‘Sex/Life’ Star Mike Vogel Reveals The Wildest Scene For Him

Access Hollywood spoke to Mike Vogel who stars in the steamy new Netflix show “Sex/Life.” He revealed how he prepared for the role while in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and shared what the wildest scene he filmed was, “Every one of them is crazy in its own right. What I love about Cooper, there’s a scene in a car between he and Billie that touches on the struggle that any of us in a marriage with kids have where real-life comes railroading face-to-face with reality and fantasy.” “Sex/Life” is streaming now on Netflix.

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  1. Renmar Soreda

    I am truly obsessed with him! He’s definitely an every woman’s dream! He’s humble, soft, handsome, and respectful! 😭

  2. Lady Thorn Inc.

    I Binge-watched the show and finished Episode 8 yesterday! Loved it! Hits home a little bit. Mike’ and the whole cast were great! I might re-watch it all over again! Loved the music too! xx

  3. Aaliyah

    Hope this show gets a season 2

    1. mrjay1b

      Same. Though the ending pissed me off 😂

    2. Fayn


  4. Lawstkoala

    I just finished watching right now. Whatta guilty pleasure LOL

    1. ikkin


  5. Joan Anne Wallace

    They all where great and he was brilliant as the husband. I’d never know it was Cooper with him having darker hair and beard. I’d prefer Cooper and work to be happy with him. She’s had her day with Brad.

  6. Laura Anagnostopoulos

    OMG he was Eric, the love interest of one of the girls in the sisterhood of the traveling pants back in 2005

  7. armin shah

    Thumbs up for Mike Vogel….

  8. Johnnie Tricomi

    100 % would have picked him

  9. Sarah Murrell

    Anyone else feel like they wanna fight Billie?

  10. Gigi Sotto

    cooper so adorable

  11. Linda Tran

    Season 2 would be a waste of time because the ending was stupid. All of Billie and Coopers struggles to make their marriage work was for nothing. I hated it. Looks like it was done for the sake of a second season.

    1. Kelup the Gnome

      It would be a waste of time. Though I do ask what Billie did to save her marriage? Showed up to pick him up from the train station once, because everything else she did was just try to act like nothing was wrong and sweep it under the rug. She was open to the idea of cheating on her husband. She just wasn’t sure if she wanted to cheat with brad.

  12. Shandra Gonzales

    If you haven’t seen Wuthering Heights with this guy.. you should.

    1. Shandra Gonzales

      @Laura Dufresne MTV made their own version of it way back when. It was him and Erika Christenson

    2. Laura Dufresne

      He was in that movie? Hes not listed in the cast.

  13. Bumblebee

    He is so hott. Love him as the husband

    1. Bumblebee

      @Jen Naay haha omg now I want to see your fiance so bad😂😍

    2. Jen Naay

      @Bumblebee thanks lol it feels kind weird because I never really noticed it until a couple years ago.. I figured I should probably test it out and ask around so I asked my sisters and they were both like OMG he does look like Mike Vogel! Then I asked a few of my friends and they thought the same. Now I can’t watch a film with Mike Vogel without thinking about it. And of course I boosted my fiancé’s self esteem (not that he needed it) lol

    3. Bumblebee

      @Jen Naay omg You are so lucky girl

    4. Jen Naay

      My fiancé looks exactly like him too. It’s so weird haha

    5. KC Martinez

      Same huhu

  14. Daniele Falcone

    He is very natural and nice!

  15. Kelup the Gnome

    I can sum this show up pretty quick.

    Girl meets bad boy. Bad boy breaks girls heart time and time again. Girls find good guy, girl runs back to bad boy.

    I think that just about dose it. It’s nothing new, which is why critics and (from what I’ve seen) audiences rated it so low.

  16. Konstans Ale

    Candy 🍭 for the eyes 👀

  17. sweet chick

    The ending just didn’t make sense! What’s the point

    1. Pulsar1984

      She’s going to let the Aussie bang her brains out, and then run back to Cooper. At least I think so… lol.

    2. Kelup the Gnome

      I’m not sure there was one, outside of baiting for a second season.

  18. Homefront sai

    Even the adult industry portrays some kind of story…so what?
    Billie need to get divorced by COOPER in SEASON 2…😁😁🤣🤣

    1. k

      @Kelup the Gnome right on. They really painted themselves into a corner on the ending. Shower scene sent a horrible message about body positivity and that manliness apparently really is just about the penis size. You wouldn’t dare laugh about a woman being body shamed the way they are with the Cooper shower reaction and is it me or did they portray the swingers as a bunch of pervs? That seemed kind of intolerant in this age of acceptance of alternative lifestyles.

    2. Kelup the Gnome

      @k Come on now, theses are the same genius writers that created three primary characters with effectively one character trait apiece. They were clever enough to use a B plot as their main plot, and let’s not forget they thought that emasculating a husband is a character arc.( seriously the creator said the shower scene was a vital component of Cooper character arc, even though it’s never brought up again and can be entirely cut and have no effect on the story) They also created a suspenseful cliffhanger ending that only has on plausible outcome. Surely with talent like that they can make an inspiring second season.

    3. k

      There’s a line of women forming to cooper’s right and he’s going for a woman who adores him like Francesca. He told Billie how much he likes her and told brad he was leaving… writers can try and pull any scenario they want out of their feminist butts but they’ve set up Cooper to leave Billie and I don’t see a plausible way to write him back into the picture. The writers screwed up bad when they did that.

    4. Kelup the Gnome

      Be that won’t happen, what do you think the odds are they cuck cooper.

  19. Anthony Boarman

    I think it’s so nice of him for sharing.

  20. Gigi Sotto

    IloveU cooper as a good husband