Weather Channel ‘Prospectors’ star arrested for child sex crimes in Teller County

One of the miners featured in the Weather Channel’s “Prospectors” T.V. reality show was arrested in Teller County early Thursday after several child sex allegations surfaced, court records show.
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  1. Maddie Nolan

    This came as a shock to me. Rich was my icon and I eventually finally got to meet him, and it was great. He was so sweet, he has such a nice dog, he was very generous with his finds, and often quoted the bible. He just seemed like a genuinely nice guy…. I stayed at the fathers house of two of the girls (that he abused) and he was their neighbor. He came over for camp fires and their father trusted him and they were friends…. if I was older I probably wouldve seen something off between the girls and him but everything seemed fine. Its just horrible that people do this kind of thing, and take advantage of people who trust them.

  2. Rose Ramirez

    Wow buuutt I did think he had a very creepy face when I first saw him .. it just shows that go with your gut feeling is correct

  3. Holy_Hand_Grenade-of-Antioch

    Rich!!! NO NOT RICH.

  4. Brent Vice


    1. The Wizard

      Whats ur pfp

  5. Kaleb


  6. SerchSource

    Yeah, Amanda is getting herself in trouble too by prospecting in too many places after her husband died instead of concentrating on her family needs…

    1. Bonnie Brock

      @Mississippi_river_agates618 And yet all sorts of people are asking in the comments throughout this season……’Wheres Travis at?’. But to you we shouldn’t type about that or anything YOU don’t like. Suck it up, buttercup!!!

    2. Mississippi_river_agates618

      Hey all of you…… Shut up no one cares

    3. Bonnie Brock

      @R M BLAKE 2nd ex husband was Travis who starred on the TV series for 2-3 season. They only stayed ‘married’ for less than a year.

    4. NeurodivergeJyn

      He died??? awe

  7. 666silva666

    It always goes down at the trailer park.!.

  8. Jesse R

    Why would minors continue something for 3 years if they didn’t want to?

    1. Nancy McDade

      @Jesse R seriously?? Children? Pedophilia is a crime!🤬

    2. Maddie Nolan

      Hey don’t say that. I knew the girls that went through this and we were friends. I also knew rich and met him in person. Believe me it was very hard for them and believe me they didn’t want to do it, it’s a very hard thing to deal with

    3. Jesse R

      In the same way, why would an elderly person allow themselves to be conned? Minors are taught sex education in schools. I started learning in elementary school around the 6th or 7th grade. There are kids now who know almost as much as adults and they’re barely entering high school, so that isn’t very possible for a minor to not know better in this day and age (unless they’ve been kept in a house for all of their lives and never allowed out).

    4. NeurodivergeJyn

      It’s not about ‘want’. Minors are not of the age of consent because they can be lured and primed for abuse without knowing any better. Sheesh, what kind of question is that? Hey, why not say let the elderly be conned! Why would they continue to send money to con artists if they didnt want to, right? *facepalm*

  9. Mikey Mike

    The female reporter outside the jail looks like the creature from the movie alien

    1. Ronald Dye

      As opposed to looking like a white M inside a red circle?

    2. Truth Lover

      She Looks Fine, You’re Just Being A Jerk.

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