Emma Mackey | ‘Sex Education’ star on why the Netflix show is so important

Maeve Wiley lifts the curtain on Netflix's sex-obsessed teen drama.

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  1. tana 0

    I started watching this show cause i thought it would be a american pie type comedy to spend some time. But it actually is a gem. I agree that the whole sex education part might be a little too much. However, the way the show gives background to all the characters and explains how the became what they are, and relates them to their parents and peers is amazing. So many different topics on characters many of us relate to. Also they have done an amazing job on some of the love stories, especially the main one, where you really root for the characters and want them to end up together. PLEASE WATCH IT and then judge.

  2. Deadlinedork

    I started watching this series thinking that it was going to be comedic, and it was! Except, the more I watched, The closer I got to and bonded with Maeve’s character. I agree with what Emma Mackey says in this interview that the things that impact her character impact many people in real life, too and that includes me. I think that is definitely why I feel such a close and deep connection of empathy for her character. Such an amazing actress and nobody could have pulled off those emotional scenes quite as well as Emma Mackey did.

  3. Paul-Sebastian Manole

    I think it’s weird that they talk about how good the show is but they never mention the writers. Because, honestly, the actors are amazing in this show, perhaps because they can easily relate by the actuality of the issues tackled, but the writers are just spot on with everything! The number of plot twists in one episode and the tension is amazing in everyone one of them! Some scenes I felt like rewinding and watching them all over again… and I did!

    1. Kaitlin

      Agreed. People behind the scenes of great shows and movies are so underrated.

  4. ReaperSide Gaming

    i love her accent and acting..

  5. Shreshth Walia

    Her way of talking is really nice

  6. fotouniver

    What a pity…
    As if no one knows — this is an intimate part of every person, every teenager. Everyone determines what and how, when to start.
    Why all this ?

    Crazy century.

  7. George Nismo

    I wanna marry her..

  8. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    This show is amazing and I cannot wait for season 2!!!

    1. Lmao.

      I know I have some real talent

    2. Kareem Rhouila

      You guys should save this fantastic debate for Oxford union. It’s complexities and nuances are wasted here.

    3. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      @Lmao. the whole thing is a fucking joke and your taking it like some debate Haha

    4. Lmao.

      i don’t think you actually understood lmao

    5. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      @Lmao. I just said the same thing he said to me because it was ironic that he was posting a comment saying nobody asked when nobody asked him either. Stop acting smart sport. Go to bed kiddo.

  9. Aftertherain

    Why so much hate?

    1. Gamze


  10. Fit40

    its ok i have been watching an episode here and there.

  11. Kynikos Tashasch

    When people start talking about how «important» a show is, it usually means it’s not very good as a piece of entertainment media, but it does push an agenda they approve of. Just to help people decode this.

    1. Matheus Joel Marques

      @Kynikos Tashasch lgbt doesnt mean just «lesbian, gay, bi, trans, etc», its a community, a movement, and it carries with itself a political view.
      Everything is politics. A gay guy can still be misogynistic. A lesbian can still be transphobic.
      If you think just because a show has diversity and it shines a light on things that a community that was underrepresented for centuries and is finally gaining strength is trying to push an «agenda» (I honestly dont know what that «agenda» would be), then yes, youre bi, but not part of the community.
      Did you come out to a loving family that accepted you? I didnt, and it sucked, and if this show was around when I came out I think I wouldve felt a lot better.
      Even if youre bi, if you dont understand that there might be people, like me years ago, that need something like this on the mainstream, this show is not for you.

    2. Kynikos Tashasch

      @Matheus Joel Marques I mean, I am bi myself but as we know, nobody is truly lgbt unless they agree with you politics right?

    3. Matheus Joel Marques

      if you cant see why its important, its not for you. I’m gay, and I wish I had this show when I was 15-16, would have made my coming out and accepting myself way easier. This show does a great job in showing diversity, abuse, etc, and how to handle it correctly. To all the young LGBT and abuse survivors, the real target of this show, it is AMAZING

    4. Sapir Avrahami

      That’s total bullshit. It is a great show regardless of any «agenda».

    5. splinterbyrd

      Totally. This was a squalid piece of propaganda pushing a squalid lifestyle on impressionable youngsters. Sex Education is an apt title, although Sex Brainwashing would be better.

  12. Joe Tasker

    A lot of interracial relationships going on not that I have a problem with it just doesn’t seem real in sense we’re everyone is in a interracial relationship

    1. Artur

      Where I live interracial relationships are pretty common. Only because some things are not like the bubble you live in, doesn’t mean that is the same thing all over the world.

    2. Uriel URIEL

      Joe Tasker, The only people crying about interracial relationships are normally racist. This show is trash because of other reasons: Poor cliché writing and the usual emphasis on sex and promiscuity. The youth will snap it up though like they do with Love Island.

    3. Hereby Hereby

      That’s Netflix for you. All of their originals have forced diversity.

  13. Yasemin Buse KEŞKÜŞ

    türkçesi yok mu bunun

    1. Gamze


    2. Gamze


  14. splinterbyrd

    Can’t netflix think of something more interesting with which to engage youngsters?

  15. JTH

    What a load of typical predictable crap

  16. Bob Houghton

    Yawn. Good job she’s pretty.

    1. Jaqueline Azevedo

      Being pretty has nothing to do with the quality of her job.

    2. Gamze

      @Jaqueline Azevedo they didn’t said that tho

  17. Offensive Bias

    rather watch paint dry.

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