Shameless’ Star Emmy Rossum Reveals Plot Points & Talks Sex in Hollywood

Shameless' star Emmy Rossum reveals several plots points of the new season, talks sex in Hollywood and gives her take on Kim Kardashian's nude photo spread in her interview on Larry King Now.


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Watch the Full Interview Here:
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  1. Carsonotto Cullen

    Seriously, probably the single most beautiful individual in all of Hollywood!! Phenomenal actress and singer, and has a brilliant mind. She is absolutely amazing!!

    1. Leif

      Why do you say she has a brilliant mind?

  2. Josh S.

    She’s a great actress and seems to be as brilliant as a person.

  3. Ray Campbell

    I just love hearing her speak, she is also very beautiful.

  4. Brady Hoefflin

    I love her

  5. flashdanceluver

    she looks the same as she did 10 years ago cant believe shes gonna be 30 soon

  6. B Uz

    Love her! Invite Shailene Woodley pls


    Larry putts it well, mrs Rossum IS WILDLY TALENTED.

  8. Juliette T

    Omg Tom Hardy!! What a good answer to that question 🙂

  9. Ktip Bomb

    «Thrust upon» DEAD

  10. Apollyon

    Wait what season are they talking about??? Lol

  11. Uncle Moose

    Get Kevin Spacey on

  12. D-blocka Hokka

    Larry King is hitting on her. I take you to Israel baby. Old man

  13. Alfredo Abaunza

    pervert alert @10:17

  14. jqkie


  15. AMO

    Her hair is beautiful

  16. Renato Doho

    Emmy Rossum, she’s wonderful! So well articulated.

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