fine line.

  11. Aaliyah Kassim

    She’s too much of a doormat. She’s not even angry about him humiliating her family like this. It’s unbearable to watch

  12. วิภาพร แทนหอม


  13. 17thRodeo

    “ the man and the woman” “the women always” very hetero normative conversation about rape and sexual assault

    1. B1_9

      Because in the context of the show the assaults are between a man and a woman. Stop making everything an issue.

    2. 民主湯圓🇹🇼

      sadly, I guess, that’s how most conversations about rape still go. in the future I’m sure it will be better

  14. Angela Holmes

    This show is really great from beginning to end 😊💯😁

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